Fate vs Destiny – The truth about Future

fate vs destiny

This article primarily focuses on defining fate, destiny, better-known challenge: Fate vs Destiny. Let us see what Fate vs. destiny means more than just the difference between it. The question of future and the consequences of an action, the law of attraction, is connected and intertwined in the threads of the future through our fate and destiny.

Although they are two different elements that control our life but are inherently related to causing changes in our life. Let us find out more about their similarities and differences.

Defining the elements of Future

The future is an open book and it will be up to us, to write each line, each page, and chapter. Let’s just take the example of the new year. Each new year will bring new challenges, barriers,  new openings, and many more things to our present.

We just need to look for them and don’t wait for them to fall in our lap. However, it symbolizes also an opportunity for you to grow and learn, to be a better person. You can reinvent yourself and establish a solid footing on your spiritual path. And why not do it with the help and guidance of your Guardian Angel?

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Fate vs Destiny

Now, the main subject, and before you ask: Are destiny and fate the same thing? You need first to know the answer to what is fate and destiny meaning and fate vs destiny? Here we define fate and destiny as something that can be interchanged between each other and how the two differ when considered its basic definition.

Let’s have a look at what they truly mean:


If we define fate spiritually, it means karma. Fate depends on cause and effect, and it is all about reciprocity and consequences. Whatever you give to the world will always come back to you. Which is we at least can determine certain probable elements of fate.

Generally speaking, Fate will depend on the way you treat the world, and you will be repaid in the same manner. The frequency of repetition or occurrence can be a minute, an hour, or even a lifetime, but it sure does appear.

When one is defining fate, he/she needs to realize that every action has an equal and opposite reaction; Newton’s Third Law.


Destiny vs fate definition spiritual terms means dharma or the true purpose of the soul.  It is as we might call it ‘The absolute meaning of One’s Life”. Destiny is your predetermined reason for existence. It is a divine purpose which a person carries.

It does require effort to complete but does not really depend on failures. It is the learning process that makes a person stronger and more willful to walk the path to truth in Life. We might say that our current partner is the one we were destined to meet, but if the relationship goes sour, we might regret it and blame it on the divine.

The reality is different, and that is the purpose of Life might be lying somewhere else with someone else, but we are yet to discover. Destinies are fulfilled and end a lifetime.

The underlying Difference:

Fate vs destiny is rather a unique comparison we discussed fate as the cause and effect while destiny which you achieve through hard work. Here are some of the common differences when you put together Destiny vs. Fate.

Inevitability Factor

In Fate vs destiny, the first clear difference comes when we consider how inevitable an action or the consequences of it is. The question here is that can you Change fate or destiny? This is where inevitability comes into action.

We, for sure, know now that Fate is predestined actions, but the consequences are inevitable and will come back one way or another. Destiny can be predicted in a manner that it can be shaped by the efforts of the individual. The more you work for it, the more likely it will occur.


When it comes to expectancy and the outlook of fate vs destiny, the fundamental difference is found between the positive and negative connotations associated with it. Fate generally has more negative implications attached to it, which is why it can make a person more pessimistic.

While destiny is often regarded as something positive and can only be attained when you work for it. Therefore it generally gives a more positive outlook than fate.

Can we control our future?

When do we ask what the difference between fate and chance is? We have to realize if our future can be controlled with these elements or is it all a random chance or occurrence that is not predictable at all.

Fate and destiny are two sides of the same coin, and since both are predetermined, one cannot have much say in it and only goes with the flow. We cannot go against the flow, but we can be the flow and work in the direction to reach higher and better destinations. Let’s just say that you want to cross the river, with a strong stream.

Instead of going against the flow in a straight line to pass the river, adapt yourself, and the starting point in order to arrive at the same destiny. So, to ask if we have control over our future causes a dilemma. Although we did, we have a sense of self-direction and the will to carry out our achievements and work for our goals.

This can both be incorporated into the concepts of Fate vs Destiny.

Taking steps to Fulfill your Life:

The last fate vs. destiny difference is what makes them unique is their ability to change the outcomes of our actions or let it affect our life. There are some necessary actions that are required and some steps to take in order to live a lucrative life. They’re given as follows:

In Fate vs destiny, the first step to fulfilling your life one has to develop a deep understanding of themselves. They need to critically analyze their faults and assess them in order to improve on it and then build up yourself on that.

The biggest question one needs to ask in Fate vs. destiny is about what you are passionate about the most in life. It is the sheer passion that is responsible for all the good things in life. Your life purpose should be that you always keep doing what you have dreamt about with endless passion.

Fate and destiny have one thing in common, and that is to include people in your life who are supportive of you.

It requires a team to build you and help you out through your troubles, and that team includes your friends and families, which are always supporting you in every step of your life.

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