Breathe positively!


Modern society encourages us very little to exercise. However, our body needs to move. Our lungs are made to… breathe. So, go outdoors as much as you can!

Breathe – Get as much fresh air as you can!

Yes indeed, go outdoors, exercise, get some fresh air… our body needs it!

And if you live in a city, go to a park to breathe some fresh air and hear nature sing. Your balance will be very positively impacted.

Meditative walks

As you walk, stop mulling over your problems if you want to stack all the odds of deriving great spiritual benefits from your walk in your favor.

There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Either you can empty your mind and take full advantage of your going outdoors
  • Or you find it hard to empty your mind. In this case, do what some Hindu yogis do: continuously repeat a sentence (in India, it is called a “mantra”), a positive sentence you will have chosen, one you deem to be “meaningful” and effective.

Your “mantra” specially dedicated to walks

Here are some ideas to help you find what your personal Mantra could be:

  • “I feel better, I’m alright, I’m doing fine”,
  • “Light Guides me. It chases my worries away”,
  • “I am Strength, Love and Joy”…

You can find a different Mantra every week or even every day, depending on your desire, your intuition and the number of times you go out for a walk; you can also keep the same for months.

What matters is that you go outdoors and that you associate your breathing to a positive thought. If you do that, I can guarantee that you will very quickly see your life in a new light!


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