What are Mudras?

what are mudras

Hindu culture contains a multitude of ancient knowledge pregnant with serenity and wisdom. Among the many secrets it holds, there is one with infinite power: Mudras (also called yoga of the hands and fingers). When you master this science, you can considerably enhance your life in a rapid manner. Discover more in what are mudras, this ancestral secret… 

Mudras, precious and specific ritual gestures

As my friend Mahachandra is used to saying:

“Blissful are those who possess the Secret of the Science of the Mudras because only they have

the Magical Power to inscribe their names in letters of Light among the sparkling stars.”

Mahachandra lives in India and has inherited secret ancestral knowledge from a long line of descent of Sages allowing the one who comes into its possession to take Control over their destiny. Mahachandra taught me this ancestral knowledge and – today – I’m about to entrust it to those I love, those I’ve decided to take under my wing of protection.

Only the Great Yogis possess the “Science of the Mudras”. Mudras are ritual gestures made using our hands (under certain conditions) that ensure magical protection from negative attacks and that enable people to capture the cosmic influences of Good Luck.

What are Mudras?

Every human being aspires to these two things, right?

  • On the one hand, being able to ward off malevolent events and keep those who harm your happiness at bay
  • On the other hand, attracting the Good Luck that brings Well-being, unexpected Benefits and Joy.

Here, I will unveil some of the benefits Mudras can bring. Here are the major powers of these Magical Gestures.

 Different types of Mudras

  • Protection Mudras can ward off harmful or malevolent people.
  • Luck-attracting Mudras can attract the waves of Luck and help be successful in your projects.
  • Prosperity Mudras to be successful and derive wealth from the business world.
  • Fortune Mudras to call on the Power of winning at money games.
  • Love Mudras to make the person destiny has designated as your soulmatesince the day you were born – come to you.
  • Well-being Mudras to invoke the Forces that lead to personal balance, whether physical or psychical.
  • Mudras of the Family and Friends favor good relationships and harmony.

What are mudras? Quickly improve your life thanks to the Mudras

Do you realize that a simple gesture can change your life? Do you realize a simple succession of gestures could quickly bring about a torrent of surprises and joy in your life? More than ever, happiness lies within reach.

In the coming months, I will teach you a few Mudras to help you get what you want from life. You will only have one thing to do: stretch out your hand to happiness because, as you have understood, your happiness lies in your hand.

Here is a first Mudra: Ardhapataka


Ardhapataka enables people to free themselves from nuisance.

  • a handsaw
  • a knife
  • a dagger


  • Perform this gesture on a waning-moon night between 10 p.m. (22 hrs) and midnight (24 hrs)
  • Count to 16 to free yourself from those who are a nuisance in your life and those who seek to take advantage of your generosity.

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