Understanding the Owl Spirit Animal

Owl Spirit Animal

Spirit animals can appear in many different forms and serve a huge variety of purposes. The Owl spirit animal has an important symbolic meaning that will help you to discover now! They can provide support when we’re at a low point in our lives, they can guide us spiritually when we’re struggling to stay on track, and they can offer guidance when we’re feeling lost.

The form that your spirit animal takes will likely reveal some degree of truth as to why they are visiting you. As such, we’re going to explore just one spirit animal in particular: the owl spirit animal. We’ll take a look at the owl symbolism meaning and the overall spiritual meaning of owls.

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Exploring the Owl Spirit Animal Meaning

We’ll start off by taking a look at some of the ways that the owl spirit animal is viewed throughout a range of different cultures. The spirit animal owl meaning stays consistent on a number of different points. When you think of an owl, what comes to mind?

As nocturnal creatures, they prowl through the night and we can often hear their distinctive screech through the darkness. Many people describe feeling uneasy when hearing this noise and it’s a common sound effect when creating tension in a horror movie.

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Bad Omens? Not really…

It probably comes as no surprise then that owls have often been viewed as bad omens, and we’re not talking about a spirit owl here. Owls, both in nature and in spirituality have been viewed as omens of death for centuries and throughout almost all cultures, such as the ancient Mayans.

However, many of these cultures didn’t fear the owl but rather viewed it as a necessary part of nature. Death is merely a part of life’s cycle and the owls weren’t the cause of death, merely an omen of it approaching.

It was often believed that the owl represented a God, spirit, or angel who approaches to ferry the soul from the world of the living to the spiritual world.

Spiritual Meaning of Owls

The owl spiritual animal carries a lot of similar traits as the animal itself. They are patient, sitting in the dark and watching their prey until the right opportunity presents itself. They are viewed as wise creatures but their wisdom is often shrouded in darkness.

If your spirit animal takes the form of an owl totem then it can tell you a number of different things about yourself but also about the reasoning behind why you’re seeing your spirit animal now, particularly if you didn’t reach out to them.

It is said that those who possess the owl totem, which is another term used for describing having an owl spiritual animal, are said to possess certain dark or mystical abilities quite similar to the Crow.

For example, if the owl is your totem then you’re likely to have the natural ability to see the true intentions of others. It’s said that similar to the owl’s night vision, you can see through the darkness and separate the lies from the truth.

The owl spirit animal is also said to represent clairvoyant abilities. It could be that you’re naturally gifted in this area or it could be that your abilities are dormant and require activation.

Seeing Owls in your Dreams

How you see your spirit animal can influence your interaction with it. For example, if you see an owl and can feel that it’s your spirit animal then the message may be a little more cryptic.

In fact, seeing the owl in a dream can offer unique interactions that you would be unlikely to experience otherwise. Dreaming of an owl may be representative of your negative behaviors. It could be that your spirit animal is trying to remind you of its wisdom.

To give you an example, if you recently took up a negative habit such as smoking, then the owl may be appealing to your rational mind in an attempt to remind you of the negative effects of such a habit.

Seeing a dead owl in your dreams carries a completely different meaning and is usually symbolic of death. Don’t worry if that is the case, this isn’t a reference to physical death but rather the death of a part of your life.

Typically, this means that one of your life cycles is coming to an end and soon you’ll start a new chapter as a new person.

Further Exploration of Dreams

Owl’s dreams can become quite intense but it’s important not to fear them or attempt to shut them out. One such dream that could seem quite terrifying is an owl trying to peck your eyes out. This message is a warning and it is one that you should pay attention to.

It would usually mean that your sight, either in terms of your perception or psychic abilities, is clouded and that you’re missing something that is right in front of you. It’s a reminder to open your eyes and examine the situations you face.

Other Owl Connections

There are some less common meanings behind the owl spirit animal. Despite being less common, they shouldn’t be ignored completely. One such example of this is the view that the owl represents a Goddess of fertility.

This is a meaning that has been passed down from Pagan beliefs but it still holds true today. This could tie into the idea of the owl representing the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one: it could be that your new cycle involves parenthood.

Similarly, the owl spirit animal can be a messenger of God or angels, particularly Archangels as many will interact with nature and animals in order to send messages to individual people.

If you’ve recently reached out to your angels and are awaiting a response then don’t brush off seeing an owl. Instead, consider what was going through your mind when you saw it, what you were doing, and where you were.

It could be that the answers to your questions are right there in front of you and the owl spirit animal is guiding you towards it.

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