Do You Soul Travel When You Dream? Read On To Find Out!

Soul travel

Soul travel takes us through many levels that are otherwise a world unknown to us. These levels may be etheric, astral or merely dreaming. While the former two are mostly mysteries, we all are aware of the land of dreams. All of us, when we lie down in bed after a long day and close our eyes, we dream.

Soul Travel Importance

We dream about our desires, our fears, about what we have and what we would like to have. We dream about a job promotion or going out with our crush. We dream about our favorite food and the list goes on and on and on.

There are some dreams that we wish would never end while others scare us so much that we are more than relieved to have woken out of them before our fears came to life.

Dreams are associated with the soul leaving the body and traveling in faraway worlds experiencing, observing and feeling. We bet you want to know everything about dreams now so read on to find out.

Soul travel, Dreams and Everything you need to know

Dreams are affected by a lot of things. The food you eat before going to bed, the thoughts in your head all day, even the temperature of the room and the people that you’ve interacted with.

If you’ve been talking to people who make you uneasy, this might show in your dreams at night. When you sleep, your soul does out of body travel, going to places beyond the reality of this world.

How far the soul travels is different from person to person and from time to time. Some days if you’re feeling scared, you might not venture into the depths of the great unknown.

Other days if you’re looking for an adventure, your soul travel may be more extensive and further away. There is also the concept of astral travel in dreams.

When you’re in your dreams, exploring unchartered territories, you’re moving along different planes; you take a part of them with you.

Your dreams might be trying to tell you a secret or teach you a lesson through a show of setting and events which may seem bizarre but make perfect sense if you look closely enough.

Soul travel and types of dreams

Soul leaving the body during sleep will result in all kinds of different dreams. Sometimes your dream may have you as the main character, or sometimes it may revolve around somebody else.

But just because you aren’t the center of attention in your dream doesn’t mean it is meant for you. Sometimes you have to observe the other person and understand the meaning of their actions. There is always an underlying message for you to decipher and then learn from.

Soul Travel and forms

Soul travel can be of many different forms. Have you been ever chased by a monster? When I was a child, I used to dream that I was being chased by Voldemort, the most hated villain from the harry potter series.

The dream would stay the same, but the monster would sometimes become a herd of dogs hungry from my flesh. We’ve all had dreams that mean little when we wake up, and we more than often forget. But if you write down what you saw, you can try to make sense of it. There is always a reason behind everything.

You see things that the higher self-wants you to see, which you would not understand if you were conscious and you would probably brush it off as nonsense.

Out of body travel teaches us lessons?

Dreams aren’t just for amusement. Sure, it feels nice to have a taste of things we can’t have in real life but is this all there is to soul travel? Your interpretation of a dream is entirely personal.

You may take help from someone to understand better, but you know what you saw better than anyone else does. It’s frustrating to make sense of things that are illogical.

For instance, what could a cat sitting on your bed staring at you mean? Or who is the little boy who keeps coming in your dreams every night but the face isn’t familiar at all? You don’t remember every detail that is why it’s hard to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

But if you want to learn from travel to astral plane levels, then you have to try harder to figure it out. Use your inner intellect. I can picture your confused faces right now, so I’ll give a quick distinction between astral plane levels and etheric plane levels.

The latter refers to the lower plane of existence meaning after solid, liquid and gas. Astral flight on the other side is known for being home to mystic religions and philosophies.

How can we forget nightmares when we are talking about dreams? 

Spirit is leaving the body while sleeping can have all kinds of travels and interactions. Soul travel is not restricted to happy, joyous lands with tales of victory and pleasure but also the dark world where the soul shudders before entering.

These are the dreams that none of us want to have. When we wake up in the middle of the night scared and sweating, paranoid that there is someone else in the room, it’s the result of the horrors of a convincing nightmare.


We boast of our smartness and intellect, but even the best of us get tricked into thinking that the nightmare is our reality and its genuinely playing out not in our heads but fact.

What happens is that as your soul is leaving your body, it gets stuck in an astral plane. Your energy of protection is unable to guard you against having bad thoughts. Or sometimes your soul travel might go wrong at the point of return. Before returning to your body, you bump into the astral mire, and this triggers a bad dream.

So, if you have woken up scared for your life, it’s the doings of the astral plane. Out of body travel may be good or bad, but there is a lesson to learn from both.

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