Confucius, the little man who was a great Sage…


Confucius the Humanist, gave rise to a religion, a philosophy and a school of thought at the same time. Today, his teachings are still very much needed because they remain modern and universal even after all these years. That is why I suggest we talk about him today.

Confucius’ life


A child was born in the state of Lu, at the very heart of China, on September 28  in 551 BC. This child would mark humankind as a whole through his thoughts, wisdom, and actions.

When he was still a little child, his father passed away, leaving him and his family in a dire situation.

First, he worked as a clerk in the administration. But his teaching qualities and uncommon intelligence were quickly noticed. So much so that he was named Head of the Kingdom’s justice department.

However, he quit this function to teach his philosophy. Accompanied by followers, he traveled through several countries (just like Jesus did later in another part of the world). His followers were called the 12 Philosophers.

At the end of his life, he came back to the state of Lu in order to dedicate himself to writing and teaching.

Confucius was a great erudite. He was also gifted as far as the six main arts of the time (mathematics, music, archery, calligraphy, chariot-driving, and ritual) are concerned.

Practicing these major arts was supposed to develop patience, meditation, precision, a sense of esthetics, perseverance, and spirituality.

Confucius – His teachings

Confucius’ teachings were designed to reach inner wealth and connect the spirit to the spiritual worlds. The wisdom he advocates is about harmony between Heaven, the earth, and the living. Man is part of the whole and the whole needs man.

His teachings – which are based on Love and Harmony – lead people to a peaceful and worry-free life. By following them, people head for the country of Happiness where the Sun is called Serenity.

Confucius said that the simple truths in this world can penetrate men’s heart because they do not stem from any kind of indoctrination but instead from an inner call meant to awake each soul.

Here is Confucius’ essential teaching: when you have existential questions, meditate! Because all the answers lie within you.

And when you find them, you will feel unprecedented happiness because your soul will be appeased and more mature.

A few books teaching Confucius’ wisdom

His major and most famous works are:

  • The Book of Poetry
  • The Book of History
  • The Book of Changes
  • The Book of Rites
  • Spring and Autumn Annals.

But, let me advise you to read a very simple and extremely interesting book first, one that can help you lead your everyday life: it is called “Confucius From The Heart” written by Yu Dan.


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