Angelic Help – 5 Ways to Ask Angels for Help

angelic help

Angels are appointed by God to help and assist us through life. All the prayers we make are listened to and answered by these angels. There are special angels for special tasks. It’s just like how we as humans do and pursue the career that we are best at, just like that angels are appointed to solve the issues that they solve best. Let’s discover more about angelic help!

Ask for Angelic help

The angels have special abilities, and they can help us with almost everything. That’s why we are not classified as angels because we do not possess the qualities they do.

Angelic help comes even if we do not ask for it. Always willing to help, there are special ways in which you can ask angels for help. It will become more effective once you ask in certain special ways.

We will look deeper into these ways so that your prayers can be answered more quickly. The way in which you ask angels for help is in the form of prayers. Making a prayer has no special time or situation.

They can be made whenever you want, wherever you to want. Help from angels is an inevitable part of your life, and your subconscious mind knows about it.

However, you can get angels to help you; you need to ensure that the prayer is made with good intention.

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The Celestial Guardian Team works together to help us when we make prayers. Angel help provides us with protection, guidance, assistance, support, comfort, opportunities, and inspiration in life.

When asked for help, the angels assist us in a way so that we can gain the highest amount of good from their help.

Believe in the fact that Angelic help will be there!

No special training needs to be undertaken to make a prayer. All you need to do is state what you need help with without specifying how; you can’t limit the angels and tell them what to do.

What they do will be in the best of favor for you. Angelic help is a great way to lead a good right-pathed life. There are specific ways in which your prayer will be answered faster than otherwise. 5 of the most effective ways have been highlighted below:

When making a prayer, you need to BELIEVE in the fact that angels have the ability to help you with what you need assistance with. If you make a prayer without believing, then you will never be helped.

You need to put your full trust and faith into the angels for them to provide angelic help to you. Only then will you witness the angel helping you.

Make sure your intention is pure

Before doing anything, you make an intention to pursue it. You have an outcome in mind which you want to achieve with a specific action.

Just like that, a prayer needs a GOOD intention to be heard AND answered; you need to make sure that the intention of which you are making your prayer is pure.

Your prayer needs to be made with a pure heart to receive angel help. If you make a prayer with the intention of hurting somebody, then your prayer will be heard, since all prayers get heard, but will not be answered.

You will not receive the help you wanted to get. Therefore, ensure that the intent is pure, and your heart has no evil plans being made against anyone.

Ask for help mentally

Angelic help can’t only be achieved by verbally asking for it. It can also be achieved by asking for it mentally.

For example, if you give an exam and you think you did not do well on it, you can ask the angel for help in your mind to pass you with good grades in that specific exam. Just the THOUGHT that you get is also a form of prayer.

When you have that thought, it reaches the angel just like a verbal prayer does. The angels can read your minds as well as your thoughts the same way as they can interpret your verbal prayers.

Thus, do not deceive yourself to believe that the angels can’t know what goes on in your mind. They are well aware of everything, including the state of your mind.

Meditate in a quiet place

Meditation is one of the best remedies to ask angels for help. You need to isolate yourself in a quiet place where you can focus on your thoughts and learn to control them.

Once isolated, you can call upon the angels for help by starting your prayer with the following words:

Angels, please help me with…

Once you have completed your prayer, make sure to thank the angels for always being available to help you.

Feel the angelic presence

The last most effective way to ask for angelic help is to feel the urge for the help you seek. This can be in the form of the pressure of emotion that you are undergoing or in the form of a feeling that you will experience once your prayer has been accepted.

Once the feeling is present, your prayer becomes stronger, and the angels will act upon it as quickly as they can. In conclusion, although there are many ways to ask for angelic help, there is no right and no wrong way. It varies from person to person how he/she wants to make the prayer and what they perceive as being effective.

So, follow your instinct and never lose faith in the angels!

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