God’s Angels

For millennia, the belief in the existence of a Protector Angel has formed a part of Human History: it appears in the Torah, in the Old Testament (Biblical Angels), in Greek and Roman mythology, but also in many Buddhist and Hindu traditions (the Devas).

The Koran also contains passages that refer to Angels (Malāk), particularly the Guardian Angels and the Scribe Angels.

In most religions, God’s Angels are messengers or Ministers of God who strictly follow orders. The most important aspect is that every human being is accompanied, guided and protected by a Guardian Angel.

This Angel, who knows his ward’s life mission, will strive for the latter to follow the right path, the path to evolution and development on every level: spiritual, first, but also material.

So who are God’s Angels, and what are their missions? Would you like to know who your Protective Guardian Angel is?

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God’s Angels, what are they?

The word “Angel”, in ancient Greek, means “Messenger.” They are celestial creatures who perform specific tasks for God. God’s Angels are invisible to humans.

However, some people like prophets, psychics, and those who have evolved enough spiritually, can sense, see, or even talk with the Angels.

The existence of Angels has been proven beyond doubt. In the Old Testament, God’s Angels are described in great detail, as by Ezekiel (1.6).

He saw sparkling Angels, with the face of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle, with wings that resembled burning coals.

He describes Angels as creatures of light from whom lightning emanated.

These four symbols – which constitute the famous Tetramorph – will later be attributed to the four Archangels of God: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. You can also see them on Arcanum 21 of the tarot (“The World”).

Other passages of the Bible describe the appearance of Angels in different guises: a human, anonymous form (the Burning Bush of Moses), a dream (Jacob’s Ladder), a vision (the Book of Daniel, with the Angel Gabriel)…

God’s Angels most often mentioned in the Bible are Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. Gabriel is the Messenger who brings the Divine Messages.

His name means “God’s Strength”. As for Raphael, he is an Angel whose name means “God Heals”.

It is mentioned explicitly in the book of Tobit. Michael bears a name which means “Godlike”.

He is mentioned in the book of Daniel and is known as the Leader of the Celestial Hosts fighting the army of shadows in the Apocalypse.

In Islam, the Quran also refers to many Angels. Some, like Gabriel (Jibrail) and Michael (Mikail), are explicitly named.

Others are not, like Azrael, the Angel of Death, Ridwan, the Keeper of Paradise, or Maalik, who rules over Hell.

The Angels’ roles and missions

God’s Angels never talk or act on their own behalf. Actually, they are Emissaries of God, administrative spirits, as the Letter to the Hebrews teaches us.

They remain in the Heavenly Realm and are not visible to humans, except in certain cases, as we saw previously.

God’s Angels are superior to men in every aspect: strength, power, spirituality, wisdom, humility, etc. The Angels’ missions are multiple, according to the Divine Will. In fact, they carry out God’s orders.

God’s Angels do not have the same way of life as humans. They are spiritual beings with no physical body. However, they can appear in several forms.

This lack of a body and this state of being purely spiritual allow them to enjoy a direct relationship with God.

In many religions, many believe in the existence of the good Angel and the Bad Angel.

God’s Angels love and glorify God. Their mission is to obey Him. In Christianity, there are Scriptures that mention the existence of Angels who decided not to obey God.

These are the fallen or bad Angels, whose example in the Bible is Satan.

The word Angel means “messenger”, and God sends Angels only in very specific circumstances to bear His message.

However, God has entrusted each of us to a Guardian Angel, benevolent protectors who watch over us in all situations and at all times.

Through prayers and orisons, we can call them, to receive their assistance. On their side, they also try to contact us, to communicate with us through signs.

Often through numbers known as Angel Numbers, dreams, and even visions.

These messages are meant to put us on the right path, to experience the spiritual evolution we are seeking with such effort.

They are meant also to warn us about certain events because that is also part of the Guardian Angels’ role: to protect us.

The Hierarchy of Angels

As with men, God’s angels also have families, each of which has a specific role. Of course, the Angelic Hierarchy differs from one belief system to the next, but there are certain common points. Thus, there are three great Hierarchies, or spheres, of Angels, comprising a total of 9 Choirs.

First Angelic Hierarchy

God’s Angels are organized according to a certain hierarchy. The first Hierarchy of Angels is the one closest to God.

It includes three Angelic Choirs, i.e. the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones.

The Seraphim are special beings, Archangels driven by the fire of God’s Love; they transmit this fire to the Choirs that stand below them.

The Cherubim have unparalleled Intelligence. Amongst God’s Angels, these are the ones driven by God’s Science, i.e. absolute knowledge, divine science.

Finally, there are the Thrones: they have special attributes, because they are driven by solidity.

God gave them this trait, because He loves to rest on them, strong and stable. Thus, theirs is the ultimate honor of supporting God.

Second Angelic Hierarchy

The second Angelic Hierarchy also includes three Choirs. These are the Dominions, the Virtues, and the Powers.

The Dominions, or Lordships, are Archangels whose specificity lies in their being free of all influences; therefore, they can represent the Divine Authority and stand on a par with the Choirs above them, hierarchically.

God’s Angels who perform miracles, evidence of the Divine Force, are the Virtues, or Strongholds.

They are spirits that convey the Divine Force and share it with the lower Choirs.

The next Choir in this Hierarchy is that of the Powers, or Authorities, who are the guardians of the Sacred Temple of Collective History, the bearers of Humanity’s conscience.

Third Angelic Hierarchy

Also consisting of three Angelic Choirs, this Hierarchy includes the Choir of the Principalities, the Choir of Archangels, and the Choir of Angels.

The Principalities, or Rulers, stand above the Archangels; their role is to watch over all communities, to maintain a certain International Order.

As for the Archangels, they are God’s Angels clad in the light; they ensure the fulfillment of objectives and destinies.

Far closer to Men are the Angels, the third Choir of this Hierarchy; they are heavenly companions, the Guardian Angels, Guides who watch over us at all times.

The Angelic Hierarchy in the Kabbalah

Revealed to Adam by the Angel Raziel, the Kabbalah – according to several belief systems – contains the (unwritten) part of the Laws handed down to Moses.

For Kabbalists, the Divine Name consists of 72 letters: each of these letters corresponds to an Angel, so according to this tradition, there are 72 Angels of the Kabbalah.

Each Angel of the Kabbalah has his own functions, and men may appeal to a specific Angel for specific assistance – the Angel Vahou for spiritual enlightenment, Yeli to protect them from attacks, Alam to disarm evil and reveal traitors, Pevi for fortune, etc.

It should be noted, however, that God’s Angels also dominate the elements, to wit Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Thus, each group of Angels governing one of these 4 elements also rules over the three zodiac signs attached to them. So there are 18 Angels governing each element.

18 Angels govern the element of Fire, 18 Angels for the element of Air, 18 Angels for the element of Earth, and 18 Angels for the element of Water.

The Fire element corresponds to the Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Angels who dominate this element act with these signs.

They are there to improve, guide or help evolve their creativeness, major projects, imagination, and – more generally – anything that constitutes an Action.

The Earth element is dominated by God’s Angels whose field of activity focuses on the material: money, business, enrichment, earnings, etc.

The signs concerned and governed by this element are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The Air element includes the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarians.

The focus of the Angels who rule this element is turned to communication and intelligence, especially practicality.


The Water element corresponds to the signs of Scorpio, Cancer,  and Pisces. God’s Angels who rule this element act when relationships (love, friendships, family ties, etc.) are concerned.

They help control this aspect of existence (feelings, desires, sorrows, etc.).

Here is the angel list according to the Kabbalah.

God’s Angels Names, the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah


1 Vehuiah
2 Jeliel
3 Sitael
4 Elemiah
5 Mahasiah
6 Lelahel
7 Achaiah
8 Cahetel
9 Haziel
10 Aladiah
11 Lauviah
12 Hahaiah
13 Lezalel
14 Mebahel
15 Hariel
16 Hekamiah
17 Lauviah II
18 Caliel
19 Leuvuiah
20 Pahaliah
21 Nelchael
22 Yeiayel
23 Melahel
24 Haheuiah
25 Nithaiah
26 Haaiah
27 Yeratel
28 Seheiah
29 Reiyel
30 Omael
31 Lecabel
32 Vasariah
33 Yehuiah
34 Lehaiah
35 Chavakhiah
36 Manadel
37 Aniel
38 Haamiah
39 Rehael
40 Yeiazel
41 Hahahel
42 Mikhael
43 Veuliah
44 Yelahiah
45 Sealiah
46 Ariel
47 Asaliah
48 Mihael
49 Vehuel
50 Daniel
51 Hahasiah
52 Imamiah
53 Nanael
54 Nithael
55 Mebahiah
56 Poyel
57 Nemamiah
58 Yeialel
59 Harael
60 Mitzrael
61 Umabel
62 Iah-hel
63 Anauel
64 Mehiel
65 Damabiah
66 Menakel
67 Ayael
68 Habuhiah
69 Rahael
70 Jabamiah
71 Haiaiel
72 Mumiah


Communicate with God’s Angels – Angel Numbers

God’s Angels are ever-present in our everyday lives. One of their main roles, in fact, is to watch over us.

Since they are located in a sphere that few humans can identify, it is difficult for ordinary people to communicate with them.

Yet, they attempt to send us messages, particularly when we are facing a dead-end at some point in our lives.

These are not only obstacles to our spiritual evolution, but also to our personal one, more directly concerned with the material world.

God’s Angels love us and surround us. They support us, even though they are invisible to us. Numerology teaches us that numbers are not merely tools with which we can count.

Pythagoras was one of the first to believe this. He said that numbers ruled the Universe. They are, for God’s Angels, one of the means used to communicate with the world of Men.

Indeed, each number has a unique vibration: through what is called angelic sequences, the Angels communicate with us and send us messages. These messages are sometimes reassuring, with good news, and sometimes bear alerts and warnings.

These Angel Numbers sequences which God’s Angels send to us may be of three, four, five, or even more digits.

And they have specific meanings. Here are some angel numbers and their meaning.

Angel Number 222 means that everything is about to materialize, for your great benefit. However, you should avoid negative thoughts, which are contrary to what you wish for.

Angel number 777 means that it is time to harvest the fruits of your efforts and of the works you have accomplished. Very positive occurrences are about the happen for you.

Angel number 555 means that great changes are going to happen. You should prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually for what will follow.

Angel number 333 means that you are not alone. The Ascended Masters and God’s Angels are by your side and are waiting for you to call on them. They are there to help and guide you.

Angel number 444 means you must not be afraid. Everything is happening as it should, in your interest. Success is already on the horizon.

Angel Number 1111 calls for caution. You must step back and avoid negative thoughts. Your projects will come to fruition, but you must master your thoughts.

Why should we try to know God’s Angels and their messages? Quite simply because they help us experience success, happiness, and fulfillment.

By being aware of their presence and paying attention to the messages they send us, we can avoid poor decisions. We can make the right resolutions that will place us on the right path.

These Angel Numbers appear in our lives in quite unexpected fashions. Some will say that it is a random chance.

Especially if they see, for example, 11: 11 on a watch, or the number 1:11 when watching a video.

These numbers may appear anywhere, at home, in the office, on the street, even in an ad. We only realize it when it becomes increasingly insistent when coincidence can no longer explain it.

At that point, we look for some sense, meaning to these numbers, which are nothing but calls from our Guardian Angels.

They are important messages we absolutely must discover because they can only be beneficial for us.

As a Messenger of the Angels, I can help you strengthen your connection with the Angelic Realm, to know the Name of Angels.

With my help you will discover the name of your Guardian Angel and your Angel Number. You will also discover the messages your protective Guardian Angel is sending you.

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