What is a Mystic and How Can You Tell If You Are One?

What is a mystic

The term “mystic” is something that is often thrown around within modern entertainment culture. People will often misuse the term to describe someone who shows an interest in spirituality. In movies, when someone possesses crystals it is automatically assumed that they have all the personality traits of a mystic, but what is a mystic?

We’re going to delve straight into the mystic meaning before going on to explore the most common traits a mystic is likely to possess. These can be used as a guide for determining whether you or a friend are a mystic.

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What is a Mystic?

We briefly mentioned that the definition of a mystic is often misused, not to mention overused. So, what is a mystic?

Well, a mystic is an individual who is born into a very specific role. Gifted with a deeper understanding of spirituality, and possessing psychic gifts and abilities, their role is one of guidance. In essence, mystics are here to use their powers to show humanity the correct way to live.

You could say that they are spiritual teachers, here to provide us with knowledge and insight related posts to how this world and the spiritual world work.

Some people are resistant to their destined role and will often view these abilities as being a curse. But what is a mystic if not a chosen individual blessed with powers?

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The mystics who step into their role go on to lead deeply spiritual lives and will provide hope, guidance, and support to all those who are willing to learn. So, what is a mystic trait? Any mystic is likely to display certain traits or behaviors that are suggestive of their true role and potential. Now that we’ve delved into the mystic meaning, we can explore the personality traits of a mystic.

Personality traits of a mystic

It’s important to understand that these traits work only as a guide. Any individual mystic could display any number of these traits at any given time.

They could display all of them or they could display none of them. It largely depends on the development of their spiritual abilities. It’s entirely possible for a mystic to keep their abilities hidden from others for their entire life.

As we go on to define otherworldly abilities, we’ll see that some of these traits would be impossible to spot in anyone except yourself.

You’re a Free Spirit

What is a mystic? Well, they are likely to be someone who doesn’t feel the need to follow the rules that were created by others.

They search out spiritual experiences (whether they are aware of it or not) in a variety of different faiths and belief systems. They don’t follow one religion and ignore all others, as they can see the value and insight that each offers.

Typically, a mystic will find the notion of organized religion to be a troubling concept. A mystic will rely more on their own experience than the experiences of others.

That’s not to say they won’t read books and try to learn from the lives of others, as mystics are known for searching for answers, but they will ultimately come to conclusions about the universe based on their own experience.

Mystics won’t take other people’s conclusions as being anything more than opinions.

Psychic Abilities

You’ve likely spent your life seeing or feeling things that others are incapable of noticing. Whenever you’ve trusted your intuition and ignored what your rational-thinking brain has told you, it has led to you being right, something that has often worried you.

You may possess any number of clairvoyant abilities, but as a mystic, you’re definitely likely to have at least one. It’s difficult to define otherworldly powers, but unlike many others who develop these gifts, yours have been with you for as long as you can remember.

It’s possible that you’ve found yourself being diagnosed with mental health issues as a result, despite how accurate your spiritual insights have been in the past. If you’ve ignored your intuition in the past, there are some simple ways to test if you possess any psychic abilities.

Whenever you get a strong gut feeling about something or someone, write it down. Over time, check back at your feelings and see if they held any sort of weight.

Insights of a psychic nature won’t be 100% accurate 100% of the time, particularly when you’re first starting to explore these abilities, but you should get an idea if you’re on the right path.

You’re a Descendent of Spiritual Teachers

Mystics are not selected at random, and so there is often a genetic connection to previously spiritual individuals. If you’ve grown up in a family where people were happy to guide you along your spiritual journey, then this is a sign that you have the potential to be a mystic. Why?

Well, it means that you’ve been raised within such a community and it has prepared you for honing your spiritual gifts and understanding your destined role.

It’s important to understand that this isn’t something that had to include your whole family. Perhaps your mother was the only person interested in spirituality, or an older cousin would often help you meditate or interpret symbols.

You have Empathy

The degree to which a mystic displays the previous traits can vary from one person to the next, but nobody has ever been a mystic without displaying high levels of empathy.

Mystics are deeply connected to the universe and the spiritual world, and so they also hold a natural connection to the energies contained within both.

As such, they will pick up on the energy of those around them, whether they want to or not (at least to begin with). So, if you’re not an empathetic person, it is highly unlikely that you’re a mystic.

It’s also important to remember that plenty of people are empathetic and aren’t mystics. Empathy is something that typically develops along with your spirituality.

So, the more spiritual someone is, the more empathetic they are likely to become. People who have progressed far along their spiritual path are some of the most empathetic people you’re likely to meet.

This is a sign of someone’s potential to be a mystic, but this sign alone wouldn’t suggest that you are one.

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