Prayer for Peace of Mind – How Best to Carry it out

prayer for peace

Life can get a bit stressful at times, and it’s effortless to find yourself plagued by negative thoughts and energies. While it’s common to hear people saying a prayer for peace, it is less common to hear a prayer for peace of mind. In this article, we will cover why a prayer for anxiety and stress is just as acceptable as a prayer for peace. We’ll also look at some examples of these sorts of prayers and how best to go about creating your own.

Original Prayers

You’re perhaps wondering why this article doesn’t just contain a list of prayers for peace of mind or prayers of peace of soul. While being given a list of prayers can be beneficial, it is always better to come up with something original.

Ideally, you want something that speaks from your heart and from your soul. So we will look at some prayers for anxiety relief but in a form through which you can personalize the prayer and make it more your own.

Before we jump right into a prayer for peace of soul, mind, or body, let’s look at some important details to include in your prayer.

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Prayer Details

So maybe you are wondering what sort of details you should include in such a prayer? One of the more obvious details includes whom you are praying to.

This should go right at the start of your prayer. Be sure and thank them for anything they have helped you with in the past. You then want to go on to include some more specific details.

Is it a prayer for stress? Do you need prayers for anxiety relief? Perhaps you even need prayers for anxiety and stress?

So explain in your prayer what you think is causing it, how it’s creating difficulties in your life, and what help can be given to you.

Example of a Prayer

Dear God (or whomever you are praying to), Thank you for all that you have given me already in life. I don’t wish to ask too much of you but losing my job is making my life so stressful that I’m struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that you can send me some sort of sign that life won’t stay this way or perhaps show me how I can go about making the changes to lead me down a path that provides me with some peace of mind.

I trust that you will guide me down the path that I need to go. Amen!

You can use this example as a template if you wish and simply mix and match the pieces that apply to your prayer and those that don’t.

However, the best thing you can do is simply look within yourself and see what comes to mind. Trust your gut instincts and the answer will come to you.

It’s the thought that counts so if you’re taking the time to pray when you’re on the right track.

Expectations for the Prayer for Peace of Mind

Whenever you pray for peace of mind and heart there are a few things to keep in mind. One of these things is to manage your expectations.

Some people expect prayers to have some instant result or shining message in the sky. The truth about prayers is that in many cases, the answer is somewhere that you may not expect within.

When you pray for peace of mind and heart, you may hope to simply wake up the next morning and feel instantly better. In reality, whichever higher being you’ve prayed to may simply show you the path to relieve your own stress and anxiety.

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