Meditation Eye Mask – This is an effective meditation process!

meditation eye mask

Meditation is something that should be done routinely to ease your mind and give it the time and space it needs to get into a state of peace. Have you ever heard of a meditation eye mask? If not, it is entirely okay because we will be discussing it in detail here…

What is an Open Eye Mask?

A meditation mask is the same as an eye mask or what we call a sleep mask. Mostly the sleep masks are used to block light from disturbing you while sleeping. However, even if you are not sleeping in a dark room, it is recommended for you to use an open eye sleep mask. This is because your body is made to function in a way that it needs darkness to fulfill its sleep and function properly.

Melatonin is a hormone released by the brain to help you fall asleep and stay that way. The brain releases this hormone when it is dark. Even if little light is exposed to your eyes, the secretion of this hormone will get disrupted and so will your sleep cycle. This hormone is secreted by the pineal gland which needs to be kept healthy. Thus, you need to be sleeping in darkness if you want to function properly.

Why Wear a Meditation Eye Mask?

Now you know that it is very beneficial to sleep in darkness but, what you do not know yet is why you should meditate in darkness, here is why…

Meditating in the dark is not something new, it has been carried out for thousands of years in caves where there used to be pitch darkness. The sages and spiritual seekers made use of this dark meditation eye mask to tune into the benefits of learning to let go of unnecessary things in life and feelings of compassion and belonging.

It helps clear your mind and helps you build a strong connection with the Divine, the angels, and creatures of the spiritual realm.

While meditating if you have not made use of an open eye mask, it is worth trying!

Choosing an Meditation Eye Mask

There are certain features that you need to consider while choosing what kind of an eye mask to buy for yourself if you want to use it for meditation:

  1. Ensure that the mask can remove pressure from your eyes for you to open and close your eyes without them rubbing against the mask itself.
  2. Ensure that the mask has the ability to completely block all sorts of light. If even little bit of light penetrates through the mask, it will cause disruption, and the meditation would not be as effective and efficient as it could have been if the mask was lightproof.
  3. Ensure that the eye mask is comfortable when you wear it over your eyes. You need to completely be unaware of wearing it as you need to focus on the meditation more than the mask. You need to disappear into the oneness of the Divine.

You always have the option of asking for the help, guidance, and assistance of angels when you get confused as to which mask if the best one for you. A small prayer to invoke any angel is all that you need to do. Do not forget to thank the angels at every step of your journey in life for being there always to help, guide, and assist you!

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