How to See Auras – Learn and discover more about it!

how to see auras

To learn how to see auras, you first need to know the details of what auras are, and how they affect you and your surroundings. You do know that you are surrounded by energy fields that can be influenced by you by yourself, or by the people who are around you. The body is responsible for this energy field, but there are other factors that influence it as well. Learn all about auras and how to see auras…

What Is an Aura?

A non-physical field of energy that surrounds you is called an Aura. It is visible through clairvoyance and is produced by the body’s energy.

The energy of the body is also called “energosoma.” This energy is what creates the Aura. The Aura begins where the energosoma ends. The Aura is a field of energy around your body which can vary from person to person and from different times of the day, to different days completely.

The Aura is very helpful but also has a negative side to it. When you are conversing with a person, the aura helps connect with that person in a better and more effective way. However, when you are stuck in a problem, then your aura gets filled with negative energy which can lead your thoughts to the negative side of things, avoiding the positive side, thus the importance of how to see auras.

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How to See Auras

Besides the pertinence to know the Aura Colors, there is also the fact that the Aura exists in your surroundings and encircles you, and the energy you feel within you is derived from it. There are ways to learn how to see auras… the most prominent ones have been described here:

Magic Eye!

Have you ever heard of magic eye puzzles? The puzzle is made up of images that help you in learning about the auras by training your brain to look for things around you that do not exist! It might seem odd to read this, but it happens, and you can only find out how it works when you start solving that puzzle.

Once you start to get the hang of it, the brain remembers how to do it and helps you see your aura; which does not physically exist, but you know it is there around you.

View the Energy Field Around Your Hands

To learn how to see auras, you need to find a white or cream-colored background for yourself. A white painted wall would do just fine.

You need to sit in front of it and press your fingertips together; just like in a way that you pray. You need to focus on your hands and try to look through them.

While you keep staring at your hands, without your conscious knowing, you will start pulling your hands away. The higher the level of your concentration, the faster this will happen.

If you have tried the magic eye puzzle, you need to look through you’re the space between your hands just the way you looked at the images. While you continue to look into space where your fingers were previously placed, you will start to see a light through that emptiness.

That color shining between your hands, which surrounds your hands, is your aura!

Practice in the Mirror

You need a mirror that faces a light-colored wall. You can stand or sit in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You should focus on the right or left the side of your shoulder; particularly just above your shoulder. The space above your shoulders needs your focus.

While gazing into space, you need to calm your mind and let your brain work its way into seeing the aura, thus how to see auras will help you.

In the beginning, you might just see a faded white light surrounding you completely as if you are submerged in it. But, as you continue to put your full focus on the gazing, that faded white light will start to become prominent.

As it becomes prominent, it will become bigger and might even change color! That is you seeing your aura! But, as soon as the thought of you viewing your aura comes to your mind, you will lose your focus and might not see the aura anymore. However, you can regain your focus and view it again!

Plants and Crystals

If you have been practicing but are unable to see your aura and do not know how to see an aura, you can try keeping plants or crystals in the place where your practice to see your aura. Practicing in front of a white background is what works best.

You need to focus on the plant or crystal with nothing else in mind. As you hold your focus on it, a white light will start to emerge around the plant or crystal. Keep your focus and when you think that the aura has reached its maximum, think about how strong it is. If it is faded, then the plant or crystal needs to be watered or recharged respectively. However, if the aura was very prominent and clear, then it means that the plat or crystal is in the shape and form that it is best in!

How to see Auras – Raise Your Vibration

The best, and far easiest way on how to see auras, is to raise the vibrational frequencies of your body. For developing psychic abilities, it is known to work very effectively and efficiently. The way to raise your vibrational frequencies is to ask your angels for help by praying for them. As the angels are always available to help, guide, and assist you, you will be blessed with a higher vibration which will help you learn how to see your aura.

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