Cutting cords: How to Cut the Etheric Cords of Attachment

Cutting cords

Cutting cords? Surely you have already heard this expression, right? Everything in this universe is connected through one form or another and each thing has its vibrational energy. When we connect with an animal, another person, or a higher being, it is aided by getting as close to being on the same vibrational level as one another.

Taking this a step further, you have etheric cords or psychic cords. These are energy cords connecting one person to another. In this article, we’ll be exploring what they are and how to cut the cords of attachment (including why you might need to do this).

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What are Spiritual Cords?

As well as spiritual cord-cutting, we’ll also look at cutting cords with Archangel Michael…or more accurately, cord-cutting with Archangel Michael. Of all the archangels, he is the best for aiding in this task.

Let’s also take a look at the Archangel Michael cord-cutting prayer which some people use. While we all share spiritual cords, this goes a step further when we make genuine connections with other beings.

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Some believe that these cords connect via the Solar Plexus Chakras of two people. When you have a partner, a close family member, or a good friend this connection becomes stronger and can sometimes become visible.

It has been described as a sort of dark blue tunnel of energy. These cords provide a channel for energy, thoughts, and emotions to travel through. They keep you on a similar speed of vibrational energy to those you share the strongest connection with.

Your Guardian Angel can help guide you towards this level of spiritual growth and knowledge!

Other Examples of Spiritual Cords

Cutting cords isn’t limited to the cords between people, animals, or higher beings. Spiritual/psychic cords can also be connected to past situations. They are like a lighthouse or beacon that forces you to relive an event that is heavy with emotion.

Unfortunately, while these can be positive moments, they tend to be negative. Perhaps you were involved in a traumatic experience such as a car crash or were mugged?

Perhaps you remember being hurt emotionally through losing someone you love or having someone betray you. We all know what it’s like to be held back by our past experiences.

When do Cutting Psychic Cords become Necessary?

The spiritual cords are more than just symbolic; they allow a connection to grow. The fact that they create a channel of energy is also the reason why they may need to be cut. The transfer of energy, emotions, and thoughts is in both directions.

If you are no longer close with this person or one of you has lost heart or gone down a dark path, these energies transfer to the other.

The same goes for past experiences. If you can’t let go of the negative connection and it’s weighing you down, cutting cords may be the only option. There are some telltale signs as to when spiritual cord-cutting may be necessary.

Symptoms that your Cords may need Cut

There are some signs that your connection is creating emotional, physical, or spiritual problems. Some of the more obvious signs are obsessive thoughts, arguing, or reliving thoughts in your head.

You may find that even when you’re busy doing something, the same thoughts appear in your mind. You may start suffering from insomnia or being overwhelmed by anger or sadness.

Those suffering from depression may find they enter into it more often and struggle to get out of it. If you seem stuck in negative emotions or re-living the past then cutting cords is likely to be your best approach.

Techniques for Cutting Cords of Attachment

The main technique for cutting psychic cords is through a form of meditation. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed. If you have some candles, it may help focus your mind if they are lit.

Similarly, making use of a crystal ball or charged crystals can make the whole process easier. Focus on your breathing until you feel yourself entering into a meditative state. From there, you need to focus on the attachment itself.

This may cause you to focus on the negative energy but it is part of the process. Picture the cord as a physical connection and imagine cutting through it. Imagine cutting cords of attachment over and over again.

As you feel less negative energy and more positive energy, you’ll know you’re on the right path.

Cutting Cords with Archangel Michael

The process can be aided by calling upon the Archangel Michael for help. Cutting spiritual cords can be difficult as we are sometimes blinded by fear or false memories of happiness.

Asking for help from any of the archangels will aid you and provide you with guidance. However, asking the Archangel Michael is the recommended approach. You can use an Archangel Michael cord-cutting prayer but this isn’t a set prayer.

It’s a personal call for help that comes from deep within you. You may see websites claiming to have specific prayers to use but nobody can tell you how best to channel your connection.

An Example of an Archangel Michael Cord Cutting Prayer

This is just an example of what an Archangel Michael cord-cutting prayer may look like. You can use it if you’d like but it’s always better to say what feels right to you.

It’s best to use this as a sort of base level, maybe even just your initial prayer to get his attention:

Archangel Michael,

I call out to you in this time of need.

I ask for your help and guidance

in cutting cords of attachment.

This spiritual cord-cutting

is proving difficult for me

but it must be done in order

to free both parties

from these recurring

negative energies.

You may also want to add in some specific points related to the connection itself. This could include the person’s name and why cutting psychic cords with them is the best move for you both.

If the connection is to a past event, you may want to discuss why it causes negative emotions and energy. The more you can tell the Archangel Michael, the better he can assist you in cutting cords of attachment.

Cord-cutting with Archangel Michael also improves your connection to him, which increases your vibrational energy.

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