Visitation Dreams… How to Tell if They Are Real?

visitation dreams

Ever dreamt of a person who has passed away? Everyone has dreams about dead loved ones, and it’s a normal thing, nothing unusual about it. That is exactly what we call a “Dream Visitation.” As the name suggests, dreaming of dead loved ones is referred to as visitation dreams.

What is a visitation dreams?

These dreams may come along with a warning or with guidance for major steps that we are about to take in our lives. Our deceased loved ones guide us for the path we are about to start walking on and ensure us that they are with us, even though they have passed away. Do you think that dead people can communicate with us? Do they have the required abilities to do that? Is it even possible? These questions boiling in your mind will be answered very simply and shortly for you to understand.

Firstly, you need to be aware of the fact that when you fall asleep, your critical mind shuts down. Therefore, the path for your deceased loved ones to communicate with you opens up. These can be referred to as “Sleep connections.” It’s the time when the deceased can reach out to you to guide you or warn you about certain decisions you might be about to make.



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The difference comes when you dream about them. For example, think of a regular dream you dream of. Let’s suppose you saw a parcel being delivered to you by a delivery guy you never met. Firstly, when you wake up in the morning, it’s very likely that you might not even remember the dream.

Secondly, you won’t remember the person who delivered the parcel either. But, when you meet a deceased loved one in your dream, you remember all the little details of that dream, the little specifications of their face structure and their smile.

That is how you differentiate between a regular dream and a visitation dream.

The love never dies

Everyone has heard the saying “Love never dies,” and it is very true when we talk about dreaming of dead loved ones. The effort they put into connecting with you, is not very easy. But, it is a sign that they still remember you and are with you.

Dreams are the easiest way for them to connect with you. Once you are aware of what dream visitations are, you are more likely to meet your deceased loved ones in your dreams. It is due to them knowing of the fact that you are aware of this method of communicating, and thus, it gets easier for them this way. Your loved ones also want to connect with you, so give them a chance they deserve to do so and show you how much they love you!

Visitation dreams act as a comforter and make you feel good

The energy reflected by the deceased loved ones that you meet in your dreams acts as a comforting pillow you sleep on at night. They give you a ray of light and hope; that all will be fine. The reason is that they now work in the Divine light, and that’s what they want to send you; to guide you to walk on the right path.

This mode of communication is merely out of love. Thus, if you see a loved one in your dream, know that they love you. After having a dream visitation, you mostly feel very comforted, loved, and relaxed after waking up. That is the exact purpose of visitation dreams. Many people are known to feel peace after waking up from a dream where you meet your dead loved one.

In regular dreams, however, when you wake up, you feel very confused and normally do not know how to interpret the meaning of the dream you just saw. You are curious to find out the meaning of the dream but, fail to do so, and it has no specific meaning attached to it. Thus, regular dreams are not very comforting but, visitation dreams come along with a lot of comfort and love.

Characteristics of a visitation dreams

There are many characteristics that can differentiate a regular dream from a visitation dreams. Some of them have been highlighted below:

It feels real

This is the most important characteristic of a dream where you get to meet you deceased loved ones. The dream produces very clear images while you are sleeping and when you wake up, you will feel as if all of it were real and not a dream.

You won’t question yourself about the dream

After waking up, if you question yourself about whether the dream was a regular dream or a visitation dream, then you never had a visitation dreams. Dream visitations are very clear, and there is no source of doubt left when you wake up. After waking up, you KNOW that you have a visitation by the deceased loved one.

You will remember the dream

Due to the dream being very clear and not doubtful, you will remember all the little details in it.

The person visiting you will be healthy

When someone visits you in a visitation dreams, they are normally very healthy and happy. This is one of the signs of a dream visitation.

After waking up, you will feel peace

At the end of the dream, when you finally wake up, you will feel loved and have a peaceful mind; even if you slept with a heavy heart.

Loved ones never leave you, and their mode of confirming this is by visiting you in dreams to reassure you of their love. Dreaming of a deceased loved one is nothing less than a blessing. To return the favor, you must pray for their good fortune in the Divine light and their happiness while their soul rests.

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