Amazonite Stone Guide


The Amazonite crystal (also known as the Amazon Stone) is a bizarre looking stone. Its blue/green color almost makes it seem extraterrestrial in nature. In this article we will be exploring this stone in depth in order to uncover its various meanings and how they hold up in the modern world. We’ll also explore some of the Amazonite uses including its healing properties and its many uses as Amazonite jewelry. We’ll start off by looking at some basic information surrounding the mysterious Blue Amazonite stone.

Amazonite – You couldn’t be blamed for assuming that you find  this stone Amazonite in the Amazon. After all, the stone does take its name from the Amazon River itself. Surprisingly enough, there is a lot of doubt as to whether this stone actually forms in this area at all. This crystal is far more common in mountainous areas of Russia, Colorado, Virginia, Brazil, Canada and even in some parts of Madagascar. The stone itself can be found throughout history. Some of the more famous examples include Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and South America. Of course, as with any mystical stone, the meanings behind it can vary a little.

Amazonite Crystal Meaning

If we take a look at the Ancient Egyptians, we find examples of the Blue Amazonite in many different forms. It famously was used to make tablets for the Book of the Dead but could also be found in Scarab rings all around Egypt. The South Americans would attach these stones to war apparel and weapons in recognition of the Amazonians who they believed wore these stones on their shields. They would also use these stones to encourage the healing of wounds. When South America was invaded, the Spanish placed high value on these stones based on the admiration and attraction to them demonstrated by the natives.

All of these different cultures believed one thing in common: that the Amazonite healing properties could be used to the benefit of humanity. This was in relation to the metaphysical properties that the stone possesses. It is said that it aligns spiritual energy with that of the physical body, allowing your Chakras to align and maintain a more efficient flow of energy. In terms of the individual Chakras, this stone can effectively unblock the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. It is perhaps because of this that Ancient talismans tended to flaunt this very gem. This could very well explain the gemstone necklace meaning.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

We’ve touched on the metaphysical properties of the Blue Amazonite but to really get an idea of its healing powers, we have to further explore its Chakra connection. In a more general sense, the gem provides an overall balancing of energy within one’s spirit. This applies mainly to our Chakras but also to our Aura. The stone isn’t limited to personal use though and many people will either place them around the home in order to keep the negative energy at bay or go one step further and purchase a crystal ball made of this material.

On a more emotional level, Amazonite works with our minds to help us filter out negative emotions. This could be something as minor as breaking down any stressful situations into something a little more manageable or it could be something of a larger scale like promoting the healing of past traumas. In order to get the full benefits of such a healing process, it would be advised to meditate with the stone (either by wearing it, holding it or placing it in front of you). This will allow you to delve deep into your own spirit and confront whatever toxin awaits.


Many people choose to follow the examples of the Ancient Egyptians and South Americans by forming the stone into forms of jewelry. The Amazonite jewelry meaning can vary from one article to the next. For example, the Amazonite bracelet meaning would be less impactful than say the Amazonite beads meaning (assuming the beads were worn around the neck). This is due entirely to the impact that this stone can have on your Heart and Throat Chakra. Wearing a bracelet or a ring won’t go unnoticed as you will still feel some of the benefits but it would be less beneficial than a necklace.

Wearing jewelry with Amazonite allows you to passively gain its benefits. Again, this is more the case if you wear a necklace. The process doesn’t require any active thought on your part but if you were feeling drained by the day or in need or some spiritual protection or energy, you could simply acknowledge that this stone is in contact with your Throat and Heart Chakra. Simply by being aware of this fact, the energy will feel more noticeable as it drifts into your Chakra energy flow.

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