Toxic Relationship Recovery – What you should know and do!

Toxic Relationship Recovery

Toxic relationship recovery is no easy task and for some of us, the idea of ever recovering seems like nothing more than a myth. In this article we will focus on helping you in recovering from a toxic relationship. There are many ways recover from a toxic relationship but today we’ll focus on the tried and tested methods. These techniques are simple but still completely effective. It may be a difficult path but you’ll soon learn how to get over a toxic relationship so you can carry on living your life.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

It’s possible that you or someone you care about is in a toxic relationship and doesn’t even realize it. So what exactly is this sort of relationship? Well, a relationship can be described as toxic if it’s unfavorable to you or anyone else. For example, if your girlfriend steals your money or your co-worker constantly spreads false rumors about you or your uncle gets questionable items delivered to your house. All of these could be seen as toxic. We’re sometimes too in love or too caring towards someone to even realize that our relationship with them is causing more harm than good.

Spotting a Toxic Relationship

There are several signs you can keep an eye out for if you suspect a relationship may be toxic. This is an important step. Before you can begin toxic relationship recovery, you have to establish if the relationship is actually toxic. These sorts of relationships are full of passive aggressiveness, criticism, contempt, jealousy, and overall just negative energy. You may feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around this person. You may find that you don’t behave like yourself in their company or that you go out of your way to avoid them.

Happiness is a rare thing and you strive more towards making them happy than yourself. Finally, if change is viewed negatively or responded to with negative emotions then chances are the relationship is toxic. Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to make the relationship non-toxic and more often than not, your best bet is to get out. So rather that exploring toxic relationships healing methods, we’ll explore how to move on from a toxic relationship. So what toxic relationship recovery steps can you take?

Appreciate the Healthy Relationships

The first step in your recovery is to acknowledge that the relationship was toxic. In most cases it’s best to focus on the positive aspects of anything, no matter how negative the situation may be. In the case of your toxic relationship recovery, the opposite is true. You should come to terms with exactly why that relationship was so unhealthy. Moving on from a toxic relationship can be incredibly difficult but it’s made even more challenging when you only remember the good aspects. If it helps, spend some time writing a list of why it was toxic. If you need help, call upon your friends, family or even your angels for guidance.

The next step is to fully appreciate the healthy relationships you have. By seeing what makes these relationships healthy and your other one toxic, you can truly begin your toxic relationship recovery. Focus on aspects of healthy relationships such as being happy to see each other, inside jokes, warm welcomes, caring about each other’s health, having fun together and taking part in activities together. Obviously the nature of the relationship will vary how close you are to each other but that shouldn’t change the overall energy.

Make Changes in your Life: Positive Ones

One of the traits of a toxic relationship is the inability to change without criticism. Our toxic partners don’t want us to grow into better people as they know the result will be an end to the relationship. So one major step in your toxic relationship recovery is finally getting the freedom to grow into whoever you want to be. For example, if you want to travel and learn a new language then this is the best time to do that. Maybe you had a smaller step in mind such as changing your hair, getting a tattoo, joining a yoga class or simply signing up for a gym membership. No matter how big or small the change is, if it’s positive then you should go for it.

Consult your Angels

If healing from a toxic relationship is still proving harder than you imagined then it might be time to call on the big guns. Your angels are always ready and willing to help you, especially through a difficult challenge such as this. They can offer a huge range of help and at the very least can provide some spiritual comfort. One of the many ways your angels can help you is to clarify that the individual from your toxic relationship was A) Toxic and B) Not part of your soulmate group or your soul family group. At the very least this will put your mind at ease a little.

Of course your angels can do a lot more than that. They can offer guidance on how to proceed for starters. However, since healing after a toxic relationship can be difficult, you may wish to ask for their help with the healing part. Your angels can provide guidance on renewing your energy, removing any of the toxic energy and negative energy left within you from the relationship, they can also provide insights into what direction to take in terms of finding a new, non-toxic relationship. If your relationship was a romantic one then you may need more time to recover but if you’re in need of a friend, perhaps your angels can nudge you in the right direction.

Final Words about the Toxic Relationship Recovery

One thing you should always remember while healing from a toxic relationship is that it wasn’t your fault in any way. It’s completely normal to blame yourself, perhaps feel guilty for allowing the relationship to go on that long or even feel guilty for allowing it to end, you may have times when you regret trying to move on…stay strong and know that you made the right choice. Once you’ve recovered, this toxic relationship will just be a bad memory that you barely remember.

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