Angels Water – Ascension with Water

angels water

Water is one of the most important elements that are required by your body to keep it functioning properly. Without water, none of the functions of the body will be performed according to need. Thus, you need to ensure that the water you drink is in its purest form and free of any impurities. From a spiritual perspective, it is a form of energy which creates life. In this article you will discover the power of the Angels Water.

Angels water & Pure Water

For you to survive, your body requires water in huge sums every day. If you deprive your body of water, survival is at its utmost very difficult. Angels water can help you connect with the spiritual realm while making your connection with the Divine as strong as possible. Find out more about how angels water can help and ways to increase the vibration of water…

When talking about water, you usually come across tap water every day. But, that is not water in its purest form. The tap water has many small traces of trash that make it impure. This impure water can clog your mental brain capacity and stop you from reaching a high spiritual level. Thus, it is recommended for you to be consuming water in its purest form if you want to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Talking about bottled water, it is also not considered good to consume it. The water vibration if bottled water is also low as the plastic within which it is contained leeches its chemicals into the water, making it lose its purity.

Spiritually and physically healthy

To stay spiritually and physically healthy, you need to consume water in its purest form – also known as angels water or water of the angel. It is highly recommended for you to drink straight out of a glass bottle instead of a plastic one. Even a stainless-steel bottle is a good option to opt for. Any water that is free of chlorine and fluoride is a pure form of water, so make sure that the water you drink is free of chlorine and fluoride.

Angels water and Love for the Water

The vibration of water will be raised once you start to develop the love of water. It is known that water is sensitive to your conscious thought. The thoughts and intentions matter when it comes to talking about water. Thus, it comes down to the conclusion that your thoughts can change the nature of the water molecules. In an experiment, bottled water was stored in a freezer with different labels on the bottle.

Some of the bottles had words like “I Love You”, “Thank You”, and “Gratitude” written on the bottle labeling. On the other hand, some bottles had hate words written on them such as “Disgust” or “Ugly”. After the water froze, it was analyzed to see that the bottles with positive words written on them had formed beautiful water crystals. However, the bottles with hate words had not crystallized at all.

Thus, it comes down to the conclusion that as 70% of your entire body is made up of water, you need always to be equipped with positive thoughts and intentions. This helps the angels water raise your vibration to improve your life to make the achieving of your goals easier.

A Simple Way to Raise the Vibration of Water

It is all about the thoughts and intentions; you need to make sure that they are worth the time and effort that has been put into raising your vibration. Thus, when you are filling a bottle of water or are drinking it, just thank the water in your head or tell the water that you love it. It is just as simple as that. However, you can also tape words to your bottle to show your gratitude to it. This way, the vibration of water will be raised, and you will be blessed with love, peace, happiness, joy, and hope.

Moonlight to raise the vibration of water

Another very easy treatment to make angels water is to use moonlight to raise the vibration of water. Moonlight is very accessible as the moon is shone over you every night. All you need to do is fill a glass with water and place it under the moon in a way that the moonlight falls directly into and onto the water.

As the moonlight falls onto the water, it absorbs the energy of moonlight. Thus, when the energy of the moonlight transfers into the water, it raises the vibrational frequency of the water in a way that it purifies the water. Thus, when you drink that highly energized water, you will feel the energy from the water being transferred to you. Once you drink that moonlight energized water, you will notice the difference in your body. You will feel a gush of energy running inside your body that you would not be able to control.

Crystals Can Also Be Used

Using crystals is another way to raise the vibration of water. Just placing crystals near a jug or bottle full of water will transfer the crystals energy into the water. There is a huge list of crystals that can be used to raise the vibration of water. You can use any crystal that feels right to you. There is no specification as to which crystal is the best.

Over time, when you continue to do this, you will start noticing the difference in the energy of your body each time you drink the energized water. The crystals are very rich in energy, and that is why your energy will be highly raised when you drink the angels water.

Always know that the Angels are upon you to help, guide, and assist you whenever you need help. So, you can also call upon the Angels by making a prayer, when you need to raise the vibration of water and you have no other way to do that. A prayer made with a good intention and pure heart will be heard and answered the quickest.

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