Mantras for Peace and Healing

mantras for peace

The world today can be stressful. The constant influx of negative energy through stress, anxiety, bad diets, unhealthy lifestyle choices and other sources can lead to the loss of a peaceful mind and the damage of your mind, body or soul. If you find yourself too busy to devote significant time to meditation or other healing practices, you can take smaller steps to aid your journey. In this article, we will cover the use of mantras for peace as well as some healing mantras. We’ll start off by taking a look at what exactly a mantra is.

What is a Mantra Prayer, or other mantras for peace?

Whether you’re looking for a peace mantra or a healing mantra, you have to fully understand the function of a mantra in the first place.

Many place the origins of the mantra prayer in Hinduism but it has also been used throughout Western and Eastern cultures out-with the religious practice.

The word ‘mantra’ comes from Sanskrit (arguably the oldest language) where ‘man’ translates as ‘to think’ while ‘tra’ suggests the use of a tool or instrument.

Ultimately, the term comes to mean ‘a thought tool’ or ‘an instrument of thought’. Other translations put the term as meaning ‘a vehicle of thought’.

In Hinduism, mantras were used to focus the mind and transport one’s consciousness to a new plane of thought.

Hindu prayers mantras would focus the mind on a certain aspect of life such as using a mantra for peace to calm the mind and release any built up stresses that could be clogging thoughts.

One could also use a Hindu blessing to create positivity in order to influence the energy within a certain environment such as a house or workplace.

So let’s now take a look at a couple of mantras for peace and healing that you can use.

Example of Mantras for Peace

We’ll now take a look at a mantra for peace that you can use. Simply repeat it over and over for as long as you feel is necessary.

It’s important to remember to be patient. This isn’t a phrase that you repeat once or twice and notice a difference with. Many people find it helpful to meditate before beginning to use a mantra but this is not an essential step.

Om Shanti Om’ is an Ancient Vedic mantra for peace. The term ‘Shanti’ literally translates as peace while the ‘Om’ sound is regarded as the sound of the universe.

By matching this sound we can resonate with the universe and explore our base consciousness. This is the sort of peace we can achieve through long meditation sessions.

Example of Mantras for Healing

Hindu mantras cover more than just inner-peace and there are in fact mantras thought to improve our healing ability.

More often than not this refers to a healing of the soul/spirit or mind. Not all mantras have to rely on their Ancient translations which we can see with the following example:

I am healing!

This an incredibly simply mantra which uses a mind over matter approach. By repeating a phrase over and over again, our mind begins to register it as the truth and so we begin to heal.

This particular mantra is better used with matters of the spirit but there are others.

For example, the following example can help your mind to heal its wounds, using:

I forgive you!

Many of our psychological damages are through resentments or grudges that we just can’t seem to let go off.

Using a mantra allows us to release some of this negative energy.

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