Fluorite Crystal Guide

Fluorite Crystal

Given the sheer beauty of many crystals and gems, you may be surprised or even taken aback by the captivating colors of the fluorite crystal. In this article, we will explore some of the various meanings that this crystal possesses. This will include taking a look at some of the varying shades and colors such as the Blue Fluorite or Green Fluorite meaning

Fluorite crystal – In scientific terms is a specific form of Calcium Fluoride and due to being allochromatic, it comes in a wide range of colors: dark red, green, light brown, yellow, purple, blue and even light green. It is interesting to note that the term ‘fluorescence’ comes from this very stone. This refers to a substance that absorbs the light and then emits it. So essentially, the gem can glow after absorbing light.

Back to basics

Many remarks as to how staring into the Fluorite crystal are like staring at the universe itself. We’ll also examine some of the metaphysical elements of this stone including how it interacts with your Chakras and the benefits of wearing it in jewelry.

Fluorite crystal meaning

Many gems do have this ability but not are quite as impressive as the Fluorite crystal. Due to the fairly drastic range in color that Fluorite can display, there are a range of different meanings.

For example, if we look at the Blue Fluorite crystal then we can see that it relates to water. It provides a feeling of calm and tranquility which in turn allow us to focus our rational minds to avoid behaving in a manner that we may come to regret.

Interestingly, in this color, the gem forms a natural connection to our Throat Chakras and Third Eye Chakras which in turn allows us to not only see the truth but feel it too.

If we focus on a different color such as the Green Fluorite meaning, we find a range of different Fluorite uses unique to this color. Green as a color tends to represent Earth: nature, growth, renewal, harmony, etc. This is true for this color of Fluorite which is why it connects naturally to our Heart Chakra but also in part to our Root Chakra.

This is largely due to the stronger connection that this colored stone has to Mother Earth. Nature is resilient and can recover from any flood or fire. Through this gem, we can absorb some of that resilience for use in our own lives.

One final color we’ll take a look at is the yellow Fluorite. We find that this form of crystal or stone harnesses a similar level of vibrational energy to our Solar Plexus Chakra. However, it also interacts with the Third Eye chakra as well. You may choose to make use of this stone if you’re engaging in intellectual pursuits, require a boost of creativity or imagination, or perhaps simply wake up one morning with the feeling that your brain is still asleep. This stone is perfect if you’re attempting to use the Laws of Attraction in your life.

Chakra Connection

As we’ve explored already, each color of Fluorite crystal can interact with a different Chakra. As we’ll see in a moment, this will make a difference if you’re choosing to wear Fluorite jewelry. However, for the most part, the Fluorite metaphysical properties remain the same from one color to the next. This means that if you wish to undergo Fluorite crystal healing then the same methods will work (even if they require minor variations for each color). This is most true when it comes to Chakra cleansing. This is the act of improving energy flow through every one of the 12 Chakras.

To carry out a Chakra cleanse, you simply need to have the stone that works with the Chakra you’re aiming to unblock. For example, if your Heart Chakra is blocked then you would want to use a Green Fluorite crystal. Through visualization, you can picture the green energy contained within the crystal flowing directly into your Heart Chakra. This simple exercise will begin to unblock any negative energy. Most people find this easier to carry out with their eyes closed, often tying in meditation practices into their technique.

Fluorite jewelry

As with any gem or stone, there are benefits to wearing them as jewelry. The close contact you have with the gem throughout the day allows you to constantly absorb its energy while also receiving any of the metaphysical benefits or protections the stone offers. The placement of the gem can be important though. For example, if you wanted to wear a Fluorite necklace then you’d be best wearing one that interacts with your Throat Chakra (such as Blue Fluorite) if it’s a short necklace or with your Heart Chakra (such as Green Fluorite) if it’s a longer necklace.

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