The Blazing Star


The “Blazing Star” is the pentagram that takes the shape of a star and represents Man as he makes his way to utmost fulfillment.


In this symbol, the 5 pointblazing-stars correspond to the main limbs of a human being and to the element taking control: the mind. It means that the mind commands and the limbs carry out the tasks it asks them to perform. It is an emblem of power.

Much like the Egyptians who considered it to be the representation of Horus, alchemists and experts in the Kabbalah view it as a magic pentagram derived from the Sacred Fire.

The G Letter

The G letter means gnosis (i.e. knowledge) and generation. Two initiatory words that can be found in the ancient Kabbalah. And its shape is a reminder of the Great Architect since it forms an A, no matter from which perspective you look at it.

But the Blazing Star is also a fantastic talismanic symbol making it possible to be endowed with Powers, to develop your willpower, and to ward off bad luck.


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