Spiritual Relationship Healing – How to identify and heal soulmate relationship problems

spiritual relationship healing

In this article, we will be exploring the idea of spiritual relationship healing. In particular, our focus will be on how to get your soulmate back, how to communicate with your soulmate and how to heal a relationship (through receiving spiritual guidance for relationships).

Falling out of touch with soulmates can feel like it has a major and negative impact on your life. At times it can leave you feeling a little lost and perhaps even lonely, despite being surrounded by loved ones.

So by the end of this article, you should have an idea of how to mend your soulmate relationship problems.

What is a Soulmate?

It’s important that before going any further we address an important misconception. You may or may not know this but a soulmate isn’t necessarily a romantic partner.

A soulmate can be a romantic partner but unlike in Hollywood romance films or the works of Shakespeare, a soulmate is not limited to being a romantic partner. Soulmates are divided up into two types: soul group and soul family.

Your soul family is like a real family: they watch over each other, encourage progress and offer support. Your soul group is like your spiritual traveling companions. These are souls who are on the same or very similar path to yours.

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Soulmates are important in our lives for two reasons.

The first reason is that we often connect with soulmates to a far greater level than non-soulmates (this is why romantic partners do often turn out to be soulmates), which is essential for our happiness in this life.

Secondly, only our soulmates can correctly aid us on our soul journey. If you were about to go traveling to a remote part of the world, whom would you ask for advice: people who had been before or people who had never been?

This is essentially a simplified example of the importance of soulmates. That is why spiritual relationship healing is such an important tool.

Why we lose our Soulmates

If you’re wondering ‘how to get my soulmate back’ then that means you’ve lost them in the first place. So you’re perhaps curious as to why this is the case?

Knowing why our soulmates leave is important to know if we can get them back. You have to address whether the issue is with either of you in this physical world or whether the movie is based on events beyond this world.

Soulmates (at least those within your soul group) are traveling the same journey as you. That doesn’t mean they are traveling on the same path within this world. It’s important to understand that.

It could very well be that you’ve reached the end of your journey together, it could be that you need to go separate ways in order to meet again in the future.

This isn’t always the case though and the reasons why we require spiritual relationship healing in order to fix soulmate relationship problems can be quite obvious.

If either of you starts inhibiting the others’ ability to complete their soul journey, then the soul family of your soulmate is likely to pull them away before the damage becomes too great. Of course, it could be that your soulmate is the one hindering your progress.

You need to examine and acknowledge at a spiritual level if either party is pulling the other one down in any way. This could be negative behavior you aren’t even aware of or simply clogged up, toxic, negative energy.

How to Heal a Relationship

Healing a spiritual relationship is pretty similar to healing an emotional relationship: you have to identify the problem and then begin to mend it. If we assume that you are the problem (you may not be and it may not be your fault) then we need to heal the damage.

More often than not, it’s your energy that is the problem in a fractured soulmate relationship. There are several main ways to mend this but we’ll focus on the most effective one. In simple terms, you are looking deep within yourself to find the toxins and pushing them out of your body.

To do this, you want to give yourself some time to meditate. This is purposeful meditation and while you would start it the same way, your focus is troubleshooting. It can often help to visualize scanning your body in three different ways: first, scan for any physical toxins.

Secondly, scan for your emotional toxins. Finally, scan for spiritual toxins. If you’d like to use some archangel prayers for relationships, this would be the best time to do so. As you find these energies, you need to focus on pushing them out of your body.

Your angels can help with spiritual relationship healing.

How to Connect with your Soulmate Spiritually

Once you feel that you’re all clear of negative energy, it’s time to see if your soulmate is able to once again walk along the same journey as you, or at least share the same path.

Often when we lose a soulmate, our lines of spiritual communication become broken. Part of spiritual relationship healing involves mending these lines or creating new ones. To do this, you need to visualize the lines as being beams of light.

They can be gold or white and any shape or size but you need to focus on the image of these lines connecting you to your soulmate. This is sort of like knocking on a spiritual door. It allows your soulmate to look through the keyhole to see if they’ll let you in.

Ask you Angels about Spiritual Relationship Healing

If nothing seems to be working, you should try asking your angels for advice. If being a relationship healer isn’t an option, they can inform you if your soulmate is now traveling on a different path from you.

If that’s the case then you have to accept that your journey together has come to an end. It’s important to remember that you still have your soul family (who won’t be going anywhere) but you also have different members of your soul group.

It’s rare to not have at least one soulmate of this type so it could be that as one soulmate leaves another will appear in your life.

The best thing you can do in the meantime is to focus on keeping your energy positive and free of toxins in order to stay true to your soul’s path.

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