Azurite and How to Use the Stone for Healing


In a world full of crystals of all kinds of colors and shapes and qualities, Azurite is known for its striking appearance. It is mostly found in a blue shade which is one of its kinds. This blue stone has developed over time through many chemical reactions between copper, hydrogen, and oxygen. Azurite stone is also known for its healing properties as it enhances the creative skills that already exist within a person. It cleanses the soul of all evil and brings positive and good energy. It is primarily known in connection with the third eye chakra.

Incorporate the energy

There are some ways to incorporate the energy of the azurite into your daily life. You can do this by just placing it in your living area or your workplace where ever you spend the most time and let the energy channel through your daily routine.

As mentioned before, the azurite crystal brings out your creative side so having it by your side when working or completing a project can help you innovate.

How you choose to use the stone to facilitate your creative process is up to you but sitting in the company of the stone quietly and observing and absorbing its energies is one way to begin. You will be able to focus on your work once your mind is cleansed and your thoughts are more precise.



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Use it during meditation

Another manner in which you may enjoy the many benefits of it may be using it during meditation. Don’t just use the stone for the sake of it. Do an in-depth analysis of its hidden stories. Let its light fill you and take note of your body’s response to it. The azurite healing properties can only be observed once if you learn to let go of your inhibitions.

Think positive thought. Learn to be happy. Let go of bad vibes. Cut down people that bring you down. Unless you put in the effort to understand it’s meaning which varies from person to person, it’ll be just a stone like any other.

Common ways to use the Stone!

Although azurite crystal used on its own is just as effective, if it’s not working out for you, you can always find the perfect fit for yourself. Used with Malachite, it helps bring balance to your heart and throat chakras.

Since the heart is at the center of everything, if you can control it you can control the flow of all kinds of energies within the body. Let yourself relax and ease your body before using the azurite gemstone.

Lay down in a place of your liking where you feel at home and safe. Place the stone on the top of your head and then focus on its vibrations. Let its energy flow all over your body and lose yourself within it.

Experience the magic of the azurite! At first, it’s only natural to hesitate, but over time, you get more in phase with the flow of the stone. You become one with it.

Metaphysical properties of the magical stone!

It boasts of many properties that set it apart. If you’re having trouble in life and need clarity, you can use the azurite stone to help you concentrate and think with a clear mind.

Not only does it cleanse your soul of negativity, but it also enables you to find the silver lining no matter how dim it might appear at first. It pushed you to see the positives around you. It brings spiritual wisdom to you which cannot be learned in any class but can only be seen in one’s soul.

Peace and tranquility

You can feel the full force of the stone by holding it tightly in your hand, closing your eyes and letting its white light fill your body. It will bring a layer of peace and tranquility upon you that is like no other that you have experienced in your life. But it isn’t as simple as just holding the stone.

You have to tune your mind with the vibrations of the stone and work in harmony with it. The stone will aid you on your path, but you have to put in the effort yourself as well. When negative thoughts try to capture your mind, you have to throw them out of your mind. You can’t let them win.

How to use the azurite!

Like all the other stones, the easiest way is to get jewelry made out of it. This will help you keep the stone with you at all time. Even when you’re traveling or away from home and you are faced with a conflict or just lonely, the azurite will be by your side.

Make the azurite your companion in all things in life from your daily routine to meditation to work to study. You will feel it bring a positive change in your life. Don’t depend on the stone too much. Learn from it and let its goodness manifest in you, so that you become in charge of your mind with or without the Azurite.

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