House Cleansing Prayer – A Spiritual Method of Cleansing Your Home

house cleansing prayer

Often your house gets filled with negativity and negative energy; which is a normal thing in the course of life. However, you need to find ways to cleanse your house spiritually to get rid of any sort of negativity that exists. For this, the most effective and efficient way is the house cleansing prayer. It is discussed in detail here for your assistance…

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House Cleansing Prayer

Prayers are a very effective way to connect with the spiritual realm. Angels are the spiritual characters that are always with you in times of need, help, guidance, and assistance. They have been with you since the time you were born and will remain with you till the day you breathe your last breath.

To ensure your prayer is heard and answered, you need to start with good intent and a pure heart. Do you know how to cleanse your house of negative energy? Tidying your house might make it look clean, but what about its energy?  You need to learn how to remove negative energy from your home at a spiritual level.

Your angels can guide you towards achieving this goal, meaning that you only have to ask to receive their help.

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Your angels can guide you towards achieving this goal, meaning that you only have to ask to receive their help.

How do you spiritually cleanse your house?

You must not intend to harm anyone else by your prayer or your doings. If you have a bad intent while making your prayer, it will be heard, but it will not be answered. Thus, you need to be very careful when making a prayer if you want it to be accepted.  To start your cleansing prayer, you need first to empty your mind and take a deep breath.

Now, shift your awareness and make your prayer to the Angels:

I call upon my Guardian Angel

and other Angels to bless me

with their light and love

to fill my home, and

my surrounding environment

with the highest vibration of love,

light, and divine frequency.

Oh, my Guardian Angel and other Angels,

I call upon you to eradicate the

negative energy that resides inside my house.

I ask for help to cleanse my house and

fill it with the positive energy

of joy and happiness.

Thank you, for filling my entire home

with your love and light.

Let the light flow into every corner of every room,

through every door, and every cabinet.

Down, above, behind, and besides,

spread the light everywhere.

Thank you for your support

and help, thank you!

Call out the Angels, They Will Help you with your house cleansing prayer

House Cleansing prayer for your home is a very strong method of prayer that helps immediately cleanse your house with the blessed help of the angels and archangels. When the angels are called upon, they never reject your prayer or ignore it thus, you have the surety of help arriving in your footsteps.

They will always be at your service to help you with whatever sort of situation you need help with. The spiritual cleansing prayer cleans your house entirely of any bad eye that might be potential upon it, or any negative vibrational frequencies someone might have left.

If you think that things in your home are not going in accordance to the normal course of everyday life, make sure you make the house cleansing prayer to the angels so that they can help, guide, and assist you in making your house filled with their love and light.

House Cleaning Matras

As well as prayers, there are some simple affirmations or Matras that you can repeat to yourself, either in your mind or out loud. These allow you to focus your own energy on the task at hand, while also guiding the energy of your house in a more positive direction.

The great thing about these Mantras is that you can use them while cleaning your home, and they don’t require the same concentration as a prayer.

  • I cleanse my home of negative energy.
  • Make the spiritual as clean as the physical.
  • Give me the power to cleanse this space of negative energy.

House cleansing prayer is very effective

Amongst all the other forms of rituals and traditions that exist to cleanse the house of any bad eye or negative energy, the prayer for house cleansing has been known to be the most effective one by far.

It is known to cleanse the house in the shortest span of time and the effect of the love and light of the angels lasts longer than any other method. Thus, it is very effective and very authentic to call upon the angels for help regarding such a matter. Angels are always with you!

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