Psychic Predictions for 2021

Psychic Predictions 2021

When it comes to Psychic Predictions, it is important to remember that nothing is ever set in stone. We all walk along our own paths, all with a limited number of potential destinations.

But because humanity has been gifted with free will, we can choose which route to take along our journey. This means that the life path of any person could vary quite drastically, and so when it comes to humanity as a whole, there is a lot of potential for variation.

Psychic predictions are based on information received from the universe. This may be detected through the universal vibrations or energy, or it might be passed on by angels.

Just be aware that when we explore these predictions, it is possible that choices made by an individual, group, or humanity as a whole may influence the outcome of any event.

But we can look at what the psychic predictions 2021 have in store for us.

The World

We will start with some general psychic predictions. These have been made by psychics from all around the globe, and they relate to matters that could affect all of us.

We will then go on to look at more specific psychic predictions related to specific countries or regions. But first, if there is a sentence that can actually describe Mankind in the present moment, this will be one of our best features:

  • Ability to adapt quickly to change

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Of course, the topic on everyone’s mind at the minute is coronavirus or covid-19. Is there any relief in sight, or are we heading for another year of social distancing, lockdowns, and mask-wearing?

Let us see what the psychic predictions 2021 have to say. Sadly, it seems that coronavirus will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Most psychics seem to agree that we are still in the early stages of this pandemic, and things are going to get worse before they get better. If you are hoping for a vaccine to come along and save the day, do not hold your breath.

It seems that rather than getting rid of the virus, humanity is simply going to learn to adapt.

The first half of 2021 will involve high infection rates, but as we reach summer, we will see a positive change. Some of the changes to social interaction will stay in place for years to come, but the fear of the virus will fade as we grow more accustomed to its existence.

The psychic predictions 2021 do come with a warning though. So far, the general message surrounding this virus has been that remaining outdoors when socializing and respecting the social distance, is a safe way to reduce the risk of infection.

However, this coming year will see a sudden change in the virus’s behavior, and it will begin to pose just as much of a threat outdoors as it does indoors.

Technological dependence for a greater good

The pandemic has pushed humankind to continue to prosper with the help of technology and we might even dare to say that in 33 years of existence, in no other moment in time, has made the Internet so important to people and corporations.

We crossing a brand new time and having an update in our lives, even a complete change on the politics and structure, that are related to the way that work is seen in modern society, result of the Covid-19, since working from home ( a.k.a WFH) became such a common reality to so many people around the world.

The work paradigm has been updated, working from home was added to our lives and will no longer leave us.

Some even say that modern society will change so quickly in the coming 20 years, that well-known definitions like “City” and “Office” might have soon to be updated.

The Moon and Mars

Although the pandemic might have postponed several worldwide projects, the persistence of mankind to adapt to the environment around, made him able to find other ways and challenges, to continue to pursue his work, and to work around some of the present obstacles.

Much like with 2018, 2019, and 2020, we are going to see space travel be an ever-growing ambition. This will be fueled by further discoveries about both of these celestial bodies: the moon, and Mars.

For example, we have always known that water exists on Mars in the form of ice and vapor, but in 2020 we have also discovered the presence of buried lakes which may still be in liquid form.

This raises many questions about current microbial life that may call the planet home, but also make us wonder about previous life forms that may once have existed on the red planet when it was situated at a more hospitable distance from the sun.

Elon Musk and Space-X will lead the charge towards the new discoveries that lie beyond the boundaries of Earth.

Psychic predictions 2021 suggest that we are going to see milestones being crossed, and these will unite humanity through the joy of such incredible achievements.

Our exploration of both Mars and the Moon, especially in relation to colonizing them for human habitation, will lead to discoveries that will shock us all.

Psychic predictions do not say for sure what these discoveries will be, but they will fuel discussions and put our place in this universe into perspective.

Climate Change

Climate change is something that impacts us all, and yet many people are able to turn a blind eye because they do not experience the negative impact of this global phenomenon.

Psychic predictions 2021 suggest that a shocking series of events will wake every person up to the effects of climate change.

Some of these will come in the form of natural disasters, such as unbearably hot summers and deathly cold winters, hurricanes, snowstorms, and more.

However, there will also be some more gradual changes that will only become noticeable in 2021. Psychic predictions from around the world seem to agree that a massive chunk of the Arctic ice pack will break off as a crack ruptures across the ice sheet.

We are also going to see some drastic changes to animal populations in areas that are known for extreme temperatures (e.g. the Arctic and the Sahara).

One surprising thing that will come from these events is that humanity will reach a middle ground in terms of different views on climate change.

Rather than the issue being polarized, with one side believing that all climate change is because of humanity, and the other believing that climate change is not happening, we will instead agree on certain points.

For example, we will agree that while not all climate change is the result of the presence of humans, some of them, certainly are.

This connects to psychic predictions related to deeper change that will be taking place in 2021, which we shall discuss now.

Spiritual Revolution

Sometimes it takes darkness for us to appreciate the light. That is why no matter how dark some of the psychic predictions 2021 may seem, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

The past few decades have involved a rise and fall of spirituality. Some cultures have embraced spirituality for thousands of years, others (like the Western world) have largely embraced materialism while neglecting spirituality.

Psychic predictions suggest that this coming year is going to involve a clear switch towards balance and harmony. This is not a change that you will see affecting every single person, but on a societal level, it will certainly be noticeable.

Politics, for example, will move away from the extreme left and the extreme right. Instead, we will find a sense of balance as we focus on our similarities rather than our differences.

As we all begin working towards common goals, our acceptance of one another will increase. Psychic predicts tell us that this spiritual change is merely the beginning of a much larger shift that may take years or decades to truly evolve, but it is a sign that we are heading in the right direction.

As you continue to explore your own spirituality and help those people who need it, we will be able to walk along this spiritual journey together!

The US

The United States of America is such a massive country with varied groups of people that it is no surprise it is always in the news. It seems that the US will be in the spotlight as far as psychic predictions 2021 are concerned.
So, what are some of the major changes and events that will be taking place in the US?

American Politics

The race to be president has been at the forefront of world news for some time now. With it looking increasingly likely that Joe Biden will steal the presidency away from Donald Trump, what does the future of US politics look like?

Unfortunately, it is not all good news. Although the presidency will most likely switch parties, the people of the US will struggle to accept the outcome. Political and moral differences are going to further divide the public, leading to an increase in riots. Civil unrest will be scary, but there is a silver lining.

Again, we see the benefits of spiritual awareness, as people will begin to focus on their similarities rather than their differences. Recent events will highlight the major disadvantages of the two-party political system.

America will witness a huge increase in discussions about alternative parties. This is a small ripple that will build over the coming years. It also seems that there will be a political push for equality in all aspects of society.

Psychic predictions 2021 also suggest that more feminine energy is going to emerge from within the White House.

It is hard to know whether this refers to a specific person, or something more conceptual.

But this will be a major influence on the changes taking place across the US.

Donald Trump

It seems that Donald Trump is not leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

This is something that would not change, regardless of the outcome of the election and ballots count. Donald Trump has experienced the fame and power of being president, and he does not want to lose that attention.

For good or for bad, this is a man who will be appearing on our TV screens just as often as he has been doing for the past few years.

However, it seems that Donald Trump will not be the only person with a link to the presidency appearing in the news in 2021. Ex-president George W Bush will be a major topic of conversation towards summer.

The psychic predictions 2021 do not give us much more information at this time but keep an eye out for him.

The UK

The United Kingdom may be a small country, but its actions are going to create ripples that will impact Europe, and possibly even the world as a whole.

The country is going to see a high impact as a result of coronavirus, and sadly, the government’s intervention will only make things worse.

This is going to fuel two massive changes within the UK: Brexit and the end of the United part of the United Kingdom.


Brexit is a topic that has been the focus of UK news for the past few years. It has been a never-ending struggle between one step and the next, without any progress being made.

The psychic predictions 2021 suggest that the coming year will not be any different. The disorganization of Brexit is going to create major problems for the UK, and people are going to question how the government has handled the issue.

However, Brexit is going to create another problem.

The relationship that the EU has with the UK is going to be fractured, and while this may spur certain other countries to consider leaving (Italy is one of the most likely to go), it’s also going to make the British public question their decision.

Many people who voted for Brexit are going to change their minds in light of both covid-19 and the poor handling of Brexit negotiations.

The End of the ‘United’ Kingdom?

Predictions for previous years have raised the issue of how united the United Kingdom is.

It seems that while changes are already underway, Brexit and coronavirus are going to serve as motivators for the separation of the UK. 2021 is going to see three major shifts in thought.

For starters, it seems that Irish unification is becoming increasingly likely. Psychics believe that despite decades of disagreement and war between the two countries, common interests for their people will lead to a feeling of solidarity.

Much like the spiritual changes that we discussed earlier: people will begin focusing on similarities rather than differences.

We are also going to see Welsh and Scottish independence movements gain a lot of support. As we near the end of 2021, it is going to be clear to the world that the United Kingdom is a thing of the past.

This is likely to have major implications as far as Brexit is concerned and will be one of the reasons that the issue is far from resolved.

Psychic Predictions in conclusion

Next year will be full of challenges, some of them are old issues resurfacing, others will be completely new and not only related to the pandemic.

We will endure as Mankind and overcome some of them when looking at it with a different perspective.

This will be also the moment to spread the happiness and love between all the people, to be understanding, empath and joyful to fellow neighbors since only doing this, we will find a way that we can share a common path, a common ground that will set a common goal that will take us further and beyond in Time.

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