How to use Runes Stones correctly – Learn more about their meaning


Runes are used since ancient times for many purposes, with different interpretations of its dynamics over time. Generally, Runes are a form of an ancient oracle that is used by people for seeking advice. They were first recorded in Germanic and Nordic tribes, and the inscription on them is usually Anglo Saxon.

Rune’s meaning can differ in many ways and know about these magic runes and what are they used for we take a deeper look into their origin and operation for use.

Defining Runes

The literal meaning of ‘runes’ is a mystery. It simply translates to an intriguing enigma that one needs to discover and decipher in order to fully unlock its magical enchantment to work. It helps in getting an insight into situations that requires an effective solution.

Runes are generally stones and are made of various other stone types. They usually have an inscription written on them i.e., runic alphabets. Runic alphabets are old Germanic alphabets dated back to Germanic tribes known as “Elder Futhark’.

These alphabets have developed further into more modern languages, and the latest ones can be seen in old English and Anglo-Saxon writings.

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To get a clear understanding of the elder futhark alphabets, we break runes meaning into simpler terms:

  • Fehu : Wealth, fortune, good results
  • Uruz : Strength; Primal strength, courage, overcoming obstacles
  • Thurisaz : Protection, challenges, secrecy, and conflicts
  • Ansuz : Inspiration, wisdom, communication, also means ancestral god.
  • Raidho : Journeys, travel, initiative, impetus and change, wagon, or chariot
  • Kauna : Inner voice, illumination, inner strength
  • Gebu : Generosity, love, marriage, and sexual union
  • Wunjo : Personal happiness, success, and recognition of worth
  • Hagalaz : Associate with breaks, changes, disruption
  • Naudhiz : Self-reliance, the desire for achievement, passion
  • Isaz : Blockage,  inactivity, waiting for the right moment
  • Jara : Harvest, the results of earlier efforts realized, life cycles
  • Iwaz : Natural endings and to new beginnings, tradition
  • Perthro : Not yet known, taking a chance, destiny
  • Algiz : Higher Self, spiritual nature, duality
  • Sowilu : Success, potential, energy, and expansion
  • Tiwaz : Justice, altruism, following a chosen path, faith
  • Berkana : Fertility, healing, physical or spiritual regeneration
  • Ehwaz : Loyalty, harmony, partnerships, and friendships
  • Mannaz : Compassion and acceptance, intelligence
  • Laguz : Birth, emotions, following the flow of Life, intuition
  • Ingwaz : Gestation, creative withdrawal, hope, better times
  • Othala : Home, family, stability, responsibility, and duty
  • Dagaz : Awakening, clear vision or awareness, optimism

Runes drawings

When and where can we use runes?

You might wonder what runes are? It helps to know that Runes meaning is primarily used to help you through life by giving you effective bits of advice, which can bring relief to you by reducing the problems you face. They will show you what the most probable outcome is, and you will be relieved of what action you need to choose in order to get the desired outcomes.

Runes meaning is not the same as fortune-telling; in fact, it is quite a different concept where the answers will be in hints. You will be guided on how to react and behave if a certain event happens in order to get the desired result.

Therefore runes meaning will always hint you the answer but will not directly point at it. This is where intuition kicks in and leads the way.

Working of Runes

The process of working on runes is slightly different than fortune-telling, and when you are asked, what is the process of rune reading? You must know that It involves other variables for better prediction. First and foremost, one needs to be extremely focused and directs their subconscious mind into the process.

First, you think about the issue that is troubling you and think about it clear how and why it affects you. When you are fully focused, the runes are cast in front of you. This is a critical moment where your subconscious mind makes the decision for you; these choices are then assessed to tell you about your future.

Adding meaning to Runes

The general perception about runes is that they are only for advice or solving issues etc. runes meaning can also be used to ask questions of different sorts that can help you in your life; regardless of the methods you use, the answer will depend on what your subconscious mind decides.

One must remember that runes reading does not mean they will get a definite answer to the future. It is about seeing the probable outcomes in a given situation.

Runes in demand

Since we already mention how runes can also be used for different purposes, one might ask, what is the rune for protection? Or what is the rune for love? There are runes made from a variety of materials.

They include wood, stone, pebbles, crystals, bones, and even metal. If you are a beginner, the starting set of runs must be simpler. Once you get into practice and have matured enough to enter into the profession of it. You need to update it and modify your runes.

Some people are drawn to crystals, which are also effective in helping eliminate chakra blocks and reduce negative energy inflow into our lives. Many people usually are attracted to a certain type of crystals like quartz, amethyst, etc. Rune’s meaning can become more effective using crystals.

Interpreting runes

It is not quite easy to interpret runes, considering the language and value associated with it. It will take time for you to master the divine art of rune reading, and therefore the runes meaning will come to you as long as your practice it.

It also helps a lot if you use your intuition, which adds more to the runes meaning and helps you understand its significance.

Runes that are blank

Sometimes you will often get a blank rune which might confuse you over the validity of it in casting or if it implies any inherent rules meaning. Traditionally there is no evidence of any blank tunes being used for reading.

However, it depends on the meaning and the sign you inflict on the blank rune to give tunes meaning. If you feel like it must be included, then you absolutely can.

A quiet place to start Rune reading

When it comes to rune reading, pin-drop silence necessary to carry it on. Rune reading requires the focus of the highest level. The subconscious mind must align its thoughts to process the rune meaning and make decisions. You need to have a clear mind and start thinking about your issues.

Although the setting might look familiar to fortune-telling with tarot cards, runes have a different process and require casting. You will know about the effectiveness of runes meaning once you get the experience, and your decisions start to influence your life for the better.

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