Smoky Quartz – The Crystal for Spiritual Detoxification

Smoky Quartz

The world is full of negative energy, and sometimes we can’t avoid it. Have you ever come home from what felt like a normal day, and yet you’ve felt drained, tired, and irritable? We aren’t always aware when negative energy seems into our lives, but it can create a domino effect and throw our spiritual balance into chaos. Luckily, there is a gem that can help. We’re going to take a look at the smoky quartz properties so that you can learn how to make use of its power. We’ll start off by considering the smoky quartz meaning.

Where is smoky quartz found?

Smoky quartz is quite a common gem, and the name simply refers to the cloudy nature of this quartz gem. It goes by a different name in certain European countries, such as Spain, Germany, Poland, and Denmark: Morion. This name has a slightly more interesting story behind it, as it comes from a misreading of an old Roman text written by Pliny the Elder.

Despite being common, morion is most commonly found in the small country of Scotland, specifically in the mountainous region known as the Cairngorms. It is because of this that smoky quartz is sometimes referred to as the Cairngorm crystal and can be found in a lot of the country’s jewelry.

Often it appears as a yellow-brown color, but variations do exist that are greyer in color. The largest morion crystal weighs a whopping 23.6kg/52lbs and is kept in Braemar Castle in Scotland.

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What is smoky quartz used for?

The clouded nature of this crystal reflects its purpose. Typically, smoky quartz will be cloudy in the middle and get clearer towards the edges, which represents the cleansing effect that this spiritual crystal possesses. When used correctly, it can help remove negative energy, as well as negative thoughts, allowing the world to seem a little brighter.

Interestingly, the gem served the opposite purpose in 12th century China, where it was carved into lenses and used as sunglasses. The crystal has even influenced pop culture, leading to characters such as smoky quartz Steven Universe.

Smoky quartz Properties

We find that the smoky quartz properties focus on two areas in particular: detoxifying and healing. It’s surprising how often these two areas overlap and intertwine. Detoxification is a form of healing, as it allows toxins and impurities to be removed from the mind, body, and soul. This is necessary in order to recover from any damage that they may have caused.

Detoxification can happen in a number of ways. For starters, there is spiritual detoxification, which might be necessary for a number of different areas. If one of your 12 Chakras become blocked, then this can help cleanse each Chakra to improve the flow of spiritual energy.

Your aura may have taken damage, and so detoxification gives it time to recharge and heal. Of course, your spirit can encounter negative energy externally and internally, like negative thoughts and can create negative energy within us. It’s a vicious cycle whereby negative energy creates negative thoughts, but negative thoughts also create negative energy.

Healing is often a result of the detoxification process. Allowing your body to free itself of negative energy promotes healing and encourages your energy to be redirected, as you’re no longer tackling the negative energy within yourself. Now that we have a basic understanding of the smoky quartz properties, we should consider some of the ways you can use this crystal’s power.

How do you use a smoky quartz crystal?

There are a variety of ways to use this stone. We’re going to consider just two of them so that you can get an idea of how to effectively use its power. The first is a more passive approach, and it involves keeping your house cleansed of negative energy. Your home is where you spend much of your time. It’s where we go after a tiring day, it’s where we sleep, it’s where we eat, and for many people, it’s where we raise our children.

Living in a space fogged over with negative energy is going to create a wave of negative emotions. Children will act out, often having tantrums, being impatient, or generally feeling tired and drained. You’ll find that guests will naturally feel unwelcome, and on a subconscious level will want to steer clear of your house. When you come home after a difficult day, you’ll struggle to feel relaxed and you’ll still feel stressed when you wake up the following morning, having failed to recover.

Morion is excellent at helping with this. You can use several smaller crystals, scattered around your home, to help minimize any lingering negative energy. Alternatively, acquiring a morion crystal ball or simply a larger crystal can protect your entire home, regularly cycling out negative energy in exchange for positive energy. Crystal ornaments serve a practical purpose, but they also look great as a decoration.

Deep Chakra Detoxification

Cleansing your home is beneficial, but sometimes your own spiritual energy flow can be blocked. When one of the 12 Chakras become blocked, they create spiritual issues, but this can manifest as physical or emotional symptoms. You may feel drained, irritable, have a negative outlook on life, or full of doubts and anxieties. On top of that, each specific Chakra creates its own additional problems when blocked. For example, a blocked Throat Chakra can make communication difficult.

Meditation is the most common start of any Chakra cleansing process. Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can be alone with your own thoughts without interruption. Focus on your breathing, then move your attention to the morion crystal, which should be either in your hand or on the ground in front of you. Begin to detect its energy and visualize it flowing into you.

Your spiritual energy flow is like a stream. It enters your Root Chakra and exits out your Crown Chakra. Picture it as being a white river, with the crystal’s energy being the same color as the stone itself. Watch as the two energy sources intertwine, flowing into the first Chakra. Don’t rush this process, and focus on each Chakra, visualizing the cleansing process. Once you reach the Crown Chakra, feel the full and natural flow of energy.

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