Angels Pain – Why do you feel pain?

angels pain

At some point in life, you will experience pain; whether minor or major. That time when you experience the angel’s pain is when you are lead to question yourself about “Why I am in pain?”.

When you feel pain, it gets impossible for you to shift your thinking from “It is terrible or thus should be stopped”. This is because all you want to do is to make the pain and suffering stop.

Pain Has a Purpose

Pain can be mental or physical or both. However, whatever form it takes, suffering pain is not an easy task but is also inevitable at the same time. No one wants to suffer.

However, you do not have a choice as pain does not knock on your door before entering your life. You need to keep in mind that none of the pain you experience in your life is everlasting. It is meant to go away as it is just a temporary visitor which will leave once its goal is fulfilled.

All sorts of angels’ pain have a purpose attached to them. Once that has been completed and accomplished, the pain fades away without your conscious mind realizing it.

To overcome the pain, you need to accept these two facts – pain is temporary, and experiencing pain has a purpose. Once you believe in them, you will feel a shift in thinking. This shift is vital for you to get through the hard times of pain and agony.

You also need to be aware of the fact that you live in a physical body that requires being handled with care and love. You need to learn to nourish it, not only with food and water but with love and light as well.

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Response from Archangel Metatron

Why am I in pain is a usual question you ask yourself when you experience any pain. It is completely natural to have been asking yourself this question repeatedly.

But, have you ever thought that the angel’s pain you experience is a form of energy, which sort of throws you into the light of the truth because you have been running away from it, trying to neglect and avoid it?

Your soul can see that the angel’s pain is nothing less than a gift in itself. The gift is only receivable when the part of you that is in pain is loved by you.

When you accept the part that is in pain, that is when you are exposed to the real gift, and only then do you unlock it. Angels’ pain is only observed just like anything good is observed and felt.

Remember that Archangel Metatron is the Angel of Life!

Angels Pain – It Is Not an Easy Path to Walk On

As we all have suffered some extent of pain in our lives, we know by now that experiencing pain and living life with the burden of the pain every day is not something that is easily done.

The angels of pain are there to help you out with problems as such but, you need to know in your head that the angels have sympathy and compassion for you when you are in pain.

Just like how your parents can’t see you in pain, it hurts the angels to see you in pain too. Thus, it is highly recommended to call into the angels for help, guidance, and assistance when you are experiencing pain or like feelings.

They will soothe your energy and nurture the body, mind, and soul while enriching the spirit with positive vibrational frequencies. It only requires a small prayer that calls out for help.

See the Pain as a Gift

You probably have not thought of the angel’s pain as a path of growth for the body, mind, and soul but, it is not time for you to do so.

Ever noticed that after suffering pain, you often change – whether it is your attitude, the way you talk, the way you behave, or the way you talk to others.

You will always be led towards a change after having to experience pain – that is the purpose. You need to learn to love that part of yourself that is in pain. Honor it and observe it closely to see the changes taking place.

Breathe slowly and be with that part of yourself. See it from the divine perspective and not the egoistic perspective. The perspective should be leading you to think that the angel’s pain is always temporary and that it will go away slowly and gradually.

Your Belief and Emotion

The angels of pain are always upon you as the pain comes without giving a call or sending signs that will make you realize that it is coming your way. Thus, you need to believe in yourself for the capability you have of overcoming it.

It is a time when emotions flood in, but you need to learn to control them. If you let all of them flow at once, you will sink into them and be burdened by their weight. Thus, be strong and not let the weight pull you down into the ground. Be strong and be bold.

Happiness and success come when you learn to control your emotions and believe in your abilities and capabilities. Getting something done effectively and efficiently is not easy, however, it is not impossible either.

Try working out different approaches and do not lose hope until the time you succeed because success might come late but, it sure will knock on your door.

Believe in the angels of pain to always be upon you if you need any help, guidance, or assistance in life. The angels to dot let you down once you call upon them through the help of prayer.

Believe in them and believe in yourself to not let the pain get the best out of you.

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