Blue Lace Agate and What It All Means

Blue lace agate

There are a lot of things in life that often bring us down, for example, an argument at work, or fall out with your friend or relatives drifting apart. We often feel lonely like no one truly understands us. We long to go back to the good days of our life filled with happiness and hope. Blue lace agate crystal can help you do just that.

It has a direct connection with your heart chakra. The heart is at the center of one’s soul; it controls the flow of energies within the body. Anything that influences the heart in the right way will have a positive effect on the body as a whole. Blue lace agate is known to open gates to love that cleanses the body of all pain and misery and creates a brand new you.

Blue lace agate meaning!

Mostly the blue lace agate is known to be synonymous with relieving the mind of stress. Blue agate is used for removing all kinds of tensions from the mind and helping it relax. Sometimes before taking a huge step in life most of us become a wreck of nerves.

We start to second guess ourselves. Have you ever had a big presentation in the morning and been unable to sleep? Have you ever lost focus because a loved one was gravely sick?



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We’ve all experienced these feelings at some points in our lives even if in different forms or variations. Wouldn’t we like if there was something to calm us down? Blue lace agate is the fix we all need.

Blue lace agate healing properties have a calming effect just like a clear blue sky does. The blue in the name of the crystal comes from this. We all suffer from the habit of over thinking.

We over analyze existing situations and make-up scenarios in our head that don’t exist. Our minds are cluttered with so much that we often find it hard to spend one moment of peace. Having blue agate crystals with you helps with all of this and much more.

The specialty of the crystal – what sets it apart!

So, in a world full of many crystals each boasting of properties that can fix your life, make you happier and content, why should you choose it? What is so unique about the crystal that will make you use it once and then again and again?

In today’s world, we appear to be earning a lot of money and having a lot of relationships but how can that money buy you happiness and how many of these relationships are worthwhile? We are advancing in life at a pace unmatched, discovering things every day that are changing the face of the earth but are we pleased?

How many of us are in dysfunctional relationships? How many of us are making our way hurriedly for the 5 pm appointment with our therapist because we have no one else to talk to?

Maybe the most significant issue we are facing today as people is the lack of contentment in our lives. We are always uneasy and paranoid; we are lost. We are stressed, but we still keep going on anyway because life won’t stop for anyone.

Those who are lost

If reading the above lines is making you wonder about your own life, then there is no need to worry. Blue agate isn’t just a stone that you use for the sake of it or because you read in a magazine. Blue agate crystals are for all those who are lost. It is for all those who are suffering from lack of confidence.

It is for those who feel stressed because of the number of deadlines they have to meet. It is for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or mourning a breakup. Blue agate spiritual meaning extends to much more than just a stone with some external powers.

How to wear it?

Just like any other stone, this stone can also be made into jewelry. Stone jewelry is especially favorite these days because of its uniqueness. You can make a style statement out of it while at the same time keeping the stone close to you. You walk up the stage to deliver your speech and words don’t come out of your mouth.

All you have to do is focus on the stone on your finger and let the blue lace agate chakra dominate your body. Once you have trust in yourself and the stone, there is nothing much that can stop you.

Make it a habit to meditate with the crystal and use the blue agate stone meaning to bring positive changes in your life. All you have to do now is accept that you’re struggling and put in the effort to make yourself better. Go to your closest shop selling antique stones and get yourself a blue agate. You will be doing yourself a favor.

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