Exploring the Concept of an Old Soul

Old Soul

You’ve probably heard the term before but what is an old soul? In this article, we will explore the old soul meaning. We’ll cover the definition, some traits that old souls display, as well as some other important information. Are you an old soul? Well, by the end of this article you should be able to work that out for yourself. So let’s start off with the basics by taking a look at the old soul definition.

Old Soul Definition

So what is an old soul? To understand that we first have to understand the basics of a soul journey: In the physical realm (this world) we age in a manner that you’re fully aware of.

We are born; grow into children, then teenagers, then young adults, middle-aged adults, before (hopefully) reaching an elderly age.

Our age in this world reflects only a small aspect of our growth i.e. the growth of our body, mind and even aspects of our spirit…but not our soul. This life is only one small chapter the journey of our soul.

You see, older souls have lived many, many lives. You can, however, view the growth of the soul in the same stages as to how we grow in the physical world. A soul starts off young, gradually matures and eventually becomes an older soul before completing its journey.

It can be difficult to tell what stage your soul is at, particularly if it’s young or middle-aged. In order to define old soul traits, we have to explore some of the signs that an older soul is likely to display.

You have to keep in mind that you’re not looking for signs of aging. A person of any age, whether they be a baby, child or teenager can be an older soul.

Are You an Old Soul?

We’ll take a moment to explore some of the signs to watch out for. By noticing most or even all of these signs, you can determine whether yourself or someone you know aligns with the old soul meaning.

Older souls tend to enjoy isolation. That’s not to say they don’t have friends or family. They are also still fully capable of socializing, being the life of the party or playing an active role in the community.

Yet, they will also just as enjoy spending time alone. There is a weight to being an older soul as the bigger picture of life becomes clearer. Even from a young age (physically speaking) older souls will appear to be rebellious and will avoid conforming to social norms or trends.

This includes avoiding being materialistic. The latest phones, laptops, consoles won’t interest them unless they can aid in a larger purpose. Being up to date for the sake of it isn’t something an older soul is likely to do.

On top of that, older souls tend to naturally be more spiritually inclined. They may not be born into this world seeking enlightenment but there will always be a part of them that has felt there is something…bigger.

This search for meaning is reflected by their introspective nature: they learn from their mistakes and from the mistakes of others. They also tend to be in search for knowledge, truth, and wisdom at every juncture.

At times this may mean reading books, it could refer to an education, but it may also refer to spirituality.

What Does All of This Mean?

If you’re not an older soul, you may be wondering why any of this matters. The fact that you think this is in itself evidence of your soul’s immaturity (don’t worry, that isn’t a bad thing).

There are many benefits to be an older soul. For starters, older souls will have encountered many of their soulmates and soul family. If you’re unsure what these are, your soulmate refers to “traveling companions” you have throughout your soul’s journey.

These are souls who share the same route as yours to varying lengths. Your soul family is a group of souls who despite heading in different directions, work to comfort, console, motivate and protect each other.

Encountering a soulmate or soul family member is a truly remarkable and spiritual experience that often puts us back on track. It’s common for such an event to be followed by a drastic life change such as moving to a new part of the world, starting a new job or setting yourself new challenges.

Other Benefits

Of course, being at this soul age comes with other perks. Having lived many lives and amassed a range of different and unique experiences, you can appreciate the smaller things in life.

Having escaped the rat race of human society, older souls may decide to live out in nature or surround themselves with animals. Many older souls even decide to devote themselves to a religion or faith due to their disinterest in the pursuit of material possessions.

It’s important to remember that there is no rush to become an older soul. Sure, it may sound incredibly appealing but you’re already on your way to reaching that level. If you don’t enjoy the journey as a whole, then you’ll have less to reflect on as it nears its end.

If you find that you still enjoy surrounding yourself with people or having the latest phone, don’t be hard on yourself. Ever soul goes through similar stages and it is all part of your growth.

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