How to Discover your Soul Purpose!

Soul Purpose

The idea of a soul purpose can seem incredibly intense and as a result, many people are hesitant to search for it. It’s certainly a concept that seems almost too large and complex to even consider but with the right approach, it is possible for us all to identify our soul purpose.

In this article, we are going to cover the absolute basics of this topic. We’ll answer questions such as: what does your soul mean and what is my soul purpose?

We’ll then look at how you can find your soul purpose or mission and we’ll even define divine purpose along the way. Don’t be scared by the magnitude of this question, we’ll explore it one step at a time.

What is a Soul?

Of course, it makes sense that we start with the very basics: defining the soul and taking a moment to also define divine purpose. To put it simply, your soul is the purest, rawest part of you.

In a way, it’s your essence or energy that travels across multiple lifetimes, from one body to another, before arriving at the end of its journey in the spirit world.

Your personality isn’t necessarily part of your soul, although certain traits are carried across from one life to the next, along with your karmic slate and certain other elements.

Your soul’s age reflects how far along your journey you are, from a soul perspective. The closer you are to achieving your purpose, the closer to the end of your journey you are.

So how does all this tie into divine purpose? Well, you could argue that your soul mission is your destiny, which is the path you follow as part of God’s plan.

Essentially, we can only complete our soul mission by following the road that God has set out for us within his world.

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How to find your Soul Purpose

Now that we’ve covered the basic definitions, we can explore some of the simple techniques that can help you discover your soul purpose.

It’s important to understand that these techniques are a form of thought-experiment and a journey of self-discovery.  They simply guide you toward answers that you already possess.

Follow Happiness

Our soul mission is a fulfilling and rewarding journey. Many people imagine it as being a difficult or even painful task but it’s the reason we exist at all.

Following the correct path is liking following a path through a thick forest: if you wander away from the path, you may become lost, scared, or get injured by the branches. Sticking to the path, on the other hand, leads you to your destination.

So, when you’re searching for your soul purpose, follow whatever brings you the most happiness, joy, and sense of fulfillment. There is one condition though: happiness is only a sign of your soul mission when it does limit or impact the happiness and joy of others.

For example, teaching or playing music would be examples of the potential direction of your soul mission but graffiti or fighting would not. Learn here more about how to see your guardian angel.

Follow Your Strengths

We all naturally drift towards our soul purpose, particularly when we’re in our default mode. What is your default mode? This is the mental, emotional, and spiritual state whereby your desires and actions aren’t influenced by outside forces.

Arguably, it’s the frame of mind where we behave as our true selves, rather than the versions of ourselves that society has shaped us into.

As such, those who spend the most time around us can pick up on certain clues as to what direction we are naturally headed in. Converse with your closest friends and family members to try and learn what you bring to the world. Are you naturally funny?

Do you listen to the problems of others in a respectful manner? Is your grasp of spirituality above and beyond what others can understand? We all drift towards a certain path, and those closest to us are the best at noticing it, even better than ourselves.

Follow What You’ve Learnt

It’s important to remember that your soul purpose is drastically different from your life purpose: one lasts a lifetime, the other lasts across many. Your soul mission is the latter of these options and there is a reason for this.

Our soul mission isn’t about completing a singular task or achieving a singular accomplishment. No, it’s about learning and evolving into beings of a higher level. As such, one of the best ways to discover your soul mission is to consider what you’ve been learning.

Not today, not this week, not even this month, but across your entire life. Take some time to consider what you’ve brought with you from previous lives. You can learn this by thinking about what you’re naturally drawn to.

What areas of life have always interested you the most? For some people, it’s ancient civilizations. Why? It could be that there are answers to deep spiritual questions located within the knowledge left behind by these ancient people.

Others will be drawn towards traveling. Why? Because it allows them to experience different cultures and histories, providing a fuller picture of the world and our place in it.

Connecting the Dots

By discovering and understanding each of these three aspects of your life, you can begin to connect the dots. In doing so, you can create a map or plan that at least directs you down the correct path.

Discovering your soul mission isn’t a simple task and it’s unlikely to be something that you can accomplish one evening when you have nothing better to do. It will take time, patience, and dedication.

You will also have to be strong-willed as some of the directions you find yourself heading in may not be what you currently want to do. At times like this, you will have to consider the bigger picture.

Don’t think about how you feel in this life, think about how certain knowledge or experience could benefit you and those around you when applied to multiple lifetimes.

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