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Gifts from the Universe – 7 ways to learn from it!

gifts from the universe

Life is not always going to be kind, and you have to live with that fact of life. We don’t always get what we want. In fact, we don’t even get what our parents want for us. Sometimes everything seems to be going down the drain all at once: The longed-for love doesn’t show up or goes away, the dream job is given to a person who has less experience than you do, your pet passes away, or the sink clogs, which makes you think that “the best of your life” was probably when you were a little kid. However, what you do not know of are the gifts from the universe.

The Gifts from the Universe

Every one of us, all the human beings on Earth – even those who think they are the most unlucky ones—get seven particular moments, which are really short and brief, unexpected times when the stars do more than what they are supposed to be doing – align; they communally redirect their light expressly to illuminate the value of our lives our physical existence. They are gifs from the universe itself.

It is very likely possible that you haven’t had all seven of these moments yet. But the odds are that you have, and it is very possible, if not extremely likely, that you will get the chance to have each of these moments over and over and over again to be experienced. Whether it is 70 or 700 or 7 million times, each time will be experienced differently and in a new manner which will leave you astonished.

1st Lesson: You senselessly win

Have you ever come across times when you randomly toss your business card into a bowl at the Chinese restaurant you were at and just surprisingly win 6 free egg rolls every month for a whole year? That is a spiritual awakening gift that you just won without any incentive of winning or any intention of winning.

2nd Lesson: You Are Seen

Whether it is your fear of being alone or your intelligence; whether we can whistle with the fingers or your driving skills, you will be noticed by people, and you will be obliged to feel as if you are being seen. It is better than being ignored and not noticed – let me tell you that!

Also, it is one of the gifts from the universe. Thus, you should accept it with gratitude and feel thankful for being seen.

3rd Lesson: You can learn about yourself what you did not previously know

The awakening of grace if the time in your life when you feel wholeheartedly for someone. For example, feeling for a friend who recently lose her father or got divorced. It is not because of you having to lose someone but just out of wisdom and out of knowing how it feels to lose something. This might not have been something you experienced before, but now, it is a whole new you who is learning more about herself or himself.

4th Lesson: You are spared

You must have tried something in life that you knew was dangerous and could have possibly killed you, but you did it anyway for the thrill. But, to your shock, you got out without a scratch – now that is also one of the gifts from the universe. For example, you were racing with a friend at a speed of 220km/h, and you had a terrible accident but to your amazement, your friend in the passenger seat died, and you got out without even one scratch on your body. That is what we call “being spared”.

5th Lesson: Somebody Comes Back

One of the worst things that happen in life is that people leave and worse than that is that they make you feel as if:

* You did not do anything to make them stay

* You did something that made them want to go away

* If time had stopped, you would have left them and made them feel miserable the way you felt when they left

However, as a spiritual gift of intuition, one of them happens to come back… now that is something you did not expect, but it happened. Gifts from the universe are a blessing and you should be grateful.

6th Lesson: You are right

Sometimes being right is not needed. For example, knowing you are going to lose your job or knowing it in your mind that your mother is coming between you and your husband. Those times, you wish you could prove yourself wrong somehow. But, what you do not realize is that being right is the best thing that can happen – yes, it can be tough, but you need to face hardships for you to learn and grow into a better, stronger person.

7th Lesson: You are loved

Being the last gift from the universe, being loved is something everyone wants but everyone does not get. Yes, the angels love everyone but real love if felt from the presence of the physical people around you – your parents, siblings, cousins, life partner, aunts, uncles, etc.

Thus, when you experience an unusual form of love, you should know in your mind that the universe if presenting you with its gifts. So, you should feel special and not left alone as being bestowed by gifts from the universe is not something everyone experiences all the time. It happens based on certain factors that are different for every individual human being on Earth.

Angels are with you

Angels being spiritual characters are always available to help, guide, and assist you in your life. You need the help of small prayers to invoke them to be available to you to help you with whatever needs help with.

Believe in them and trust their abilities otherwise whatever help you seek, you would not benefit from it. If you do, they will shower you with gifts from the universe.

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