Understanding Precognition


In this article, we are going to explore the very basics of what it means to possess the precognition ability. We’ll take a look at what you might experience through this gift as well as some ways you can test to see if you truly possess the ability or not. Let’s start off by looking at what precognition actually is!

There are many psychic gifts that any person could potentially possess: from being born with a higher than average vibrational energy or possessing the gift of clairaudience. Sometimes the biggest challenge we face is determining whether we have such an ability or whether we simply wish that we did.

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What are precognitive abilities?

And what is precognition? If you search on the internet, you will find that the precognition definition differs from one website to the next. We’ll attempt to define precognition here by breaking down the word itself, that way there shouldn’t be any confusion.

We’ll start off with the word ‘cognition’. This refers to the mental process through which we acquire knowledge and/or information and understanding. The precognitive abilities can seem mysterious, so how can we explain them?

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Understanding the meaning behind this ability, and foreseeing actions, symbols, or numbers can help guide you towards your true path in life. Your angels are trying to help you learn in order to develop your spirituality further.

Trust your intuition and listen to what they have to say. If you need help understanding better the precognition meaning, ask your Guardian Angel!

Can I predict the future?

We can acquire these through our senses (e.g. hearing, smelling, seeing), experience, or thinking. We all possess certain cognitive abilities, as these separate us from other animals.

By adding the prefix of ‘pre’ to the word ‘cognition’, we can imply that knowledge, information, or understanding is acquired before they take place. You can think of ‘pre’ as simply meaning ‘before’.

So precognition in itself is the acquisition of knowledge or experience of an event that has yet to happen.

To sum up the psychic meaning of the word, it’s the ability to see or experience glimpses of the future. This precognitive ability is also commonly referred to as ‘the sight’ or ‘the gift’. So how does somebody experience precognition?

Precognitive skills?

There are a number of ways that somebody could experience their precognitive ability. Without a doubt, the most common example would be through dreams.  Dreams and Prophetic Dreams allow us to see, hear, and experience things that ignore the laws of the universe.

We can speak to people we’ve never met, we can visit locations we’ve never been to, also, we can learn how to Talk to Angels and other spiritual beings who would otherwise exist beyond our reach, and we allow our sense to expand beyond our immediate surroundings.

This is why dreaming is one of the most common places to experience precognition.

Can dreams tell the future?

Many people who possess precognition will experience visions or signs of future events without realizing that it’s anything more than just a dream.

After all, we’ve all had dreams that have felt too vivid to be merely random thoughts floating around in our minds. The difficulty arises when we try to separate the dreams from the glimpses of the future.

This is something we will discuss later in the article but I’m sure you can already imagine why it is such a difficult task. However, you can experience precognition in other forms, even while you are fully conscious.

What causes precognitive dreams?

Precognition can take hold in the physical world as well. This is a rarer occurrence than dream-state precognition but it’s also a lot easier to notice and see them manifest:

  • The first type we’ll discuss is vision. Visions combine the vivid nature of dream-state precognition with the lucidness of being awake. Sometimes these visions, lucid dreams,  will simply feel like daydreams and many people brush them off as being simply that, but by paying attention to the details you can spot the signs that you’re actually seeing future events. Visions rarely happen randomly, which brings us to our next point.
  • While awake, precognition is typically activated by something. This can take on so many forms that it would be impossible to list them all. We can look at some examples though. Imagine you touch your friend’s car and suddenly a car accident plays in your mind or you smell smoke and have a vision of a dangerous fire. These are examples of your precognition being activated.
  • Think of it as a memory: have you ever smelled something that reminds you of school days and suddenly you’re caught up in a vivid daydream? It’s exactly the same thing, except you’re remembering memories that you haven’t actually made yet.

What is precognition in psychology?

Now that you fully understand “the sight”, you’re probably wondering whether or not you possess this gift, perhaps you’re even wondering whether or not the whole thing is real.

Can people really predict the future? Well, the largest problem with precognition is that it’s rarely an ability that can be used at will. Precognition psychology research has been going on for decades, in some cases even longer.

Institutions in London started carrying out research into psychic abilities as early as the 1800s. However, as we already mentioned the problem with such research is the inability to use it at will.

Nostradamus and Baba Vanga

You only need to look as far as Nostradamus or Baba Vanga to see the eerie, and in some cases terrifying, precognition abilities that some people have possessed in the past.

However, some studies have shown that we all have slight precognitive abilities without even realizing it. One study had participants look at a bunch of words, trying to remember as many as they can.

After completing the task, they were asked to memorize a random selection of these words. Interestingly, most of the participants had more easily remembered the same words that they were later asked to memorize.

Why do I have precognition?

This is a difficult question to answer as there is no simple test for determining whether someone has precognition or not. However, there are some steps you can take.

Some people will advise you to write down all of your dreams and then check them to see if any predicted the future in any way. However, this would just be confirmation bias rather than precognition. Instead, whenever you have a vivid dream, more vivid than usual, make a note of what you experienced.

Hide it away for a month and then check it. If it doesn’t relate to events in your life or world events, then put it away for another month. You’re looking for deep and multiple connections.

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