The Crow Spirit Animal

Esprit Animal du Corbeau

A crow may not strike you as the most majestic animal on the planet and when it comes to spirit animals, there are very few people who would name the crow as their first choice. Yet crow symbolism may be more powerful and more dignified than you realize. In this article about the Crow Spirit Animal, we are going to explore some of the symbolism of crows and what it may mean if you find that you have one as your spirit animal (as well as what this actually means in the first place).

What is a Spirit Animal?

Before we look specifically at the crow spirit animal, we have to understand what this term means. A spirit animal is a form a spirit takes in order to guide you or send you a message.

Sometimes this choice is based on our own personalities, other times it reflects the task at hand. There are even times where the form that your spirit animal takes is, in fact, the message itself. So if you have a spirit animal crow then that is an idea that can be explored further. So what does a crow symbolize?

Exploring the Crow Spirit Animal Meaning

The crow totem (another term for a crow spirit animal) used to have a somewhat grim meaning: the harbinger of death who would appear just in time to carry a soul from the land of the living to the land of the dead.



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However, the crow spiritual meaning has changed over the centuries and now has a meaning closer to rebirth than death.

When you see a crow in a dream, a vision or even in the physical world (although usually, the circumstances would make it clear that this crow was a symbol and not just a run-of-the-mill crow) it means that your time has come to move on.

This doesn’t relate to death but rather to leaving the past behind us. The crow totem has become a symbol of intelligence and flexibility.

It means that there will be times when our emotions force us down an illogical path and when a crow appears to us, we are reminded that every now and again we need to stop listening to our hearts and instead listen to our brains.

Crows have always been viewed as messengers of the gods so it is important that you consider any message they may be relaying.

The Wisdom of the Crow

Crows have watched the world pass them by for as long as humans have existed, if not longer. If a crow visits you in a dream then your best approach is to follow it.

It’s possible that there is something it wants you to see at the end of the path or some form of wisdom it wishes to share with you.

These won’t always be pleasant truths but your experience in the dream will play an important role in your journey. It’s rare, even in dreams, for crows to speak our languages but if one does then it is important that you listen.

Symbolism of Crows

When crows aren’t relaying messages or guiding us along spiritual paths, they often carry varying degrees of luck. The Ancient Greeks viewed crows as a good omen, prophesizing victory in battle and good fortunes to come.

For many people today, this belief still rings true but the general eeriness that crows carry will lead many to hold the opposite opinion: still viewing the birds as signs of misfortune and death.

All we can say for sure is that the crow spirit animal still holds a lot of spiritual significance.

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