Hematite Stone Guide


We’ve probably all seen a Hematite crystal in our lives. They can appear either as a silver, smooth, polished stone or has a rough dark gray rock that almost resembles a more appealing lump of coal. Almost like looking out into the darkness of night and seeing the twinkling stars. In this article, we are going to explore some of the Hematite properties: from the meaning of the stone to its varying uses. This includes looking at the Hematite healing properties by exploring its role in unblocking Chakras and rejuvenating energy.

Hematite – It stems from Ancient Greece where they used to crush the stone into powder and mix it with water to create a color of a similar shade to blood. Because of this, they named it ‘haima’ which in Latin translates as ‘blood’. This is where the Hematite crystal meaning comes from. Warriors in Britain’s youth would carry this stone due to their belief that it could keep a wounded soldier on the side of life long enough to get him medical aid. Well in scientific terms it is the mineral form of iron oxide. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t a special or impressive crystal though.

Hematite Benefits

Nowadays, the stone carries a more spiritual or emotional meaning. One of the many Hematite uses is clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts and aiding in the release of negative energies from the spirit. Many people find that through using this stone they can become more organized, improve their problem-solving ability, improve logical and critical thinking, and come to more balanced decisions. The Hematite healing stone has also been known to improve self-esteem and allow us to see ourselves as others do, rather than the image our negative thoughts lead us to see.

The Chakra Connection

As with many of these gems and stones, there is a connection to your Chakras that you should be aware of. The Hematite Chakra connection forms between the stone and the Root Chakra. This is, of course, the Chakra that connects your spiritual energy to Mother Earth so you can see why it’s important to keep this Chakra clear and flowing. This Chakra allows you to feel grounded, determines your survival capabilities, improves your ability to cover your basic needs, allows you to feel safe and secure and of course provides the base level for the rest of our Chakras. So how do you know if it’s blocked?

There are many symptoms (both physical and mental) that can pop up if your Root Chakra is blocked. This could include feeling anxious, insecure, detached (either from yourself or reality) or you could find that you have an inability to make decisions (good ones at least). Physically, you may find that you have digestive problems, have a lack of energy, suffer from back pain or find yourself putting on or losing weight unexpectedly. One of the Hematite metaphysical properties is Root Chakra clearing.

Chakra Clearing

When using a stone or gem such as this, there are some simple methods to unblocking a specific Chakra. One of the simplest is visualization through meditation. As with any meditation, you want to have a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Simply allow yourself to relax and enter into a meditative space. While in this space, take the stone in your hand and hold it either against the base of your spine or in your lap. You can then begin to visualize the warm, silver energy transferring from the stone to your Root Chakra. Feel the energy travel from your 7th Chakra all the way up to you Crown Chakra.

Hematite Jewelry Meaning

Of course, wearing this stone as a form of jewelry offers you many benefits. There are of course many different types of jewelry so you’re probably wondering how the Hematite bracelet meaning differs from the Hematite beads meaning and how that, in turn, differs from the Hematite necklace meaning. The truth is that simply by wearing this stone you’re doing all that you can. Whether you wear it on your neck, wrist or own a Hematite crystal necklace, it doesn’t matter.

The way that healing stone jewelry works is that throughout the day (or whenever you’re wearing it) the natural energy seeps out and is drawn into your own energy. This means that you’re actively kept grounded by its energy. This allows you to keep a hold of reality and make practical and informed decisions without your head being lost in the clouds. It will also ease symptoms of anxiety or stress which can be a useful tool to have in the day-to-day world.

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