Demystifying Psychic Attacks

psychic attack

Have you ever heard about psychic attacks? You might have encountered many in your lifetime without consciously knowing what they are. A psychic attack has many forms which you can learn here. Read more to know more…

Psychic Attack – What it is and how can it affect you?

The flowing of negative energy towards your direction is referred to as a psychic attack. You might have encountered it several times in your life when one moment you are extremely happy and the next you feel completely devastated. It is because you had had a psychic attack.

Although there are many forms, you need to know about ways to protect yourself from them as they disrupt your normal functioning and prevent many good things to come towards you.

The lower vibrational frequency of your body, mind, and soul is not good for prolonged periods. Thus, you should be aware of protection methods for such attacks. These attacks feed off your energy and scare you so that it is easier for them to feed themselves.

Attack from other people

Another major form of a psychic attack is when people throw negative energy in your direction. This can be done on a conscious basis by an enemy in the form of a friend, or even a family member who feels threatened by you.

It is at times when you are highly blessed by the Divine Love and Light that they try to lower your vibrational frequencies to feed off your positive energy. It can be done through sharing some bad news or making you do hectic tasks so that you will be tired and exhausted.

Another form of a psychic attack is by people who are not consciously aware of it. They throw negative energy in your direction without being aware of it consciously. It is like they send negative energy towards you without knowing it themselves. For example, you might have done it yourself some time by saying “I hate what he did to me, I hope he trips and falls!”.

When negativity affects you

When you do get affected by a psychic attack, your vibrational frequency decreases. For example, when you watch the news, you feel worried and tense, which drops your energy.

What you can do in such an instance is to release that negative energy from within you and let it go into the light. Once you do that, you get love and joy back in return. By doing this, you win! You do not get affected, and thus, your vibration would not change at all to decrease in any way.

The good thing is that is you notice a drop in your vibration; you can always call upon the angels to receive their love and light and their help, guidance, and assistance. Archangel Michael is the specialist in this matter. Pray for him to invoke him to get to help you.

Use light to shield yourself

Another great trick for protection against psychic attack is to imagine yourself being surrounded with light. The psychological impact this has on you is so great that the negativity would not have any effect on you. Thus, the psychic attack will not lower your vibrational energy in any way.

When you visualize light surrounding you, imagine it cleansing you from your head to your toe. It will reveal the light within you to balance your life in ways you did not expect.

You can also ask Archangel Michael for psychic attack protection. He specializes in this field and will forever be ready to do this for you. The house cleansing prayer is another protection method which is very effective and efficient.

Wearing a cloak

A psychic cloak is a method for protection that shields you light energy and protects you from harm that can be caused by psychic attacks which feed on your positive energy and leave you behind with negative energy.

If you feel that there are negative energies around you from which you want to protect yourself, use a psychic cloak. You can not only cloak yourself but, you also can cloak people around you. This creates a barrier of light that shields you from negative energies.

The best thing about this psychic cloak is that you can shine brighter and brighter within yourself. The radiant light of your heart leads it to expand and shine brighter. Raising your vibration also helps you connect with the Angels without having to get attacked by unwanted energies.

How to wear a cloak

All you have to do is simply ask or intend. The first time you intend to use a psychic cloak, you should ask the Angels for help, guidance, and assistance. The psychic cloak of protection meditation with Archangel Michael is of great help.

The cloak is like a garment of the rainbow and golden light with all around you which shields your energy from all negative sources. The cloak is like a gateway to love, light, joy, gratitude. Inside the cloak, you can expand your heart, confidently and boldly, to know that you are safe and protected.

When you go to a busy crowd next time, try this. It will be very effective and efficient as in a big crowd there will be a lot of people who will send negative energies your way. People do not want to see you happy so if you are happy they would not want that.

Respond with Love

When you shine with love and light in the present moment, you wear the most protective shield on yourself. This will not let you be affected by the negative energies of the people around you.

A psychic attack is like a bug attacking your arm. You will notice it but, it would not ruin your day. However, it will take away your good energy.

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