What is Subtle Energy and How Do I Connect to it?

what is subtle energy

What is Subtle Energy, you may ask! Whether you’re new to the idea of subtle energy or simply in search of a way to connect to subtle energies, you’ll find both here. This article aims to explore the basics of the different subtle energies. We’ll explore subtle energy fields and their function. We will also take a look at how to connect with Earth energy, the use of subtle light and even briefly mention a rainbow meditation script. Before getting to all of that, we will need to take a moment to properly explore the very basics.

What is Subtle Energy

You’ve probably heard of subtle energies before through one of its other names. You see, subtle energies exist everywhere, in all cultures and religions, in all forms of spirituality, even within science there are forms of subtle energies. Perhaps you’ve heard the term holy spirit before? How about chi, mana, cosmic energy, spiritual energy, vibrational energy, consciousness, qi and prana? Subtle energies are simply those which are too minor to be detected through scientific instruments but can be detected through spiritual practices such as meditation. But what purpose do they serve?

Function and Purpose

We can use these subtle energies to advance our spiritual development. Subtle energies connect every single thing in this world and beyond: you, your angels, God, the stars, black holes… anything you can think off is connected through these energies. This is where our subtle energy fields come into play. These are similar to our aura in the sense that they encompass our physical body. Our energy fields manifest themselves through energy channels such as those of our chakras. But you’re probably wondering: what is subtle energy used for? Let’s explore that.

We can use our energy fields to connect to other beings or areas of energy. For example, you get subtle light energy which comes hand in hand with the sun’s energy. We absorb this energy as it flows into our energy fields, allowing our own fields to grow and strengthen our connection with everything else. In a similar manner, we can use these connections in order to provide or search for healing energies, ask for divine guidance or feel more at one with the universe.

How to Connect

So we’ve hopefully answered the question: what is subtle energy? So let’s move onto the important step of connecting to this energy. As there are varying types and levels of subtle energies, we will take a look at a broad and vague subtle energies meditation. Most people carry out this sort of meditation with a goal in mind. It’s important to have that ready before you begin. It could be that you’re trying to forge a stronger connection with your angels or perhaps even a friend or family member. Maybe you’re trying to heal yourself or someone else through these energies. It could be that you’re trying to expand your own energy field in order to become one with the physical and spiritual realms.

Whatever your reason, you should have this in your mind. Start the meditation like you would any other: take some deep, slow, meaningful breaths and focus on each one. Notice that gap where one breath ends and a new one begins. Become aware of when you’re breathing in or out, feel your chest rise and fall, focus on the sensation on your nostrils or lips as the air passes.


Now that you’re in a meditative state, you’re going to focus on these energies. There are a few tips and tricks to making this easier. One technique is known as the energy ball. While staying in your meditative pose, hold your hands up in front of your chest, just slightly less than shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands almost flat but just ever so slightly curved. You’ll begin to feel an energy build up between your hands which takes the shape of a ball. Concentrate on that energy and begin widening your hands. As the ball of energy grows, keep moving your hands apart until they can’t stretch any further.

At this point you can push the boundaries of this energy field away from you. From here, you should focus on your aim for this meditation. What is subtle energy if not a connecting force so use this to your advantage and reach out to whomever it is you’re trying to connect.

How to Connect with Earth Energy

What is subtle energy in relation to the Earth? Well, just as the Earth and Sun give off energies, they also give off subtle energies in the form of vibrational energy. We can tap into this dense pool of energy to further develop our spiritual talents and abilities. Connecting to these energies is not only fun but also incredibly beneficial.

To do this, you’ll want to find somewhere away from the cities or even towns. Somewhere free of traffic, artificial lights, electricity, buildings and even other people if possible. Somewhere that allows you and Mother Earth to connect in peace. If you can find a hill, forest, waterfall or a lake then immerse yourself in that environment and simply perform the same meditation we just mentioned.

You’ll naturally feel the higher energy levels and with every deep breath you take, you’ll be aware of your connection to the Earth growing. This is also a great way to cleanse any negative energy you may be carrying. If you happen to be under a rainbow in nature then carrying out a rainbow meditation is highly recommended. You can find a rainbow meditation script online otherwise; simply perform a basic meditation with the rainbow in mind.

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