How to Achieve faster a Positive Mindset?

Positive Mindset

Learning to develop a positive mindset doesn’t have to be a challenging process. By making small and simple changes to your habits, intentions, and mindset, you’ll begin to notice yourself feeling more positive in no time at all. Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to consider what it actually means to be positive.  

The benefits of positivity can’t be understated. People who hold a positive mindset feel luckier, more confident, and generally have more enjoyable and fulfilling lives. We all wish to feel positive emotions and have positive experiences, but achieving these things is impossible without first having a positive mindset. 

The Nature of Positivity  

What is positivity? Positivity can refer to a number of different states. We can possess, produce, and be exposed to positive energy, for example. But a positive mindset is something far more specific: it refers to our ability to perceive the world with a ‘glass-half-full’ approach.

When something bad happens, a positive person will be able to see the silver lining. At the very least, they’ll turn the negative experience into something positive, such as a story to tell people later. Whether you have a positive or negative mindset ultimately impacts your luck, your intuition, your understanding of your spiritual self, and much, much more.

The great thing about developing this type of mindset is that once you view the world in a more positive light, you’ll have more positive experiences, allowing you to see the world in a positive light, and so on and so forth as this cycle repeats.

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This cycle of positivity doesn’t end with you, either, it helps other people to see all the positive aspects of this world, leading them to develop similar mindsets as well.

So, how can you develop a positive mindset?

Here are 5 effective methods that you surely know, among others:

  • Live in the Moment 

Mindfulness is the idea of choosing to live in the moment. When we allow ourselves to live in the past, we tend to become bogged down in memories or fantasies about a time that has long since disappeared.

Some people reminisce of how great things once were, other people mull over their regrets, wondering how great life would be right now if they had made one choice over another. Being persistently focused on past events leads to feelings of depression, and we become unable to grow and develop.  

In a similar manner, spending too much time thinking about the future can be just as harmful. The truth is that we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but if we spend all of our time thinking about it, we end up missing it anyway.

Fantasizing about the future can lead to feelings of anxiety. Instead, focus on the here and now. Meditation is a great tool for bringing your mind back to the present.  

  • A Circle of Positivity  

When we surround ourselves with negative people, we unconsciously bask in the negative energy that they create. Have you ever found yourself feeling irritable, angry, or depressed when around a certain person or people?

We all irradiate with the energy that dwells in us, and so spending time with negative people is like having a bath in dirty water.  That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people instead.

They can help you to see the world in a clearer manner, and over time, you’ll all benefit from the absorption of each other’s positive energy. Praise, attention, and friendship will help you to see the world in a brighter way.  

You may even perform a Chakra cleansing to remove that negative influence around you.

  • Enjoy the Little Things 

We’re often told to enjoy the little things. Often people use this phrase to remind us not to take anything for granted, but there’s also a more literal meaning to it. 

Enjoying the little things is about savoring life’s smallest moments: the flavor of a chocolate bar, the smell of fresh coffee, the feel of the sun on our bare skin, the sound of a child laughing, the fresh smell nature when walking among wet trees in the forest.

These are all experiences that many of us have every single day, and yet they fade into the background, merging with all the other sensory data.  The next time you eat something you like or listen to a piece of music that you enjoy, take some time to really focus on each and every aspect of it.

Notice the changing pattern of the notes, savor the chocolate as it melts on your tongue. Be mindful of the different sensations any activity causes and really allow your consciousness to focus on the ripple effect this has throughout your mind and body.  

  • Work up a Sweat 

Exercise is something that many people dread, especially intense exercise. But think back to a time where you’ve really pushed yourself physically. Maybe you ran a particularly long distance or climbed up a challenging mountain.

Exercise can feel uncomfortable, and we spend most of our time just wanting to give up. But once you’ve achieved your goal; once you’ve reached the end of your run or the peak of the mountain, you feel overwhelmed with positivity. This often lingers for the rest of the day, sometimes even longer.  

Exercise produces endorphins which lead to short term feelings of happiness, but in the long term, it can lead to reduced production of stress hormones, meaning that you’ll feel less stressed and anxious in day to day situations.  

  • Learn to Laugh at Life 

This final approach to gaining a positive mindset can take a bit of practice. Think back to a time you’ve tripped over a curb or slipped on ice. Did you laugh at yourself or did you get angry?

Instead of allowing negative emotions to ruin your day, the best thing you can do in any situation is simply to laugh at yourself. Laugh at the misfortune, laugh at the awful luck, and laugh at how bleak a situation seems. Why?

Because nothing positive can come from negative emotions, whereas positivity can come from negativity. Even if you leave a situation with nothing but a story about how awful things went, that’s better than leaving with nothing but a negative experience.  

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