Fight Your Battles With Dumortierite Stone


There are a gazillion stones in the world all boasting special properties that help to make your life better. Each has unique features that can complement each other but not replace. One of the most prominent qualities of the dumortierite stone is that they teach you how to stand up for yourself. Read on to find out more about how! 

It’s like choosing one place to eat for the rest of your life. Impossible right? It depends on your mood and what you feel like eating that day. You’re probably wondering how this is related_posts to stones. Well, a different stone is referred for a different situation so you can’t choose one to use for the rest of your life. This is why you have so many to aid you. Dumortierite is also one such stone that has some qualities that make it so popular among the keen stone lovers.

The many features of dumortierite!

In a world where most people will try to walk over you or make you feel like you mean nothing, dumortierite will act as your supporter pushing you to fight back when you’re wronged and stand up for your rights. Nobody is going to do it for us. Everybody looks out for themselves so it’s up to us to set an example so that people know that they can’t mess with you or try to take advantage.



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If you feel like your patience is wearing thin and you often find yourself lashing out at people, use dumortierite quartz. It gives you more control of your life. Apart from these dumortierite healing properties, it also enhances your skills.

Dumortierite brings out your hidden talents that you haven’t sought to polish over the years. It gives you the confidence to speak your mind. Like many other stones, dumortierite metaphysical properties bring out the psychic in you. So, if you incline to this, this stone will help you hone your skills.

History of the dumortierite stone

For those of you who are interested in finding out more about the stone and its background, here are some fun facts. The name if the stone comes from a French paleontologist Dumortier. Now you know why the name is so hard to pronounce.

Deposits of the dumortierite quartz are found in a lot of places around the world like Sri Lanka, Namibia, Madagascar, Poland and France which is one of the first few places where it was found. It’s available in different shades ranging from reddish pink or brown to darker blue.

The most common ones are the darker shades. Its beauty and features characterize dumortierite. These stones are also known as crystals of patience.

How does the stone effect your intellectual ability?

If you are a student or working on a research project, wearing a dumortierite necklace, dumortierite pendant or a dumortierite bracelet is a way of keeping the stone by your side and hence enhance your mental abilities.

No matter how smart you are, if you overwork yourself, you often fail to understand simple concepts and feel that your brain is slowing down. In addition to taking rest to keep your spirits up, you can use dumortierite to keep your brain working. Dumortierite stone meaning is not only restricted to the enhancing of abilities but can be extended to the world of chakras.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the origin of psychic abilities. The stone helps open this chakra and hence brings out your talents that you were probably unaware of. Other than this dumortierite healing properties aid in balancing of emotions which is very necessary in today’s world.

We are stressed, and most of us experience emotional breakdowns at least once during a week. We need something to help us keep it together and not blow up in front of your boss, colleague or friends.

What psychic abilities does it polish?

So, with stones, we often talk about psychic abilities and bring out the psychic inside of you. What does this mean? Dumortierite will increase your ability to hear thoughts.

Now as common-sense entails, you can’t hear someone thinking what they want for dinner or why their wife is pissed at them, what you can do however is read peoples thoughts from their faces and body language.

So, if you meditate with the stone on a routine basis, you will feel more in control of your mind. The brains of human beings are complex but beautifully designed with many hidden secrets. We’re so caught up in the world that we don’t use it to its best.

Dumortierite stone helps you focus your mind and concentrate its energies. This helps in connecting with one’s inner self and hearing the voices of the divine and the angels. These skills are not only for show off, but they help you attain greater wisdom and move along on your spiritual journey which is if not more than for sure equally as important as your worldly one.

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