7 Steps to Set Your Spiritual Intentions

spiritual intentions

To know what you want to do or create with your life is how you set your spiritual intentions. It is the planting of the seeds of your consciousness, ensuring that your intentions grow and do not shrink. Thus, to set intentions in your life, you need to make sure to create experiences in your life too. There are 7 steps that can help you and guide you towards setting your intentions in reality.

1nd Step: Raise your vibrational frequency and clear your energy through spiritual intentions

When you plan to set intentions, doing so with a clear mind and higher vibrational frequency are key elements. When you set out your intentions, clear your mind, raise your vibrational frequency, and shift your consciousness into setting your spiritual intentions, you can better align your intentions than with your core desires.

Setting intentions based on fear and doubt will not result in the expected outcome. Thus, it is highly recommended to base your intentions on positive vibrations and positive energies as they result in good alignment.

To align your spiritual intentions with the sole purpose of your life, you achieve the highest good possible in your favor.

2nd Step: Know what you truly want from your life

What makes you happy will not necessarily make others happy. Thus, knowing what makes YOU happy is crucial to your knowledge. What you need to consider is what is going to bring you joy on a singular level? The answer to this is the level of your intention. However, it is a tough thing to tune into and can be very challenging.

Journaling is a good habit to get into as it is easier to tune into your core beliefs this way by setting out your spiritual intention. Some questions that can help guide you are:

* If you were only given one life, how would you prefer spending it?

* What are the things that you loved doing as a child and why?

* What are the things that make you happy or bring a smile to your face?

* If you were told that you could not fail, how would you want to serve humanity in ways that you love?

3rd Step: Sort out your desires

This is the phase where you get to edit your intentions the way you want them to be. These journalized desires of yours, you need to look at them again and assess them to sort them out according to the level of importance they have for you in your life.

In certain cases, they all might be very important, but you need to take time out and find out which spiritual intentions of yours are aligned with the sole purpose of your life.

Your goal should be to filter out the top 3 most important desires that are in line with the core beliefs of your soul purpose.

4th Step: Think more about your whys

When an intention setting is concerned, you need to get into your reasoning well enough to be explainable.

With the 3 most important desires that you had earlier shortlisted, you need to now get down into the deep search and ask yourself “why are these 3 the most important for me?” For example, if one of the three intentions you shortlisted is to raise the vibrational frequency of your body, mind, and soul, then ask yourself “why do I want the vibrational frequency of my body, mind, and soul to be raised to a higher level?”.

You need to tune into your intuition to get to the answer that is rightfully justifiable. Meditating to get to the root of your spiritual intentions is one of the best approaches that you can make use of.

Examine your answer and dig deeper until you believe you have gotten the justification for having to choose that spiritual intention.

5th Step: Set your intention

This is the action phase where the intention that you have selected, written out, and justified needs to be acted upon.

You need to make sure that your intention needs to be set with a positive tone. All at the same time you can ask for help, guidance, and assistance from the angels to help set out your intentions without any biased opinions.

However, there is no right way or wrong way to get this done. It is up to you how you want to get things done. Whatever you think is right for you, opt for that option.

6th Step: Come up with an action place to achieve the intentions you have set out

Setting your intentions would be of no use if you can’t put them into any action. The angels can help you set out an action plan for the set-out intentions of your life. You need to make a prayer to invoke your angels with a good intention and a pure heart.

You need to be specific while designing an action plan and make the use of deadlines to make it easier to achieve the intentions that you have set out.

7th Step: Do not stop asking the angels, the spirit guides, and the universe for help

Help is something that you can always benefit from. Thus, you should never stop asking for help, guidance, or assistance.

Sometimes, you may think that you are not in need of any help but, when you receive the help, only then you realize how much it was needed. Your spiritual intentions might be easy to set out for you but, you will require some help in putting action to them.

Thus, do not hesitate or be doubtful while asking your spirit guides for help regarding an action plan for your spiritual intentions. These guides have been appointed at your service to serve you in better ways than how you can serve yourself.

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