Divine Light – How to get Invoked by it

divine light

You have known about Divine Light as it is the most powerful source of light from which you can raise your vibrational energy. Being a powerful tool for change, it is a practical way to get invoked.

Everyone has this light within them. It is a matter of exposing yourself to it by invoking your inner being. This helps in getting a deeper understanding of the nature of the Divine and to realize to the maximum about the higher consciousness within you.

What is Divine Light?

It is like a technological prayer that has a variety of functions. It is a form of protection from the evils that surround you and the negativity that exists in your surrounding environment. It also helps strengthen your inner self by raising your consciousness and awareness.

It serves as a mechanism that protects, heals, and empowers your energies related to the people and objects that are most important in your life.

It is veiled by many layers of physical and psychological matters within which you have shielded yourself. It is known for its purity and its ability to help you in your life, as do Angels.

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Healing with Light

Not being a usual remedy nowadays for people to wrap themselves around Divine Light when they feel threatened or fear that some negative energy in the surrounding environment will get hold of them.

However, what people do not know that it’s being a great source of protection that has healing abilities. In moments of sorrow and depression, it will bring happiness into your life; if you are broken, it will mend you; if you need help in life, it will show you the path that will lead you to success.


It is a very effective and efficient form of protection that can be invoked through physical visualization. The electromagnetic properties of light have been known to affect living things. It helps the body stay tuned to nature – which is the home of the Divine Himself.

The body itself is known to emit light. The energy of the body, when reflected out of it, is reflected in the form of light which other people’s bodies absorb. That is how the transfer of light in the form of energy keeps happening in the surrounding environment without you being consciously aware of it.

The Invocation

To invoke the divine light, you need to find a comfortable, peaceful place to sit. Just find a place where your mind would feel at peace – a place where you can meditate without any disturbances being caused.

Close your eyes and start to breathe very slowly as you empty your mind of all the thoughts that can hinder the invocation process. Make sure that the entire focus is on the invocation of light and nothing else remains working in your mind.

When you are sure that your mind is empty and fully focused on invocation of the divine light, call upon the Angels by making a prayer to seek their help, guidance, and assistance. The prayer can be something like this…

Prayer to have in mind:

Dear Angels, My Guardian Angel, and Archangels,

I call upon you to seek help, guidance,

and assistance as I invoke divine light into my life.

Oh Angels, bless me with your love and

light for without your help I would not

be able to invoke it into my life successfully.

Help me uplift the vibrational frequencies and

protect me to bless my body, mind, and soul with the divine light.

Thank you, Oh Angels, for helping me throughout every stage in my life.

Now, it is time for you to shift your focus back to the invocation process as you imagine yourself being surrounded by bright light as if you have been encircled by a bubble of light.

This light is highly concentrated above your head which is the purest form of the light source also known as Cosmic Light, Light of God, or Divine Light.

Healing Has Begun

Imagine this light from above your head starting to flow into your body through your head, into your heart, and down the rest of the body to every organ.

As this process takes effect, your whole body, your mind, and your soul will become energized, and you will feel a certain gush of energy in yourself.

At this time, you need to relax and let your body, mind, and soul absorb the light to the maximum limit that they can. You need to focus highly on the heart as it needs maximum healing which can be done by maximum light entering it.

Focus on each part of your body to limited times to ensure that every part of the body receives the divine light from the invocation. Once all the parts of your body have been blessed by the light, you will feel as if your heart is expanding and the lights start to get brighter.

The brightness alleviates your vibrational frequencies as your inner being gets healed and your consciousness starts to rise.

Let the Process Come to an End

As the invocation process comes to an end, you need to start breathing slowly. The high level of energy inside your body will require you to relax. You will feel energized and better in your mind once the process has been completed.

The inside of your body will feel cleansed of all the negativity that previously resided inside you. The sunlight is a great source of divine light. All you need to do to access is be standing or sitting in a place where sunlight directly falls on your body.

You need to breathe as the sunlight falls on you and gets absorbed by your body while cleansing it and purifying it. Breathe and enjoy it as it heals you completely; from inside and outside.

Know that the Angels are always available to help you and assist you with anything you need help with. Make prayers and get the help you desire.

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