Shielding Protection – Guide to Clearing and Shielding Your Energy

shielding protection

It becomes a habit for you to absorb other people’s feelings and emotions. It’s due to this reason that after having a conversation with someone, you walk away feeling sad.

The reason behind your low mood is that you start worrying about the person and whether he/she will be okay in the future. Let’s learn more about shielding protection.

Empath definition- An empath is a highly sensitive person. He feels everyone else’s emotions as if they were his own. For an empath, his thoughts revolve around how other people may be feeling due to something that just happened. 

The empath experiences

Shielding protection can be seen like an umbrella that prevents you from these low energies that drain your happy mood and turn it into a sad one. To be happy and in a peace of mind state, you need to know how to use Shielding protection.

The highly sensitive people can use the term “Empath Shielding” when it comes to energy shielding. You need to shield yourself from the negative energies.

The umbrella to save yourself is always in your possession; you just need to know how to use it. There are two major classifications of empaths that exist in this world. We will look at both of them individually but will focus on the second one more.

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Ordinary empath

An ordinary empath is a person who feels for other people. In other words, your heart goes out to people. Not only is this applicable to times when a person is sad, but it also applies to times when people are happy or have triumphed in any part of their life.

Empathetic people & Shielding protection

These are not the ordinary kind of people. They can sense the emotions of other people and feel the physical symptoms of sorrow inside their bones. Being highly sensitive to changes in the tone of people, empaths notice changes very easily. Therefore, there exists a thing called “Empathic protection” which is a sort of shielding protection. It shields these empaths from being over-sensitive.

Tips for shielding protection

Certain steps can be taken to protect yourself from being overly sensitive and feel too much attached to the emotions and feelings of other people. Some of the major remedies for shielding protection have been listed below:

Move away

Being an empath, you know the people that awaken your sensitivity nerves. Thus, you need to ensure that you stay as much away as possible from these kinds of people. Moving away acts as an empathic shield for you, and it is very effective.

Surrender to your breath

This is by far one of the best remedies for empathic protection. All that you have to do is when you start to feel that a conversation is leading you to feel the emotions that the other is feeling, start focusing on your breath instead of what the person is saying and how it is having an impact on you. Once you start focusing on your breath, you will lose focus of the conversation, and thus, you will shield yourself.


You can always have a small meditation session for yourself for any occasion or any gathering. You can also take some time off and meditate in an empty room when you start to feel empathic towards people in your surroundings. Meditation is a great form of shielding protection as it clears your mind and sets it free.

Focus on your empathic needs

Take out some time and list down the top 5 things that make you emotionally unstable. Then, one after another, find solutions to those things. This way, the solutions work their way out to help you be less empathic and acts as empathic protection.

Set limits and boundaries

Last but not the least, you should control yourself when it comes to listening to queries and problems of other people. Being aware of the fact that being in deep conversations awakens your empathic child, you should limit yourself from indulging in activities like this.

Protection from negative energies

To protect yourself from negative energies is a crucial part of the process of shielding yourself. There are certain ways in which you can protect yourself from negative energies. We will be looking at a few of them which will have a long-lasting impact on your life.

Focus on the solutions

Being an empath, you are entitled to listening to people and their problems in life. This is not what you should be focusing on. Your primary focus should be finding the SOLUTION to these problems; rather than worrying about the problems themselves.

Don’t carry on the drama

People who have negative energies like to carry on stories that they hear as rumors. You need not do that! You CAN and SHOULD put a stop to the negativity being spread as soon as you hear any such thing. You do not need to pass it on to other people if you are not sure of it. If you are certain that talking about a specific thing will lead to negativity in society, you should avoid spreading such talk.

Do not try to fix everything

You need to know the difference between helping people who NEED your help and helping people who WANT your help. By helping people who need your help, you are spreading positivity in your society. But, if you are helping people who are capable of helping themselves, then you are making them dependent on you and less dependent on themselves. Therefore, indirectly spreading negativity through the society which you should not be doing.

Shielding protection is a perfect tool to use if you know how to use it and reap benefits from it. Once you learn how they positively benefit you, there will be no stopping you from making use of them. As humans, we do tend to do what suits us best, and in this case, shielding protection is a tool of great use.

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