How to pray to make your wishes come true

how to pray to make your wishes come true

Why know how to pray to make your wishes come true? This is a perfect and pertinent question in times that are passing by us, too quickly. So, prayers are not specific to religions.

They are a state of mind that requires sincerity towards yourself, towards others, and towards the Divine Forces. It is an attitude turned to hope and the future.

Although praying lies within everyone’s reach, there are some secrets that have to be known so that, when you say a prayer, you can make a success of your life. 

How to pray to make your wishes come true – An Angel revelation

Do you know how to pray to make your wishes come true? You have to learn the function and capabilities of praying in order to understand their meaning within the grander plan of the universe.

Your angels can offer you guidance and knowledge in order to lead you down your destined path towards your heart’s desires.

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One night…

One night, I woke up without apparent reason with a deep feeling of well-being, I’d even go as far as to say a feeling of “beatitude”.

While I was still in bed, I sat up and opened my eyes: a divine Angel was standing there, in front of me, and he was smiling at me. He talked to me using these words:

This is an extremely important and venerable Mission that I am entrusting you with today, my Dear Padre:

That of revealing the deep and unfathomable Mysteries of Happiness on Earth to those who are dearest to your heart.

I have decided to transmit some Precious Secrets to you that will turn Prayers into undeniable assets,

For those who wish to make their lives a success.

A divine Angel of the spirits of the Planets corresponds to each wish.

You must now focus to perfectly memorize the recitation I will make…

How to pray to make your wishes come true

I then sat down in a yoga posture, emptied my mind, and waited for the Secret Teaching he had accepted to offer me with my arms stretched out to the Angel of my Vision.

Praying to such Angel, on such day for such wish

This celestial being, first of all, cited the Name of the divine Angels of the spirits of Planets and the days of the week over which they reign:

  • Cassiel reigns over Sunday; he is the Angel of Fortune;
  • Sachiel reigns over Monday; he is the Angel of Powers;
  • Samael reigns over Tuesday; he is the Angel of Success;
  • Anael reigns over Wednesday; he is the Angel of Well-being;
  • Raphael reigns over Thursday; he is the Angel of Good Luck;
  • Michael reigns over Friday; he is the Angel of Love;
  • Gabriel reigns over Saturday; he is the Angel of Protection.

For your prayers to be heard, it is important that you take these secret teachings into consideration. You will thus know which Angel to invoke, on which day, depending on the wish you would like to see come true.

How to Pray to make your Wishes come True – Magical Advice

Finally, this Divine Angel gave me several Magical Tips to respect so that the Sacred Prayers may produce all of their effects to fully and entirely fulfill your wishes. Here is the list of these tips:

Favorable Moon

The Moon ascends and descends in the sky. At the highest level of its ascent, it is called “Full Moon”; at its lowest level, it is called “New Moon”.

These monthly movements have a considerable significance as far as cosmic energies are concerned and produce influences that Angels make use of to show how to make wishes come true to the humans they have chosen.

The Day best suited to say your Prayers

Each day of the week is presided over by an Angel and has a specific area of influence.

For example, Cassiel is the Angel of Sunday and Sunday is a day dedicated to Fortune; this is thus the day when you should recite your Prayers for Fortune. It is the same for every other day.

The exact time when you say them

The time when you say a Prayer is crucial when it comes to fulfilling your wishes: it is defined by the Angel depending on the position of the Sun in space and on the nature of the influences that are derived from this position.

The right Posture to adopt during the Recitation

You can’t pray anytime you like and you can’t pray just anyhow either. For your mind to be correctly focused on the Prayer you are going to recite, it must first be attuned to your body.

The Angel who taught me the Postures called them “angelical Postures”. They are a bit yoga-like and they will make you come into direct contact with the Celestial Spheres. As a result, you will feel extraordinary well-being.

Orienting your Prayers

The Sun rises in the East, reaches its zenith (the “Middle of the Sky”), and sets in the west.

In the South lies Fire. In the North lies cold. Depending on the nature of the wish you will make, you will have to turn to one of these 5 spatial directions while you say your Prayer.

How to pray to make your wishes come true – Outfit to Pray

Donning adequate clothing enables people to harmonize their vibrations with the energy of the Angels. White, a symbol of purity, is the favorite color of the Angels.

In order to know how to pray to make your wishes come true, I advise you to wear clothes of this color when you recite your Prayer. Also, since contact with the terrestrial energies is primordial, always say your prayers with bare feet.

Connect with Energy to Manifest your Wishes

What some people call “magic” is actually the manipulation of energy to manifest the desired outcome. Energy is in everything, and energy IS everything. You are energy, the Earth is energy, the sun is energy, and yet all also contain energy.

Positive thinking focuses our intentions on a certain vibration that actually interacts with the world around us. Here are 10 techniques that will help you connect with the energy around you in order to manifest your wishes into existence.

#1 – Make a Wish as you Fall Asleep

As we begin to fall asleep at night, our mind enters a space between the waking world and the dream world. It’s a moment of limbo where we’re neither conscious nor unconscious, but something in between. It’s known as ‘hypnagogia’.

As you fall asleep tonight, try making your wish just before you fall asleep. Consider converting your wish into a simple, straightforward mantra that you can repeat over and over until you drift off.

#2 – Wish Diary

Writing down wishes or prayers helps you to focus your intention on the true nature of the wish. You can use a diary or a piece of paper, but each day you should write down your wish.

However, don’t write it down in wish form, but rather as if you had already achieved the wish. For example, instead of writing, “I wish I could be more confident,” you would write, “I am more confident” or “I just got more confident.”

You could even thank the universe, your angels, or God for helping you become more confident. Keep your daily wishes simple and direct.

#3 – Grasp an Angel Sign while Making your Wish

Feathers, coins, and other objects often appear to us as angel signs. The most common of these is the pure white feather. When you find such a sign, keep hold of it.

The next time you make a wish, hold onto the angel sign and use it to focus your energy. Visualize the feather or coin glowing with light blue or white light as your energy and wish intention flow into it.

Carry the angel sign around with you and perform this act daily until your wish comes true.

#4 – Make a Wish Totem

Using any materials that you like e.g., paper, clay, paint, wood, etc. create a totem for your wish. This should be some sort of visual representation that reminds you of your wish whenever you see it.

A simple example would be using white paper and cutting out the shape of angel wings. You can then write your wish onto the paper with a white pencil (so others can’t see it), and then hang it on your wall or carry it in your purse or wallet.

A more complicated version might be creating a small angel or wing out of clay and then attaching it to a keyring so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

#5 – Wish upon a Doorknob

This is a rather peculiar technique, and it’s one that is believed to have been passed down by Gypsy travelers. Get some coconut oil and rub a small amount onto the doorknob of a closed door.

As you do this, make your wish over and over again. Visualize your wish manifesting itself as you open the door. This seemingly simple act is representative of the new opportunities and fortune that lie in your future, which can only be obtained by forging your own path.

#6 – Wish in a Bottle

For environmental reasons, this technique is a little bit taboo. Write your wish on a piece of paper and walk down to the beach. Take some slow, deep breaths as you focus on the moment, and then begin counting the waves that wash up onshore.

As the 9th wave crashes, throw the bottle out into the sea. As you walk away, visualize what the fulfillment of your wish may feel like. See it manifesting around you.

#7 – The Moon can Signal the End of a Cycle

The moon is a powerful, yet gentle celestial body. Ancient cultures often used the moon’s power and energy to coordinate various cycles, such as crop cycles. The start of a new moon and its build-up towards being full (known as waxing) is a time for starting new habits and working towards new goals.

However, the opposite is also true. When the full moon has passed and less and less of it is visible in the sky each night (known as waning), this is a time to acknowledge aspects of your life that are no longer benefiting you in a positive way.

It’s a time to end one cycle and start anew, which can be done by focusing on new goals/wishes. The best time to use the moon’s energy alongside wishing is on the night of the new moon, but you can also build upon the days prior to this.

#8 – Magic Wish Box

A magic wish box is as delightfully simple as it sounds! Every day, write your wish down on a piece of paper, focus your intention on manifesting that wish, and then place it inside the box.

Do this every single day until you achieve your wish. Once your wish becomes a reality, you can remove the paper from inside the box. Some people choose to burn it as an acknowledgment of the wish having been fulfilled.

#9 – Silver Paper of Intention

For those of you who chew gum, you’ll be familiar with the silver foil that is inside a packet. Did you know you can use this to help manifest your wish? Write your wish on the non-silver side of the foil.

Fold the paper up and carry it with you, ideally in a wallet or purse. Every time you open your wallet/purse, you’ll be reminded of your wish and you can take a moment to focus your intention on it.

#10 – Glass of Water Technique

Finally, we have a glass of water technique. Of all the techniques we’ve discussed so far, this one is the clearest example of focusing energy (both your own and the energy that surrounds you).

Fill up a glass of water as you would if you were thirsty. Place the glass on a table. Rub your hands together to focus your energy and then hold your hands around the glass without actually touching it.

Say your wish out loud and visualize your energy and wish merging with the water. When you drink the water, feel the energy of your wish being absorbed.

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