Blue Jay Symbolism – What is the Spiritual Meaning of Blue Jays?

Blue Jay Symbolism

Blue Jay symbolism may seem a little abstract, but if you find yourself curious about the blue jay meaning in relation to finding a feather, seeing the bird itself, or simply having a dream, we’ll provide the answers you’re looking for.

Why is it important? We can see signs and symbols everywhere. They can appear as sounds, sensations, tastes, or simply be felt through our intuition.

Animals have been regarded as spiritual messengers for as long as humanity has existed, and almost every single culture will tell stories of animals signaling an event, bringing a warning, or coming to the aid of an individual. 

Where can I see Blue jay symbolism?

As with any symbol or sign, the possibilities for where you may spot blue jay symbols are infinite in number. It could be that you see a blue jay, which of course would be the simplest type of sign.

Some people will find a blue jay feather, hear a blue jay’s song, see a blue jay in a non-direct form, such as on TV, on a sign, or even by reading about it in a poem or book.

And what about the possibility that you may have a dream about a blue jay?

Learning to understand any type of symbolism requires you to trust in yourself. Intuition is a vital part of symbol interpretation, and no matter what sign you see, you have to be able to listen to your gut instinct.

If you find a blue jay feather but our interpretation doesn’t sound right to your situation, then think about the reason why this feather may have appeared to you now.

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What is the spiritual meaning of blue jays?

Like other animal spirit guides, it shares quite a lot of similarities to the Crow spirit animal. Let’s start off by discussing some simple forms of blue jay symbolism. The most obvious example would be seeing a blue jay.

How can you tell when you’re receiving some sort of sign or simply seeing an animal going about its business?

The first indication will be a feeling within yourself. Your intuition will push you toward the idea that there’s something special about this blue jay.

You may find yourself watching it, completely engrossed in its movements and actions. Some people enter an almost trance-like state, where they become so focused on the animal that they leave the rest of the world behind.

You also have to consider the circumstances of the blue jay sighting. Are blue jays common in that area? Have you seen one there before?

Did it act in a way that seemed unusual for a wild animal? Was there anything unique about the appearance of this bird?

Blue jay symbolism

Blue jay symbols focus on determination, assertiveness, and intelligence. Seeing one suggests that you’re in need of one of these three traits or energies, but they can also serve as reminders that you’re already smart, already determined, and already assertive.

The blue jay represents a specific mental state: fearlessness. When you’re working towards a goal, fear or anxiety is often the main obstacle standing in your way, and seeing the blue jay suggests that you’ll have to overcome this challenge in order to succeed.

Blue jay symbolism also connects deeply to the idea of your true self. Sometimes, the blue jay represents encouragement to embrace who you are and leave the masks behind. It’s natural to act like something you’re not, at least to some extent.

People will make themselves out to be confident in job interviews, sociable at parties, or angelic at family gatherings, while secretly hiding parts of themselves away from the view out of fear over how it may be perceived.

Seeing a blue jay suggests that you need to express these parts of yourself. You may be surprised by the results!

This meaning also applies to how you communicate. Sheltering people from the truth by walking on eggshells doesn’t benefit anyone.

The blue jay spirit animal encourages you to always be honest, be yourself, and speak your mind. You may ruffle a few feathers here and there, but people will value the fact that they can go to you for honest advice.

They will see the real you, and that in itself is a deeply personal thing.

What does it mean when you see a blue jay feather?

However, the feather symbolism will have different interpretations, depending on the feather and origin. When you find a blue jay feather, it suggests that something negative in your life is about to become positive.

It could be that your perspective is about to shift, as you might realize that a situation isn’t as bad as you once believed it to be, or perhaps you now view it as an opportunity to grow and develop.

It’s also possible that the situation itself is going to shit. You might be offered a new role at work or a negative person in your life may go through their own change, leading to them becoming more positive energy.

The possibilities are endless but keep an idea out for these changes beginning to take place.

The blue jay meaning in relation to finding a feather can also suggest that you’re avoiding having an unpleasant discussion.

You can’t bring yourself to start because you’re worried that it will lead to conflict, but finding this feather suggests that you need to treat it like a band-aid and simply rip it off. The longer you wait, the worse it will be.

What does it mean to dream about a blue jay?

Dreaming about a blue jay can carry a range of different meanings, but generally, we associate it with taking action. You may learn here what does it mean when you dream about someone.

Much like the blue jay symbolism for finding a feather, blue jay dreams suggest that you’re holding back. There’s an action that you must take, but fear and anxiety are making it seem much worse than it actually is or will be.

Dreaming of blue jays should be viewed as a sign of encouragement to take action, but also a reminder to remain humble.

You need to push ahead with your plans but don’t become over-confident. Remain grounded, focus on the task at hand, and think about how your actions can and will have consequences.

Just remember that doing something now will be much better for all involved than doing something later.

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