The Elements Personality Guide

Element Personality

Earth, air, fire, water: the four elements that are linked to the element personality. You may be unaware but each person has an element associated with them. In this article we will explore each of the elements, providing all the necessary information for each one so that you can determine the element you are. 

We’ll cover the earth element personality, air element personality, fire element personality, and the water element personality. We’ll start off by taking a look at why this information is important and what you can accomplish once you’ve determined the best elements personality match.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

There is a slight differing of opinion in relation to the four elements. Many believe that your element is directly related_posts to the time of year you were born i.e., it matches certain zodiac signs. Others disagree and suggest that the element’s personality match goes deeper than the birth date and instead relates to our true selves.

We all possess a natural element within our personality. What is yours? Fire, earth, wind, and water. These are the four natural elements of the world. Each element has a different meaning, and when applied to your personality, you will find that one represents you better than the other three.

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What do the 4 elements represent?

For argument’s sake, we will explore both options for each element personality. So why is this personality guide important? Well, you can view it as a learning tool. This guide will provide you with your strengths which will enable you to focus on certain aspects of your life towards these areas.

However, we will also look at your weaknesses. This allows you to stay wary but also tackle these weaknesses when you feel is best.

Earth Element Personality

It is said that the Earth element corresponds to those belonging to the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn star signs. Those gifted with the Earth element possess a wide range of strengths. When do you think of Earth what comes to mind? A strong, noble, and stable element that is full of life?

Earth is constantly in motion, not letting anything get in its path. Those belonging to this personality group are consistent in what they do, hard-working, and nurturing (much like Mother Earth). They are also logical but not in a ‘cold and calculating’ sort of way as this personality group exudes empathy.

Of course, there are also weaknesses to consider. The slow-moving energy may be useful in some instances but there are moments where slow becomes to stop. This can lead to lazy behaviors and rigidity, particularly in terms of being stubborn beyond reason.

The Earth’s personality can at times lead to overly cautious and frustratingly slow movements in terms of taking action, making decisions, and even completing work. It’s not common but during these negative phases, someone belonging to the Earth element can become scornful due to their inability to handle criticism.

Air Element Personality

The zodiacs associated with the air element are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Those born to this element are intellectual beings. Quite often their behaviors and attitudes come across as flexible and care-free but this personality group prides themselves on remaining independent.

Luckily their care-free attitude is matched only by their glowing personality as they are witty, charming, and thoughtful. It’s hard to hold a grudge to someone belonging to the air element. This personality group tends to be book worms or at the very least academic and scholarly minded.

Of course, this care-free attitude can sway over into the negative side of life. Care-free soon becomes flaky, unreliable, inconsistent, and even selfish. The air personality group will abandon traditions without a second thought to those taking part and their relationships can be strained by their desire to be right and to win all arguments.

Their personality can become insensitive which just adds to the potential relationship problems. This is one of the reasons commitment to the long-term is challenging for this group. They desire to be free like the air!

Fire Element Personality

Those born under the zodiacs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are considered to be one with the fire element. Similar to the fire element they are under, a fire personality lights up any room they are in, warming the personalities of others to more in line with their own.

They are natural-born leaders due to their daring and risky moves, focus and decisiveness, and of course their intelligence and charisma. All in all, you could say these individuals are designed to lead. Those of the fire elements tend to be extrovert but it’s not exclusive. Plenty of introverts fall under this element as well.

Of course, this fiery personality does have its flaws, the same as the other elements. The obvious example of this would be a short temper. Anger and rage are quick to follow anything that tries to put out the flame of this personality.

Their jealous and obsessive nature is contradicted by their inability to remain faithful. All in all, those belonging to this personality group are as hot-headed as the element itself.

Water Element Personality

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the zodiac signs most associated with this element. Water can look calm and steady on the surface but it is what’s going on below the surface that most intrigues people. Those belonging to the water personality are perhaps the most understanding of the four elements.

They are certainly the most forgiving, trusting, and devoted. They are masters at hiding their true feelings, particularly in an attempt to avoid conflict or upset. In this manner, they are completely selfless. It’s when you cross a water element individual that you should be worried.

They can be known to be a bit unstable and irrational and so breaking that calm demeanor doesn’t lead to anything positive. Where fire personalities can be natural-born leaders, the water personalities can be natural-born sheep.

That’s not to say they all are but there is a certain predisposition to following the flock. This is partly due to their gullible nature, lack of self, and being prone to depression which deprives them of all thought and energy.

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