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Earth Angel

What is an Earth Angel? In this article, we’re going to explore the topic of Earth Angel. Humanity covers a wide spectrum of spiritual knowledge, desire, and ability. We’re all unique from one another and yet all possess certain similarities.

For example, we all have a path that we can choose to follow or not. Similarly, we’re all born with the potential to advance spiritually, but some people choose to ignore this calling.  

We’ll look at the basic role of an Earth Angel before exploring some of the Earth Angels characteristics: looking at some of their common traits. This will involve looking at some of the Earth Angel signs that may apply to you so that by the end of this article, you should have enough information to determine whether you are one of these beings.

What is an Angel?

Before we delve into exploring Earth Angels, we must understand what an angel is, in a general sense of the term. Angels are typically viewed as God’s messengers, and this is one of the roles they hold, but angels are simply spiritual beings that exist beyond the physical world and have been created to be servants of God.

They exist to ensure that the universe follows God’s plan, doing their best to limit or stop any external influences.

What is an Earthly Angel?

When you hear the term, you may envision a human being who can sprout wings or can make a halo appear above their head. The term itself can be a little misleading as Earth Angels aren’t technically angels, in the sense that they don’t possess the same non-physical qualities as other ranks of angels.

However, they aren’t quite the same as other human beings either. Would you like to know who your Protective Guardian Angel is?

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Earth Angels, also commonly referred to as Lightworkers, have a more direct purpose than many of us. They strive to bring humanity to a higher spiritual plane by helping others begin their spiritual journey.

What is their overall objective? Well, they want to achieve peace on Earth so that humanity can enter a new age: one where peace and co-operation are the key foundations.

Earth Angels possess the same mind and body as the rest of us, but their souls originate from somewhere else entirely. We’re all still on our soul journey but an Earthly Angel may already have completed theirs and ascended above our spiritual level.

So, if there are angels on Earth, how can you tell if you’re one of them?

Earth Angel Signs

Now we’re going to explore some of the signs of an Earth Angel. It’s important to remember that these signs are only a guide. Earth Angels may possess all of them or only a few, they are still individuals after all, and each will differ slightly from the other.

These signs should offer a good overview of the types of traits and behaviors such a being would possess. You can also use this list to help identify friends or family members who may be Earth Angels as well.

Growing Up

As children, Earth Angels will often face problems that will be misdiagnosed as mental disorders/illnesses. Their lack of interest in material things such as the latest gadgets, fashion, or cars, will often lead to them feeling alienated from society.

They always feel like they are being a bother and will often apologize for events or reactions that weren’t remotely their fault.

If this wasn’t enough to lead to them being diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder, their inability to handle crowds, due to the overwhelming flow of everyone’s energy, certainly leads to such a conclusion.

An Earthly Angel can also face body image issues, particularly in their early teens, as they always feel as if their body isn’t truly theirs, almost as if it’s just an avatar.

If you’re an Earth Angel, you may find that your family has always felt a bit disconnected from you. That’s not to say that you don’t get on perfectly well with them, and maybe even feel close to them, but you also feel like you aren’t part of the herd.

Growing up, you may even have had suspicions that you were adopted, even when documentation proves such a theory to be inaccurate.


As an Earth Angel, you will always be eager to tackle any problem, and you’re always eager to offer your support to anyone and everyone, particularly those you are close to.

You are one of the few people who genuinely love to help others without the motivation of a reward. To you, helping is its own reward.

People view you as so supportive that you often find yourself being a spiritual/emotional therapist, of sorts. You can’t stand to see anyone suffering and so you take any opportunity to help alleviate them of it.

People come to you in order to lessen their fear or anxieties, often through discussing memories that they can’t tackle on their own.


As an Earth Angel, you would always be searching for solutions to problems. If there is a better way of doing something, you consider it your mission to find out what it is.

However, you also acknowledge that perfection is rare and so no matter how dire a situation may seem, no cause is ever truly lost to you, as you can always see the silver lining.

On the opposite side of things, you rarely ask for help yourself. The concept feels alien to you, and you feel a certain sense of discomfort when the roles are reversed. When you do ask for help, it’s rare for all the help that you need.

For example, if you need help to move a flat/house, you would move everything you could on your own, leaving only the larger items that required multiple people.


Being an Earth Angel may sound like a gift, but it comes with its own problems. You’ll find this to be most true when trying to develop relationships. You find it incredibly easy to develop deep friendships but when it comes to powerful romances, things get a little difficult.

You have a knack for picking up on the energies of other people and so you can sense when a partner isn’t putting their all into a relationship.

When your romantic relationship lacks that sense of a deep and powerful connection, you feel concerned, maybe even disturbed. You hate conflict and so confronting your partner about the issue head-on is rarely an approach that you’re willing to take.

As an Earth Angel, confrontation can breed negativity and that’s not something you want to bring into the world. As such, you will typically ask questions about the problem which can make partners feel inadequate or insecure.

Naturally Creative

As an Earth Angel, your soul is experienced and spiritually enlightened. This makes certain creative pursuits come naturally to you. For example, you may find yourself to be a gifted writer, painter, or musician. Not only that, you are gifted when it comes to healing practices.

As we already discussed, you’re a natural-born therapist, but you would also easily fall into the role of a doctor or priest/monk. Your desire to help and guide others will always draw you towards such roles.

However, that’s not to say that you don’t have your own flaws. Your sense of alienation from society at a young age can sometimes make you a little prone to crossing boundaries as you’re unable to fully understand why such a boundary is set in the first place.

Similarly, due to your sense of higher purpose, you will often forget about other responsibilities. You can be punctual, and usually are, but being late because you stopped to help someone (no matter how small the issue may have been) is completely justified in your eyes.

Earth Angels will often find themselves daydreaming. This may lead to people labeling you a “slacker” or even “lazy” when in reality you’re contemplating the bigger questions, those that we should all be considering.

You’ll often find yourself lost in daydreams that involve changing the world or discovering some new life-altering piece of information or technology. You just want a bright future for humanity, and so that’s where your mind goes when your head is in the clouds.

Naturally Inspiring

Earth Angels will find themselves naturally raising people’s spirits. Others will feel inspired by your acts and goals, often leading to a domino effect of positive attitudes and outcomes. Your ability to make people feel better about themselves stems from your level of acceptance.

You never criticize someone, even when you don’t necessarily agree with their approach to handling a situation, but you will try and guide them towards a better solution.

People will also feel more energetic around you! This is largely due to your positive attitudes, but it’s also due to your higher vibrational energy level. Although yours is lower than other angels, it’s also higher than most humans, and so when people are around you, their own vibrational energy level increases.

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