Guardian Angels Symbols – A look at what Angels look like

guardian angels symbols

If you’re wondering what angels look like, know that you’re not alone. Throughout the entirety of human history, mankind has been asking itself this question. This is just one of the questions that this article aims to answer for you.

It will also look at Some of the Guardian Angels symbols; what colors are angels eyes? What do angels look like in photos? And finally: what does Archangel Michael look like? By the end of this article, you should be completely clued in on what angels look like.

Table of Contents

Common Misconceptions

Before we look at guardian angel symbols or what angels look like, we have to cover some of the common misconceptions about angels. We all know how angels are usually portrayed: sweet-looking, baby-faced children with wings.

The truth is that scripture never mentions such images. You do get cherubs who are angels or archangels but they are unique and do not represent the general appearance of all angels.

Realistically, angels don’t have a definitive form. They are non-physical beings that sometimes acquire a physical, humanoid form to more easily communicate with us. Often symbols of their appearance and presence are just that: symbolic.

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Guardian angels symbols

Speaking of signs being symbolic, one of the most common guardian angels symbols is finding a white feather. This isn’t meant to be one that’s dropped off the wings of an angel.

While angels do sometimes have wings, they are non-physical and as such, cannot lose feathers. Finding a feather on the ground is like finding a calling card or a graffiti tag. It’s simply one of the guardian angels’ symbols from them to you.

That way, you can tell they’ve been watching. Much of the confusion as to what angels look like comes from the interpretations of the guardian angel’s symbols.

Confusing Guardian Angels Symbols for what Angels look like

Just to quickly demonstrate to you the problem, here are some examples of guardian angels symbols. When people are wondering what angels look like they often think of moments such as these in search of an answer.

We’ve already covered the white feather symbol. Some other guardian angels symbols include sparkles or orbs of light. This can vary from being like glitter drifting through the air to large basketball-sized orbs of glowing light.

What do angels look like? Well sometimes they can appear as glowing orbs but that isn’t what angels look like. This is where the confusion can often come from.

Further Examples

Some people see angel shapes within nature like some kind of orbs, different shapes in trees or leaves, or perhaps angel shapes in the clouds. Again, these aren’t what angels look like.

These are simply guardian angels symbols, a way of them letting you know that they’re watching over you. So answering the question of what angels look like is quite a difficult one.

We also have dreams and visions as guardian angels symbols. This is often where you see angels appear in their more grandiose forms such as having massive wings.

This is where most of the images related to angels come from which leads us onto the next issue.

What do Angels look like in Paintings?

The next section will be ‘what do angels look like in photos?’ but first, we’ll take a look at paintings. This is the result of most of the misconceptions regarding the appearance of angels. Why?

Well whenever someone has had a dream or a vision or has heard someone else’s descriptions of angels, they then get this image in their head of these mighty, winged creatures.

Rarely, you’ll ever see a painting of an angel where they don’t have wings or aren’t wearing all white. It’s not necessarily wrong because angels can appear in this form. It’s just not correct to assume that they are usually this way.

What do angels look like in photos?

This is actually where we start to get a little closer to what angels look like. When we look at photos of angels, we find that they bear a striking resemblance to other spiritual beings such as ghosts.

Usually, they look like a colored mist or form. So again, we are back to the question of what angels look like: Is it a colored mist? No, again this is just an example of them entering into our physical world in whatever form is necessary to perform their function.

Getting a photo of an angel in this form is like taking a photo of the wind. You can’t directly see it but you can photograph the effect it has upon the world such as trees blowing.

Much in the same way, when you see an angel in a photograph, it’s more the effect they have on the energy of this world rather than a direct photo of what they are.

This is another example of guardian angels symbols. Angels could hide their presence if they wished to but they want those who search for them to know they are always watching.

Can we answer the question yet?

The truth is, angels could look like anything. We have no idea what they look like to other spiritual beings or what they will look like to us when we are no longer in this physical world.

When you compare answers to the questions what do angels look like in photos and what do angels look like? You’ll likely get very different answers. That isn’t to say that either is wrong.

As material beings, we have to accept whatever form an angel takes to us as being their form or appearance. On that note, let us look at some ways that angels do appear to us and why?

What does Archangel Michael look like?

We’ll use a very specific example here just to give you an idea of how much variation there can be between the appearances of an angel. What does Archangel Michael look like?

That depends on whom you ask. Archangel Michael is the only archangel to appear in the Bible, the Torah, and the Qur’an. It is said that one of these guardian angels symbols is flashes of light.

He does this to let us know he is there. Some also report seeing shades of blue or purple in the air, almost like clouds. However, Archangel Michael is known best for appearing in visions and dreams.

What does Archangel Michael look like in Visions or Dreams?

Archangel Michael will often appear in visions or dreams as a young man. He is usually described as handsome and as not having wings. Paintings of him often display him as quite feminine looking with flowing blonde hair and pale skin.

Unlike some of the others, the Archangel Michael is not a white-haired angel. He also has wings in a lot of his paintings, which shows how symbolic they are as he rarely appears this way through visions or dreams.

He is also depicted as wearing armor, which is supposed to highlight his role as a warrior of God.

Angels as Humans

It’s important to realize that angels are not human. They are divine beings that are higher than us. They possess higher vibrational energy, a stronger connection to God, and have powers beyond what our imaginations could comprehend.

That being said, they will often appear in a human form. So while they aren’t human in this form, they appear to us. What does Archangel Michael look like in human form? It is often said he appears as a handsome young man.

More often than not, he will be wearing blue or purple clothes. One way you can usually tell is his eyes.

What Color are Angels Eyes?

Again, we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of knowing very little about the real appearance of angels. The truth is, we can answer the question: ‘what color are angels eyes?

Based on how they appear in visions and dreams but this can vary drastically.  One consistent thing is the details of the eyes. It is said that they never appear human. The colors tend to be bright such as violent or white but they also sparkle.

Not like glitter but more like there is the energy behind them. After all, they are containing a much higher vibrational energy within a human form.

A White-haired angel

You’ll find many interpretations that describe angels as having white hair. Many believe that when you see a white-haired angel, you are seeing them in their more natural form: The white being representative of their pure white energy.

A white-haired angel will usually alter its appearance as the pure white color can be overwhelming to mortals. It’s a different sort of white to the white we are used to. It’s a holy white that glows. It’s more like energy than simply a color.

In Summary

When we try to decide what an angel looks like, the answer is going to depend on the situation. We may not truly see what angels look like until we are no longer part of this physical world.

Until then, they will continue to appear in different forms to different people. We can see them as symbols of their appearance such as feathers or orbs of light.

Similarly, they may appear in human form or as their grandiose angel form in dreams or visions. If we look out for their signs, then we will know when they are present and that is all we need to know.

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