Dragon Spirit Guide and their Signs around you!

spiritual dragon

“Spiritual dragon” might not be a term you’ve come across before. We’ve all heard of spirit animals, dragons, and angels, well spiritual dragons are almost like a combination of the three.

You may not understand how angels and dragons can combine but we’ll cover that and more in this article. We’ll look at the dragon spirit guide, having a dragon spirit animal, dragon clouds meaning, and overall the spiritual dragon meaning. 

History of the Spirit dragons

Some, if not most of this information may be new to you but by the end of this article, you’ll be clued in to all spiritual dragon topics. You find dragon symbolism throughout history, especially in Asian cultures.

Dragons have always existed in our tales and stories. All the way from China to Britain you find stories of fearsome and powerful dragons. The dragon is a powerful spiritual sign!

Dragons have existed throughout all cultures, and these powerful creatures can appear to you as spirit guides, offering you wisdom, guidance, and support. A dragon symbolizes that your spiritual journey is about to enter new territory.

Spirit dragon symbols represent a new chapter beginning in your life. To learn more about spiritual dragons, reach out to your Guardian Angel!

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Different Dragon Meanings

After understanding the history of dragons, we can also look at how some cultures viewed them. In Ancient China, dragons were symbolic of cosmic energy, also known as Chi.

They represented a deep state of balance and harmony and were also viewed as being omens of good fortune and wealth.

Dragons were considered to be ancient beings who possessed knowledge and understanding far beyond what humanity was capable of learning. In Native American cultures, dragons appeared slightly different from what we often imagine.

They resembled snakes rather than giant, fire-breathing creatures. They were symbols of transformation, and often this transformation would take place as a result of remaining grounded.

Those associated with this animal would strike at new opportunities. We can also consider the appearance of dragons within astrology and the zodiac signs to aid our understandings of this ancient symbol.

Although the dragon doesn’t appear in the Western version of the zodiac, it does appear as one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.

Those with the Dragon sign are noble and majestic. They have a fiery passion, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be charming, entertaining, and fun.

Strengthen your Bond with the Dragon Spirit

Upon discovering that your spirit guide presents itself in the form of a dragon, you may be wondering how best to connect with such a being. Meditation should be your primary tool. It allows you to clear your mind of distracting thoughts in order to focus on reaching out to this spirit.

You can also make use of imagery to help focus your intentions. For example, you may see an image or a statue of a dragon that resonates with a deeper part of yourself, or alternatively, you can create something original through drawing or sculpting.

Think of this imagery as being a tool through which you can channel your spiritual energy. Try placing it in front of you during a meditation session and make a note of any thoughts that appear within your mind.

Another useful technique is to keep a journal. In it, write down any thoughts or feelings you have connected to dragons or your dragon spirit animal.

This can include those you discover during meditation, but it might also include day-to-day activities or dreams. Your journal can also track your spiritual journey.

For example, when you encounter new obstacles or challenges, you can write about your experiences, your strengths in those moments, and also your weaknesses.

Your bond with the dragon will be strengthened naturally as your progress along your journey. Focus on being noble, motivated, and a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.

What a dragon represents?

The Chinese viewed them as symbols of good fortune while the Celts saw them as threatening and dangerous. Whether you believe they existed or not, they are known for being wise and mighty.

While you probably associate dragons with fire, they are in fact masters of the elements. Take the Loch Ness Monster as an example: legend sees her in many forms but there are those who believe she is an ancient water dragon.

What does a dragon symbolize spiritually?

Often Dragon is used as a title or name rather than a reference to the creature itself. So a dragon could be called Dragon as well as being one. Spiritual dragons today come in a variety of roles.

You could have a dragon spiritual animal or a dragon spirit guide. Sometimes they are one and the same. The spiritual dragon is rare and as a result, the information on it can be varied and scattered.

Spirit dragons can be scary, intimidating, and fierce but keep in mind that they are there to help you. They are not your enemy and you have no reason to be afraid of them.

The spiritual meaning of dragon presence can vary from person to person. If you haven’t attempted to call for help from one or reached out to the angels then it could be that your Guardian Angel made the decision to send a spiritual dragon to your aid.

Angels and dragons are of the same world and can appear in physical and non-physical forms. As such, a dragon could appear in your dreams.

In the Presence of Spirit dragons

There are other dragon signs to watch out for, much in the same way as angel signs. Perhaps you simply see a dragon symbol somewhere that guides you towards your correct path.

It could be that you hear a noise that resembles a dragon that suddenly makes you aware of potential danger.

Then there is seeing a dragon in the clouds. This could simply be the shape of a dragon or it could be that you saw an actual dragon. The dragon clouds meaning stems back to the Eastern view of dragons and relates to good fortune.

When Dragon Enters your Dreams

You don’t need to have the dragon as your spirit animal in order to have dragon dreams. When you are visited by a dragon spirit in your dreams, it suggests that you must follow your passions in life.

Bring that fiery passion and motivation to everything that you do, but don’t allow it to blind you to the consequences of your actions. Self-control is a weakness often associated with the dragon, and so you must be careful not to allow greed or envy to drive your actions.

The meaning of the dragon changes slightly depending on its actions within the dream. If you see it breathing fire, it suggests that you’re allowing anger to overwhelm you.

You may be using it as a wall to avoid exploring deeper emotions, or perhaps it’s an automatic response to the challenges you face in life. Either way, use meditation to better understand the importance of patience and calmness.

A calm dragon is a powerful dragon, so pay attention to the messages of your dreams. If the dragon in your dreams is guarding treasure, this suggests that you need to overcome an obstacle in order to achieve your goal.

Obstacles aren’t always obvious to see, and so it’s possible that this particular obstacle is one that you’ve created for yourself.

It might be a particular mindset or an anchoring memory that you must overcome. Again, we see the importance of meditation in relation to the dragon spirit, and so consider combining meditation and introspection in your search for answers.

What does a dragon cloud symbolize?

The dragon clouds’ meaning can also relate to power. There are a number of different interpretations for this: some view it as being a powerful symbol in the sense that you already have power and need to be reminded of it; to others, it’s a symbol that

you have too much power; and for others, it’s not enough.

The symbol is always an incredibly personal one so you should reflect on yourself to find the answer. Of course, if you have a dragon spiritual animal then this sign could represent something entirely different.

Dragon spirit animal

A spirit animal is simply the form in which you see your spirit guide. This is where angels and dragons can become one. An angel could visit you in dragon form.

However, having a dragon spirit guide is something you should be wary of. While they can be incredibly helpful and formidable allies, in some beliefs and tales a dragon represents the devil.

We’ll cover that in more detail in a moment but first, we’ll look at the dragon spirit guide in a positive light. Relating back to the idea that dragons are the guardians of the elements, we can see their nature and purpose.

What is the Dragon Spirit?

A spiritual dragon can represent a transformation. This could be the transformation in relation to a physical change, spiritual change, emotional change, or simply a change within your life such as moving.

It could be that your change is so drastic that your dragon spirit guide has been called forth from within you, even if your conscious mind was unaware of it.

Your spiritual dragon wants you to reach your true potential. It can provide insight and metaphysical knowledge to those who are worthy and pure.

Some associate the appearance of a spiritual dragon with riches but in reality, it is to do with being rich with happiness. This is true wealth and is an example of one path that spirit dragons may guide us down.

Dragon Spirit Animal

Those with the fierce dragon as their spirit animal will likely possess many powerful traits. They will be intelligent, cunning, dignified, enthusiastic, passionate, and often rise to positions of authority. But the dragon is symbolic of change and

transformation and so many people with this spirit animal will need help finding their voice, which is the path they must walk along.

When you find yourself drawn to the dragon spirit animal, or when it reaches out to you, this is a sign that change is about to take place in your life. This may represent personal change, but it can also point to changes in goals, circumstances, or

something else entirely. This spirit animal will drive you towards your full potential. As you might imagine, a journey with the dragon is an intense but powerful experience.

For most people, you’ll notice this journey beginning when you’re drawn to challenges and obstacles. They may begin to feel easier, but this is simply the result of a shift in perspective. You can also choose to call upon the dragon spirit animal when

you need wisdom, wish to remove negative energy or influences from your life, or wish to transform yourself or your life in line with your life goal or soul mission.

The Devil in Dragon Form

While old tales of the devil appearing as a dragon or serpent are mostly warnings, this can still happen in the world today.

If your dragon spirit animal seems to be guiding you towards actions or thoughts that seem immoral to you, then you need to stop. Take some time to call out to angels, in particular, Archangels who can answer your concerns.

While angels and dragons are of the same world, the devil is not, even in his dragon form. So you can confide in your angels privately and seek their guidance on the matter.

You shouldn’t worry though, the devil has no power over you, and the instant you realize it’s him, he will vanish.

Spiritual Dragon – connect with your spirit animal

Our spirit animals are always with us and if yours happen to be a spiritual dragon, you can contact it in the same way. A spiritual dragon will be hidden within the caves of your soul.

Simply find a peaceful place, perhaps meditate or perform some spiritual preparations and reach out to the spiritual dragon from within.

Contacting angels and dragons is a very similar task but the spiritual dragon is often hidden and will stay that way until it is needed.

Dragon Totem Animal

A totem animal differs slightly from a spirit animal, in that anybody can invoke the power of a totem. But when you have a specific animal as a spirit guide, it is attached to you throughout life and is always with you. So, a spirit animal often reflects an

the aspect of your personality, whereas a totem animal, is a spiritual being you call upon in times of need.

The dragon totem animal is a fierce being. They are incredibly powerful, which means it’s important to use their power for positive pursuits rather than negative.

A dragon totem can be destructive, including self-destructive. We see this in the traits often associated with the dragon totem energy: passionate, determined, high-energy, motivated, and courageous.

The dragon totem holds deep associations with meditation. The primary method for forming deep connections with this totem is to invoke its power during a meditation session.

Some people will make use of images associated with their goals or questions in order to invoke a specific type of energy. You can also use images of dragons, especially those drawn by you, to strengthen your connection to the dragon totem.

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