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Discover the world of the Guardian Angels


Everybody has already heard of the Guardian Angels… And yet, few really know them. That’s a pity because knowing them and knowing how to talk to them can provide great benefits.

What does the word “Angel” mean?

This word comes from the Latin word “Angelus”, which means “Messenger”. The Angels have always been the messengers connecting men to the Divine. They are the ones who watch over humankind and listen to the prayers uttered by human beings.

The Angels disseminate Love, kindness and Generosity.

The angelical world is structured in three Celestial Spheres

The first sphere contains the angels that act as “celestial Advisers”. They are:

  • The Seraphim
  • The Cherubim
  • The Thrones

The second sphere contains the “celestial Governors”. They are:

  • The Dominions
  • The Virtues
  • The Powers

The Angels of the third sphere’s mission is to act as “celestial Messengers“:

  • The Principalities
  • The Archangels
  • The Angels

The Angels that are most likely to intervene in your daily life can be found in the third sphere. They are the ones who will bring you Love, Protection and Happiness.

Do Guardian Angels exist?

Some people believe Guardian Angels are a myth. Nothing could be further from the truth! By the way, if this were the case, we would not have talked so much about them since time immemorial.

The Angels stand with us, are close to us, among us.

Angels are referred to everywhere… in the scriptures belonging to the three great religions (Christianism, Islam, Judaism), in Andersen’s fairy tales or in Michelangelo’s paintings (aptly named, since “angelo” means “angel”).

Traces of the Guardian Angels can be found everywhere around the world. The miracles they performed can be discovered all over the globe. They are written in tales that are always extraordinary.

The Angels live and act to help human beings.

They love us, they protect us and are able to grant our dearest wishes. They play a part in everyone’s life.

If you know who your Guardian Angel is, how to address him, and if you are able to open your heart to him, he will give you everything you need to lead a happy life.