The Violet Flame Meditation

violet flame

The violet flame: the seventh ray, the purple energy, the light of forgiveness. It is known by many names to many people but what exactly is this flame? In this article we will explore the nature and properties of violet flames and how we can make use of such power to heal ourselves both on a spiritual level and a psychological one. We’ll look at Saint Germain and the role he played in introducing this knowledge to the world. We’ll also explore how to carry out a violet flame meditation and the benefits it carries. 

Saint Germain

You’ve probably heard of the famous idea of turning lead into gold. Transmutation was something that early alchemists aimed for but failed to accomplish. We always view this as having been an attempt to get rich quick but according to Saint Germain, this transmutation is actually a metaphor for something far greater: transmutation of ourselves. Transforming ourselves from something negative to something positive in order to bring more light to this world. That was St Germain’s goal in re-introducing this knowledge to Earth.

St Germain is known by many names and has many titles. He is chohan of the seventh angelic ray, which is often viewed as the final rung of a spiritual ladder. He is the Ascended Master Alchemist and controls the seventh ray energy of angels violet light or otherwise. An ascended master is someone who once walked this Earth like you or I who then became so enlightened that they were reunited with God and granted the role of a higher being.

What Knowledge did he Share?

Ultimately, it is a ray of energy so spiritually cleansing that it can erase negative karma and negative energy from your spirit and body. It’s not quite as simple and straightforward as a reset button but it’s the closest thing to one. Violet flame energy isn’t limited to cleansing karma and energy though: it can be used in pretty much any aspect of your life: it can help repair physical injuries or provide emotional comfort in times of stress. It can aid in fixing damaged or even broken relationships but its most famous property is spiritual growth. This relates back to the transmutation St Germain hoped to teach the world: Changing your spirit from negative energy to positive energy.

How do Violet Flames work?

You may be wondering how this process helps. I mean it surely can’t be as simple as seeking out the flame’s light or energy and automatically being cleansed of all negative energies, can it? The answer is yes but also no. In simple terms, everything in this universe has a vibrational energy speed. You’ll have one somewhat similar to other mortal beings whereas angels have higher vibrational energy speeds. The higher up the chain of spiritual enlightenment you go, the higher the vibrational energy speed. By increasing our own vibrational energy we increase our spirituality and spiritual communicative abilities, allowing for easier discussion with higher beings such as angels.

Essentially, that is what violet flame light does. You see when we build up negative energy our vibration speed begin to slow. Think of negative energy like a car wheel: the more it expands, the more difficult it will be for wheel to spin and ultimately the car will go slower. It’s the same on a spiritual level. More negative energy equates to slower vibrational energy speed. This causes us to limit our contact with higher beings and can put us in a rut of sorts. The energy of the 7th ray’s violet light transmutes this negative energy into positive energy: like lead into gold.

Violet Flame Meditation

By now you’re probably wondering how you gain access to this impressive and magical violet flame. Well, while you can call upon an angels violet flame, this isn’t quite the same as the seventh ray that St Germain is Master of. So we have to carry out a violet flame meditation. This is slightly different from a typical meditation session as it involves a process called decreeing. This is a unique form of meditation that includes a spoken prayer alongside visualization. We’ll look at how to do this in a moment but to begin with, we’ll set up and begin the violent flame meditation.


As with any meditation, violet flame meditation requires certain conditions to be met in order for you to have the fullest and most beneficial experience. This isn’t the sort of meditation that you just leap into when you’ve got a little spare time. It’s something you should plan and prepare for. Spend the day or even the days leading up to it eating high-energy foods and avoiding toxins such as alcohol or foods/drinks high in sugar. Have a long soak in a bath or shower to cleanse your body of any physical impurities and wear some loose, comfortable clothing. White is always a great option for violet flame meditation but it’s not essential. You’ll then want to light some candles, close the curtains and makes sure you won’t be disturbed.


Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Begin to take some deep, slow, meaningful breaths. You’re not in any rush so sit for a few minutes simply falling into a meditative state. You can choose your own decree if you feel you have something personal to use. You’re going to be repeating it over and over again (either in your mind or out loud) so ideally you want something fairly short. You could choose something like: “I invoke the power of the violet flame. I strive to be pure in spirit”. Think of it like a mantra that you’re using to focus your thoughts and energies.


There is a degree of free reign during the visualization aspect of this meditation. This isn’t a regimented process and you’ll find everyone has a slightly different approach, all of which can be just as effective. You do, however, want to initially start your visualization by seeing yourself holding a purple flame in your hand. Visualize it spreading across your entire body until you’re completely covered in the violet flames. It may feel warm but it will be a comfortable temperature. Feel the violet flames spread inwards as all your negative energy is transmuted from negative to positive energy. Stay in this moment for as long as you feel is necessary and just see where the flame of St Germain takes you.


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