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Psychic Predictions for 2020!

Psychic Predictions

You know as well as I do, that understanding the past and the present is key to predicting the future. Through connecting with the universe and focusing our attention on each tiny vibration within it, we can pick up on patterns that are forming and events that are already in motion.

Preparation is an essential component of success, and so with that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the psychic predictions 2020 has to offer. We’ll look at politics, major events, important individuals, climate change, and more.

Before we dive right in, let’s take a moment to fully understand how psychic predictions work.

Understanding the Psychic Predictions 2020

There is a common misconception surrounding the nature of predictions and fortunes. Very little is set in stone, and so when a psychic picks up on a certain event that will take place or a certain prophecy that is to come true, these can change, and many people do actively try to change the future.

Humanity has free will, and while we may expect people to behave a certain way or follow a certain path, the choice is an integral part of our understanding of the universe. So, while we explore the psychic predictions 2020, just keep in mind that these universal stands may twist in a different direction as time passes.

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Psychic Predictions for The United States of America

We’re going to start off by discussing the US. As the center of global news, it’s unsurprising that there will be a lot happening in this part of the world in the coming year. We have technological breakthroughs, natural disasters like the a pandemic of some sort, political disagreements will grow, and more to consider.

We’re going to start off with a major event that is already scheduled to happen in 2020: the presidential election and the impeachment process. With all this in mind, it is natural that this is a turbulent time, the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, a new where the capacity to adapt will show and reward the most daring entrepreneurs.

Old economic and political systems will continue to collapse, with new scandals coming to the public eye, new countries will arrive in a stronger position, even sometimes replacing the old world spots. This process is already happening and by 2020 it will be clear to everyone.

Donald Trump

For the last 4+ years, Donald Trump has featured heavily within psychic predictions. His presidency may have shocked much of the world, but it had been a long time coming, and those who had been keeping an eye on the universal vibrations would have been aware of it.

With the next presidential election happening in 2020 and impeachment over his head… many people are asking the same question: Will Donald Trump get re-elected? The 2020 presidential election is a difficult event to pin down, but most psychics agree that Donald Trump’s time is up as president.

There’s been a shift in energy across the US, and people are beginning to switch from a place of fear and hate to one of love and compassion. And now with the impeachment trial and all the mess in the Senate…

Spirituality is opening the eyes, minds, and souls of more and more people across the country, and so there’s likely to be a complete shift in politics from right to left. That being said, the winner of the 2020 presidential elections is still unclear. It won’t be Trump, but it won’t be someone who is currently in the spotlight as a potential winner.

The psychic predictions suggest that somebody is going to emerge over the next few months, and that person will shine above all the others.


There are a few technological points to discuss for 2020 psychic predictions. One such example is the Yahoo! Time Capsule. The concept of a time capsule isn’t anything new.

You take a bunch of documents (such as pictures, drawings, essays, newspaper articles, etc.) related to the present time period, and you lock them in a vault or bury them underground for a set number of years. The Yahoo! Time Capsule is a similar concept, with the key difference being that it’s all digital.

Back in 2006, Yahoo! collected digital data in the form of over 170,000 contributions. These came in the form of videos, pictures, text, audio, webpages, and more. All these items were digitally frozen in time, only to be accessed on the company’s 25th anniversary: March 2, 2020.

So, what does the Yahoo! Time Capsule have in store for us? Well, it seems that there will be a ripple effect caused by the release of these files.

Society has forgotten what digital life was like a decade or so ago, and seeing these files is going to raise some major questions surrounding the advancement of technology. This revelation is going to coincide with another shocking discovery; one involving outer space!

Space Exploration

The psychic predictions 2020 brings forth the topic of space exploration. Elon Musk, through his company Space-X, and NASA is at the forefront of this arena. Not just in the US, but across the entire world.

Humanity is stepping further and further beyond the confines of this planet, and there’s strange and unfamiliar energy surrounding these journeys. In 2020, a discovery will be made that will shock the planet. It’s impossible to tell if this discovery will have a positive or negative impact on the world, but it’s going to be one for the history books.

It could be that new technology is used to see further than we’ve ever seen, or we might stumble across something on a planet or out in the vacuum of space that changes our understanding of the universe.

Natural Disasters

The US is frequently the victim of Mother Earth’s wrath. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more batter the country and wipe civilization out of the impact zone. We’ll look at climate change in slightly more detail in a moment, but it’s worth noting that the US is going to be hit by several devastating natural disasters.

Psychic predictions can serve as a warning, and if this specific prediction is to be taken seriously, then it’s time to prepare. Hurricanes are going to increase in frequency and power in 2020. Make sure that you and your family are prepared for this event.

Discuss evacuation procedures, have supplies handy, and check weather warnings regularly. Don’t leave anything to chance!

The United Kingdom

Moving across the pond, we have the United Kingdom. For a country not much bigger than a US state, the UK appears in global news frequently. When it comes to psychic predictions, many people are curious about the outcome of Brexit.

After all, this is a political decision that has been discussed for about 3 or 4 years on a near-constant basis, and asks: What is Brexit after all and its implications? Sadly, the energy surrounding this decision is still rather balanced and therefore the outcome is clouded.

However, some psychic predictions suggest that Brexit won’t happen at all, and if it does, it won’t be in a manner that anyone suspects. Believe it or not, though the ripple effects of Brexit are already underway, and these hold larger consequences for the whole of the UK by the hand of Boris Johnson.

Only time will tell the end of this chapter on UK history. Scotland will vote to leave the United Kingdom in 2020, a decision that will trigger a domino effect around the UK.

Northern Ireland will follow suit, choosing to leave the UK in favor of joining with the rest of Ireland, something that seemed impossible just a few years ago. It also seems that there will be a death within the Royal Family of England.

There’s a cloud of negative energy surrounding them, and it seems likely that this death will be rather sudden and unexpected. However, the universe always balances itself out and it seems that where one life ends, a new one begins as another pregnancy is announced.

Worldwide Sports

Of course, there is a larger world that exists beyond the US and the UK. For one reason or another, the globe only feels united in relation to sporting events. We see this happening with two events in particular: the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Let’s discuss the Euro 2020 predictions first.

For those of you unfamiliar, the UEFA Euro 2020 is a soccer/football competition involving European countries. The qualification rounds are currently underway, but the final tournament doesn’t take place until next year. So, what psychic predictions are there for the tournament?

Well, it seems that this tournament is going to involve a bit of a Cinderella story. One of the teams that surprised people by qualifying, will make it to the final round. Whether they will win or not is still up in the air, but the soccer/football world is going to share a tremendous amount of respect for this time, its players, and the country they represent.

The other major sporting event, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, has a slightly bleaker tone. This event isn’t going to go according to plan, and it seems that there will be a number of disqualifications, drug tests, controversies, and more. There are a few countries who seem likely to win, as far as psychic predictions can tell. The main candidates include the UK, the US, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Climate Change

We’re going to end our list of psychic predictions by discussing something that may seem a bit ‘doom and gloom’ but actually contains a glimmer of hope. Climate change is a hot-button topic, and anyone who follows the news is aware of how bleak the situation is becoming.

The ice caps are melting, the air temperatures are rising, the Amazon is literally on fire, and yet we seem to be taking a surprisingly small amount of action. We will have a younger and active movement that will fight for climate issues and awareness, following the steps of Greta Thunberg.

Psychic predictions for 2020 speak of a disastrous event brought on by climate change. This event will seem to embody the wrath of God and will leave little doubt that the time for change is about to pass us by. Floods, droughts, storms, rising sea levels, and wildlife deaths will cause the entire planet to wake up.

This may sound terrifying, but it’s a necessary shock. As we unite as a planet to fight back against the product of our own mistakes, we will make real progress. By coming together, we can forge a new path that will be healthier and safer for all, while also respecting Mother Earth.

The year 2020 is going to be a major turning point for humanity, and people will look back on the year as one of the pivotal changes.

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