A Guide to the Rose Quartz Stone

rose quartz

When it comes to the power of healing stones, few stand out quite as much as the rose Quartz, also known by Rose Pink Quartz. 

Rose Quartz – This little gem (which is sometimes referred to as the heart stone) carries a range of different meanings and properties. In this article, we will be exploring exactly these areas by looking at some of the Ancient roles this stone possessed as well as looking at some of the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz. We’ll start off by exploring some of the crystal meanings of this type of quartz.

Rose Quartz Meaning

The Pink or Rose Quartz crystal meaning can be a difficult thing to pin down. Before we look at the meanings this gem carries nowadays, we have to explore some of the more Ancient views. Some of the earliest examples of this gem appearing in jewelry are from the time of Ancient Egypt as well as later in Roman and Greek trading routes. Before then, the stone started off where all gems of this kind begin: near the center of the Earth. These stones begin in the mantle of the Earth’s core before slowly rising to the surface. This process causes erosion and chemical exchanges which shape, mold and color the gems into what they are today.

Stone of Love

The pink color of the stone led to it quickly becoming symbolic of love and romance. The Ancient Egyptians used this stone within talismans to symbolize that an agreement had been reached in relation to trading. In comparison later Greek and Roman civilizations had their own view of the stone. For example, the Greeks believed that Eros (the God of love) would bestow his gift of love, affection and attraction upon humans by giving them this stone.

The Roman’s believed a similar tale was true of Cupid. This is, of course, one of the reasons why it is referred to as the heart stone (we’ll explore the other meaning soon enough).

Stone of Desire

Nowadays, Pink Quartz uses are considered to be oriented more towards healing. Many still view the stone of being capable of attracting love but that’s not its primary focus. Rather, the Rose Quartz energy is capable of protecting relationships, balancing and unblocking the Heart Chakra, healing your heart (by helping you to recover from heartbreak, disappointment and pain) and helps promote loving energies.

Of course all of this is useless knowledge if you have no idea how to harness the gem’s energy so now that we’ve covered the Rose Quartz benefits, let’s look at how to use them.

Accessing the Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties

There are many ways you can access and harness the power contained within this gem. For now, we will cover some of the more basic approaches such as wearing jewelry, meditating and healing your Chakras. Let’s start off with one of the methods that were used by the Ancients: wearing gem jewelry.


You may be wondering what the Rose Quartz bracelet meaning is or why someone would wear a necklace housing one of these gems. The short answer is that the stone’s energies will benefit you in a passive manner simply by wearing them. An example of this could be Rose Quartz necklace healing. Having the gem with you throughout the day allows for slow but constant energy releases.

There is a downside to this practice though: your gem will need to recharge more often than simply using it during meditation or Chakra clearing. A simple way of doing this is simply washing the gem and leaving it near a window overnight so that it can charge via moonlight.

Chakra Cleansing

As we mentioned earlier, this gem has a particular connection to the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra aids in feelings of love (for both yourself and others), compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and of course: empathy. A blockage in this area can lead to negative emotions such as jealousy, feeling defensive, holding grudges and selfishness. So the Rose Quartz Heart Chakra connection can be vitally important as it aids in keeping this Chakra clear and balanced.

If you believe that you Heart Chakra needs cleansed, a simple method is to hold the gem to your Heart Chakra (remember it’s in the center of your chest) and visualize the energy flowing from the gem to you. Feel the warmth that its energy creates as the healing energy flows through you and into your Chakra energy stream. Many people notice immediate benefits after trying this type of Chakra cleanse.


Of course, all gems can be used to improve your meditation. The Pink Quartz is unique in that it allows your feelings of love to extend outwards. This could prove useful if you’re attempting to show your angels love. This could be in the form of gratitude or respect or gratefulness.

To make use of this gem in such a manner, you can simply hold it in your hand during meditation. Alternatively, if you’re wearing jewelry containing the stone then you can simply focus on the stone itself and picture it in your mind as you meditate. If you have more than one Pink Quartz then you have the option of encircling yourself during meditation to create a more powerful connection to the stone itself.

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